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New HUB!

aXed owner posted 16 hours ago


don't know what else to put here so I'm typing this text to fill the page up. Hi mom!

Build by the hands of Marine4121 with the help off Xph11 and Youwatch123!

arbrise guys there is a server lag at this moment can someone fix it?
XxMelanixX It's very big and cool at the same time So good job guys! Its fabulous! Love it! ...
LolFace02 I r8 dis New HUB 8/8. G8 job


ItsAmethyst Head-Admin posted Aug 14, 15

Hello community,

Many of you guys waited for this moment.
We came to the point to set UHC BETA online for you guys.
So you guys can check and play UHC to see what it has to offer.

We also have a special sale going on right now.
Only for UHC

Remember the game is still in BETA,
so if you find any problems report them on our forum at:
click here
so we can fix it and make the game better.

Thanks for reading have fun and enjoy the game.


Chris203 how do you get your password
Lov3Music Can you Unban me? my IGN is here is the deal i never hacked in my life because i think its lame and i se ...
Mr_wolfattax dude in in the deathmatch i got stuck at the spawn because of your bullsiht biuldings

Summer Sale 25% off

aXed owner posted Jul 1, 15

1 July - 1 Aug

Sale has ended.

ABOOD_AYMAN plz PapaBoom128 or any admin un ban me i swear its a mistake
dalloull2015 please admin :*(
dalloull2015 I've been from oppression when you gave me a final ban, I've seen many, Udayn of hacker and waited more than two days an ...

Hello community,

I'm happy to announce that both Faction servers have been released! The old Faction server is now named Faction Originals and the new Faction server is named Faction Black.

Faction originals won't have allot of changes but any information can be found here: Click me

Faction Black is an OP-Raiding based server. All information can be found here: Click me

Choose wisely and enjoy! :D

7gatos quien hbla espaƱol
7gatos nloo

Survival Reset

aXed owner posted Apr 9, 15

Hello community,

The survival server has reset all required information can be found here: Click me!

It's back online now please report any issues on our forum.


yotam00011106 Why you need to resat the survival?
Nikhil Please add names for the survival games... ...
mohamednino put its now offline why pls answer?