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New North American Proxy Server!!

samlander co-owner posted Sat at 23:29
Our proxy server is what connects you to our hub and consequently our servers.  When the current one at gets around 700 players you will notice lag on all servers as that proxy reaches network saturation.  To resolve this issue We've created a new proxy server located in north america to help take some of the load off of the main one.

What this means is all players in the western hemisphere (Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil etc) should now connect to the server using the following IP:

The overal effect of this change means that american players will be connecting to the server closer to home and will get much better pings, as well as because there will be less load on the original proxy it too will see performance boosts.

If you have any questions, flag samlander34 down.. he's usually on the survival or prison servers but will always be on TS when he's online.

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Kit PvP Donators

chasertw123 Admin posted Jul 18, 14
Hello community,

I am here to tell all donators from kit pvp should either ask me, chasertw123, or aXed for your rank back. The way getting your rank back will work is how ever much money you spent on your rank you will be refunded to choose any other kit pvp products.

- chasertw123

SquidLeader SquidLeader - 5 eur donator rank.
BladeShadow399 i spend $5 or Donator rank
Johannesvanurk MOD Me 2.50 for coins xD

News - Sunday 13 July

aXed owner posted Jul 13, 14
Hello community,

New admins/ mods Kit pvp, Faction and SurvivalGames

Later today we're gonna chose some new admins/mods for the kit pvp, faction and survivalgames. So if you're interested in becoming one make an application on the forum! The freshly chosen
admins will be listed here.

Inactivity information aXed

Some of you might already know but I'm gonna move from my current place in Zwolle to my new place in Breda. So I will be busy moving there and sadly not be online that much. I will do my best to come online as much as possible but please have patience.

New faction pvp Test-Admins:


New faction pvp Mods:


New Kit pvp Admins:



kwlcookie axed can I pls be a admin
KatrinaLightning MG-Mod Are you choosing SG mods and admins?
brightfire12345 Why is there so much hackers and no admins on the time when I'm online
Hello community,

We have some awesome news for our kit pvp fans. In fact I think that our non kit pvp fans will even be amazed by the progress made thanks to our new dev: chasetwr123

The whole kit pvp got a custom made plugin which will be handling the kits, coins, stats, donations, particles and achievements! You will be able to choose from 2 starter kits and upgrade to more kits by killing those other poor souls that entered the arena. And of course our donators will be able to choose from our donate kits. 

The most amazing thing every kit has their own special ability such as incredible strength, extra defence, flying, fire and many more! Stats can be seen on lobby spawn and they will be listed as well on the website in the future.

This new setup will mean all current stats and kits will be gone and everyone will start as new. Donators will receive new ranks totally different from before. You will be able to check out the new donations ranks/ coins on Tuesday. But be aware they will change allot during the BETA. In fact everything will change during the BETA we will be working on balancing the kits and adding more features.  

Join us on Tuesday for this awesome new server!


brightfire12345 loved it, I got accused for hacks, I'm not using any hacks nor did I know how to hack
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Hello community,

I'm very sorry to announce we will have to fully reset the server. The economy is completely destroyed thanks to the duped items. Allot of players have now stacks of IV sets and God apples. This gives the fair players an enormous disadvantage. We will try out best to permanently remove the players who have abused this bug from our network.

The positive side of this story is that we can now update to 1.7.9 and imply our new features that were planned for the faction server. The following new features will be available:

- Obsidian destroy able
- Way better vote reward system
- PVP timer (for new players)
- Faction PLUS
- Bigger map: 25.000 x 25.000
- Mystery crates (Special rewards crates which can be found around the map)

New features for donators such as:

- Pets!
- Repair hand (demigod and above)
- More enderchest slots
- Change your own prefix with /prefix
- Redeem MCMMO (You can now select which levels you want in game)

The reset will be hold on:
28-06-2014 in the morning of CEST

Extra donations info:
- All ranks will be restored (So you receive your rank like it is new)
- Packages will restore if bought 4 weeks before the reset
- McMMO will restore if bought before 6 months of a reset
- Fly and kits will be disabled in the first 4 days to ensure fair game play for all!

Again sorry we have to do this please do not harass us, blame the bug abusers.


jimy798 how come did i got banned i didnt do anything , i dont use glitch or cheats jimy798
Amazing I didnt receive any diamond blocks or golden apples ... oh can i have that?
KineticREBEL what about ender chests? if you store items in there will they last through the reset and the same question is what abou ...
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