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Survival Reset

aXed owner posted Apr 9, 15

Hello community,

The survival server has reset all required information can be found here: Click me!

It's back online now please report any issues on our forum.


jarif21 does anyone want to play survival with me LOL!! ...
jarif21 pls add tnt run and why isint splegg online yet :(
ahmetyusuf hey mr axe pls help me banned for broke unclaimed base by ezioda the base is unclaimed and u broke base and ezioda bann ...

New proxy switch started

aXed owner posted Apr 2, 15

Hello community,

We've started our network upgrade. Our DNS has been updated to point towards the new Proxy's this might take up to 2 days for everyone to see/ notice. Make sure you connect with since any other ip will no longer point towards GuildCraft.

It will seem like GuildCraft has less players online but that is simply due to people still being connected to our old Proxy's. The new proxy looks like this:

Please report any issue on our forum.


jarif21 why am i lonely LOL!!! (not) :0
jarif21 why does my house keep on burning is someone hacking HELP PLS!!!!!! (on survival) :(
Jalen aXed PLS Help me I cant Change my password I Think Somebody Using My Username and Im From The Philippines Can You fix th ...

Easter Sale!

aXed owner posted Mar 28, 15



Sale starts on: 28 March
Sale ends on: 7 April

Happy easter!

FlyingDogsMan why is it over (both easter and the discount):(
jae0617 Yea me too i dont understand the password things plz ehlp ㅜㅜ

Potion PVP BETA released

aXed owner posted Mar 6, 15

Hello community,

I'm proud to announce that our PotionPVP (1v1) has been released to the public! PotionPVP is a 1v1 server were you can compete to be the best pvper of GuildCraft! There are currently 3 ladders: Vannilla, Archer and DeadBushOP (Donor only). We aim to add more classes and some extra features. Report all bugs you can find and post suggestions on the forum. You have access to 10 games per day. Voting will give you access to 2 extra games per vote.

You can check out your stats at the stats section on the forum and later ingame. We will hold seasons when the BETA is finished.

Donator ranks will be added in a few days. The ranks will give you access to more matches and to special donor only ladders.

Known bugs:

  • Tab does not show all players

Special thanks to Tibo442 for creating the plugin and Jpsch_ for the maps!

FlyingDogsMan i think potionPvP is really fun so if you're reading it go on there and play it
laowu potion pvp is not bad!its very fun fun fun.,i suggest more kit,i give some example: ninja,warrior,mage ...
thefancydiamond Potion PVP is very fun if you haven't gotten on it already I suggest you should.

Network maintenance today!

aXed owner posted Feb 25, 15

Hello community,


We will be switching to different network software today. The current software works good but does not offer us enough options for special plugins that we want to use.


The switch will be around 11:00 CET. We might need some more restarts during the day but I do not expect this. Please report any issues regarding lag on our forum or on Teamspeak. I will be monitoring the servers closely in case something goes wrong.


And I've good news for Premium accounts, you will be able to see your own skin again! 



GalaxyGuard How to become staff? I really want to help on this server, plz? exactly annihilation, add some new kits I beg u
GalaxyGuard OMG come on, some one isn't doing his job in this server, its full of hackers, I just saw Kill Aura and some1 was walkin ...
Saras13 Hello Owner I Whant To Report A Player In Prison Please Come To Prison My Username Is Saras13.