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Summer Sale 25% off

aXed owner posted Wed at 23:44

1 July - 21 July

Astro+ The guy on the right looks like the Default Profile Picture on from June 2014... Is it really him?! ...
ItsmeSteyn Co-Owner Now also on the sky-shop ...
Silencerz45 no discount on sky shop?

Hello community,

I'm happy to announce that both Faction servers have been released! The old Faction server is now named Faction Originals and the new Faction server is named Faction Black.

Faction originals won't have allot of changes but any information can be found here: Click me

Faction Black is an OP-Raiding based server. All information can be found here: Click me

Choose wisely and enjoy! :D

uryfgoifh Can i have some advice
uryfgoifh In semi vanilla my local shop said it was disabled so i mined the chest but when i tried creating it again it said you a ...

Survival Reset

aXed owner posted Apr 9, 15

Hello community,

The survival server has reset all required information can be found here: Click me!

It's back online now please report any issues on our forum.


christianphilips Hey i got a pop up it said U Ban Expires in 1 day 23 Hours 35 mins something like that and it said i was _Parker_ and m ...
filda1928 Hello, My nickname is filda1928 and I got autobanned for no reason. It says that I got banned because I was flying in ki ...
jboy4321 Help! ive been banned by december galaxy by mistake :(

New proxy switch started

aXed owner posted Apr 2, 15

Hello community,

We've started our network upgrade. Our DNS has been updated to point towards the new Proxy's this might take up to 2 days for everyone to see/ notice. Make sure you connect with since any other ip will no longer point towards GuildCraft.

It will seem like GuildCraft has less players online but that is simply due to people still being connected to our old Proxy's. The new proxy looks like this:

Please report any issue on our forum.


ShadowFare how do I log on? what do I add for the /register password ConfirmPassword? 0-0 help plz
Daigames118 please, i cant log in and my internet is fine :( guildcraft is the best server i would hate to stop playing it, plus thi ...
BHGaming help me please

Easter Sale!

aXed owner posted Mar 28, 15



Sale starts on: 28 March
Sale ends on: 7 April

Happy easter!

nikiherba3 inspiring and verry helpful thanks for sharing ...
FlyingDogsMan why is it over (both easter and the discount):(
jae0617 Yea me too i dont understand the password things plz ehlp ㅜㅜ