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Downtime and lag issues explained

aXed ownero posted May 6, 15

Hello community,

As by now everyone of you know we're having some major lag issues. The reason for this lag issue is still unkown and the worst part is that it only occurs when we reach around 500 people. This makes every attempt to fix the issue very hard and frustating for the players and ofcourse me. 

I've disabled some functions which might resolve the issue for today and give me some time to figure out what and why this is happening. The proxy's will show an incorrect amount of online players you can ignore that. I hope the server will be stable for now so that I can prepare an update to fix this forever.

I'm very sorry that this is happening I can't describe how frustated I am.

hiemer4 emanuele8070 i have this problem too but i bought an annihilation XP boost *5 and i bought it for a week ago. Please hel ...
emanuele8070 Hi , i have bought 25.000 xp yesterday at about 18 o'clock. i haven't recived anithing yet and i don't konw how to do. o ...
chunkycornet448 Since prison has reset, I have lost everything. All my ranks, money and cells are gone..... Please fix this ASAP as this ...

Survival Reset

aXed ownero posted Apr 9, 15

Hello community,

The survival server has reset all required information can be found here: Click me!

It's back online now please report any issues on our forum.


ronking22k hey axed i lost my x5 on blocks and you said me at ts3 i will get it back so pls check it
miguelm6a can someone help me, I got banned for using something called "The perfect shield" and I dont know what that is ...
RedBattle3 when i join Hunger Games it kicked me for some reason

New proxy switch started

aXed ownero posted Apr 2, 15

Hello community,

We've started our network upgrade. Our DNS has been updated to point towards the new Proxy's this might take up to 2 days for everyone to see/ notice. Make sure you connect with since any other ip will no longer point towards GuildCraft.

It will seem like GuildCraft has less players online but that is simply due to people still being connected to our old Proxy's. The new proxy looks like this:

Please report any issue on our forum.


TheStyderViper o So... this should solve the major lag? It would be nice. But wierd cuz my fac members and I still had ultimate lag even ...
bryan0505 me pusieron ban por hack sin tener hack
Epic_Reborn my bro and i are using Epic_Reborn so please unban me

Easter Sale!

aXed ownero posted Mar 28, 15



Sale starts on: 28 March
Sale ends on: 7 April

Happy easter!

FlyingDogsMan why is it over (both easter and the discount):(
jae0617 Yea me too i dont understand the password things plz ehlp ㅜㅜ

Potion PVP BETA released

aXed ownero posted Mar 6, 15

Hello community,

I'm proud to announce that our PotionPVP (1v1) has been released to the public! PotionPVP is a 1v1 server were you can compete to be the best pvper of GuildCraft! There are currently 3 ladders: Vannilla, Archer and DeadBushOP (Donor only). We aim to add more classes and some extra features. Report all bugs you can find and post suggestions on the forum. You have access to 10 games per day. Voting will give you access to 2 extra games per vote.

You can check out your stats at the stats section on the forum and later ingame. We will hold seasons when the BETA is finished.

Donator ranks will be added in a few days. The ranks will give you access to more matches and to special donor only ladders.

Known bugs:

  • Tab does not show all players

Special thanks to Tibo442 for creating the plugin and Jpsch_ for the maps!

loganv2004 unabn me I was hacked
Allen84 Hello, does any body know how to login correctly. Every time I try /register password *********** and it doesn't work
Soils ...