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Introducing: Global ranks!

aXed owner posted Nov 15, 14
Hello community,

Good news for all the people who've donated or are planning to donate. The donation ranks are going global! Yes that's right if you donated your rank will now be available on 4 servers (And possibly future servers). The following 4 servers will have global donate ranks:


Kit pvp
We might add KitPVP in the future but that is currently impossible due to the fact that we only have 2 ranks available there. Please have some patience for this.

Minigames (All sorts)
Minigames will not be added to the global ranks. This also includes survival games and future minigames.

SkyBlock, SkyWars, SkyGrid
These servers are owned by ItsmeSteyn and cannot be added to the global ranks. However he might also add this to his servers.

Transferring the ranks from server to server will take some time so please have patience for this. We will handle different systems for each server. We will list the methods we use beneath.

We will try to merge the group database with the survival server. Ranks from the Prison must be requested from: aXed or Privall.

You can request your rank here by asking aXed or Privall. Please inform us on which server you have an rank. (Example: aXed? I want my rank on Factions I'm donator on Survival)

We will try to merge the group database with the faction server. Ranks from the Prison must be requested from: aXed or Privall.

We will copy an database from the faction server next week so have patience for this.

Please ask for your rank ingame. We can't fix your global rank when you are not online. By example, we can't do anything when someone asks for it on teamspeak/forum.

ayukawa Please Un BAn Me i dont know that using xray is forbidden please dont ban me please !
Xcross Please anybody
Xcross please help me it says i registered but i didn't please reply i cant play without a log in so please help my friend told ...

Faction - Double exp weekend

aXed owner posted Oct 17, 14
Hello community,

It's time for a new double exp weekend! From the 17nd of October to the 20nd of October, faction members will enjoy double XP in mcMMO and mob exp. God donators will receive quadruple exp in mcMMO.

Th3Gam3rB0y how do i register. itried but could not
ronking22k axed i have legendery and i buy it twist i need u move it to ofek ty fac server pls help me
ronking22k axed i need help i whnt to buy to ofek1213 in <fac server> legendary and i buy it to my but i have legendery if u ...

MiniGames back online!

aXed owner posted Oct 5, 14
Hello community,

The MiniGame server is finally back online! Come and join us to play the following MiniGames:

-Team death match
-Capture the flag

We're also looking for new mods and admins. Interested people may write their application in the following topics:

Admin applications:

Mod applications:

Have fun with playing minigames.

New minigames staff:





The server is in BETA!

-Quintenboy28 & aXed

Th3Gam3rB0y I did everything to register but it does not work
AlecGorgan4321 Can someone tell me how to register and comfirm password i cant play guildcraft on mc
MrPyRo727 Pls bring back TF2, it was the most POPULAR game but im still happy that MG is back Thanks you Axed and Quintenboy28 ...

1000+ Players online!!!!!

aXed owner posted Sep 27, 14

We've finally reached an thousand players! I'm very
excited that we have reached this milestone! Thanks you
all for the support you've given us the last couple of

20% off until the end of September on all packages to celebrate!

Artimer I and my 10 friends will be very happy when deatmatch will be so short like i last year we will like the deathmatch in s ...
ProGamerDX324 I can"t even use the server for some reason
Unanimous This server has grown a lot since I've been on it, which has been a few months. The first time I logged the player count ...

Factions staff

Privall AdminHead-Admin posted Sep 17, 14
Hello faction community,

I want to inform you guys that we won't make any more topics like 'we are looking for new faction pvp admins/mods/helpers etc.' From now on, we will edit this post when we have chosen new staff members for the faction pvp. So keep an eye on this post. Of course you guys are able to apply whenever you want. We will look at each application and we will also look at the behaviour ingame. Don't you worry. We will contact you when you are chosen so there is no reason for panic. 

We will also inform you when someone got demoted. 

New moderators:

- NirajHD
- FR0Z3Nstyle
- kriscapelle
- mr_awesome2k12
- Charlie37

New helpers:

- Sukamakey

New test-administrators:

- Itsstream

New administrators:

- jamesaah

Demoted moderators:

- zuriki
- PrisonMC

Demoted helpers:

- glacezoir23

Demoted administrators:

When you got chosen please, contact us as fast as you can on Teamspeak Client 3.
Good luck!


MightyMega2 hey Privall could you make moderator pls
Sukamakey Prison AdminHelper Wow awesome! Thanks everyone for your support ...
FR0Z3Nstyle MODSG-ModMG-Admin Thx
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