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Network maintenance today!

aXed owner posted Wed at 2:50

Hello community,


We will be switching to different network software today. The current software works good but does not offer us enough options for special plugins that we want to use.


The switch will be around 11:00 CET. We might need some more restarts during the day but I do not expect this. Please report any issues regarding lag on our forum or on Teamspeak. I will be monitoring the servers closely in case something goes wrong.


And I've good news for Premium accounts, you will be able to see your own skin again! 



Blueboy205 o I got Banned in the server for using Double account this is not true and it said i was using another account named Charl ...
marfgwapo123 Why i get banned i am not using double acc. ??
wss10 just making sure that the prison application forms are actually down and its not just my cruddy wifi.
Friendly reminder
I'm not sure when Mojang is going to activate the name change option but remember do not change your name! Cracked servers cannot support this and you will lose everything: your rank, items, skills and permissions. The server will see you as a new player. We will not transfer 
anything to your new name no exceptions! You've been warned.
Extra info for people who want to go from cracked to premium. (Donator only)
We cannot transfer your cracked to premium at the moment. We did this at first
but it's simply too much work now with the global ranks. It takes more than half an
hour per account. We're working on a system which will hopefully decrease
the time to 10 minutes per account. Please be patient.
A topic will inform you when this is available again. 
Killcon9 pls .. i want to apply for a builder at guild craft... im great at building stuff.. and im NOT a griefer.. pls
Avazzy pls unban me in server
Avazzy why banned me .why i only playing prison ......tellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

It's 2015 people!

aXed owner posted Feb 1, 15



We've made it to 2000 people! It's amazing that GuildCraft has grown so fast the last couple of months!

I want to thank everyone for making this possible 20% off to celebrate it!


Also drop party's!!! Dates will be anounced soon!

Azaz09 ...
dxlod1k i asked my friends to join now we all play together i love guild craft!!!!
Dino Girl <3 ITS A TRAP

Hello community,

In this topic I will tell something about the coming update's for our Cops & robbers and minigames server.

Cops & Robbers:

We added a lot of new weapens and killstreaks like example:

  • Airstrike's

  • flasbang's

  • C4

  • Sticky bombs

  • grenades

  • AK-47

  • Deagle

  • Hunting

  • Putty

  • TYPE 95

  • Toaster

  • Olympia

How can we plant the bomb?

There are three places where you can plant the bomb they are marked with a diamondblock. Stand on a diamondblock and eat the golden apple (the bomb) When the bomb is placed the cops must try to defuse the bomb.

Is the bomb defused? Cops will win.

Does the bomb explode? Criminals will win.

Donator ranks:

  • Thief

  • Thug

  • Gangster

Update is coming soon follow us on twitter to stay informed!

Staff applications:

We are looking for some staff members to join our team.

Staff applications:


Im trying to release a new update soon. But i have to fix the bugs first.

More information is coming soon.

Cops & Robbers 2.0 has been released!!

Thanks for reading,

Greets Quinten

SparkDoesMC awesome update but i wonder if you'll fix the lag problem?
New_Spider Hey how do you sign up to be an admin
jemar123 LOL.Eat the bomb.

Introducing: Global ranks!

aXed owner posted Nov 15, 14
Hello community,

Good news for all the people who've donated or are planning to donate. The donation ranks are going global! Yes that's right if you donated your rank will now be available on 4 servers (And possibly future servers). The following 4 servers will have global donate ranks:


Kit pvp
We might add KitPVP in the future but that is currently impossible due to the fact that we only have 2 ranks available there. Please have some patience for this.

Minigames (All sorts)
Minigames will not be added to the global ranks. This also includes survival games and future minigames.

SkyBlock, SkyWars, SkyGrid
These servers are owned by ItsmeSteyn and cannot be added to the global ranks. However he might also add this to his servers.

Transferring the ranks from server to server will take some time so please have patience for this. We will handle different systems for each server. We will list the methods we use beneath.

We will try to merge the group database with the survival server. Ranks from the Prison must be requested from: aXed or Privall.

You can request your rank here by asking aXed or Privall. Please inform us on which server you have an rank. (Example: aXed? I want my rank on Factions I'm donator on Survival)

We will try to merge the group database with the faction server. Ranks from the Prison must be requested from: aXed or Privall.

We will copy an database from the faction server next week so have patience for this.

Please ask for your rank ingame. We can't fix your global rank when you are not online. By example, we can't do anything when someone asks for it on teamspeak/forum.

Diggerdiggerpy I got banned in skygrid but it was A MISTAke..i was just moving stuff and acc :( my name is TheFatBird
1234minecaftguy How Can I Become MOD ? Help me aXed please ^_^ I Want To Become Mod In Prison Can You Make me ...
kjlop2389 aXed? I want my rank on kit pvp I'm donator on prison