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Sale starts at 6 December until the 7th of January.​
Okay, we will do it. Some stuff will change such as:

Different spawn.
KOTH (Yes, this time we will actually do it)
The End without void.
Smaller map.
Spawners only purchasable with cash + EXP.
And more.

Reset Time: 2PM aka 14:00 CET

EDIT: Factions has been reset, read changelog here
Hey guys,

First of all sorry for the slow response our database showed broken data which made me clueless how to count it. Tibo442 saved me luckily enough.

Here are the winners!
  1. PizaCraft1 - 141
  2. Anebibi - 125
  3. 2920131 - 122
  4. Gargaman - 102
  5. BackFromTheDead - 98
  6. Alexan24 - 97
  7. ClarkPlaysGames - 96
  8. AL8ADE7__901 - 95
  9. DiscoDuck - 90
  10. RAT0N - 90
The coupon codes will be sent to your forum accounts. November won't have a voting contest so that we can use this month to prepare a new plugin that will correctly count the votes.

Hello community,

I am delighted to announce some changes in the management of GuildCraft. Today I would like to introduce the newest member of our team, @Boomclaw. He will be working very closely with me in the management of GuildCraft and bring some fantastic improvements and features to the network. He will be reprising a role he had in a previous network, he will be a manager. It is also awesome to announce that @xph11 will be joining him as a manager. This will mean we can further progress to one day become the #1 Minecraft cracked network.

We wish them both the best of luck in their new responsibilities, you should be hearing from them a lot soon.

Best of wishes,

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