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New SurvivalGames Staff

quintenboy28 Adminkitpvp-admin posted Aug 9, 14
Hello community,

We are still looking staff on the SurvivalGames server.
We've chosen some new test-admins and mods for SurvivalGames.
Please if you're chosen come on teamspeak so you cloud get your rank information.
Thanks you for your attention and Congrats everyone!

New SurvivalGames test-admins:


New SurvivalGames mods:


PrisonMC MOD For original and cracked.
SwiperNoSwiping is this for cracked minecraft
PrisonMC MOD NerdyMK, just go on Forum and than go down to Faction PvP, and than just click on application Forum.

Searching new staff for factions

gabbertjes Admin
gabbertjes @ Faction PVP
posted Aug 9, 14
Hello community,

We're going to choose new mods, helpers and Test-Admins. So if you want to become one of the staff members, you could look at the requirements and make an applications. We'll choose them tonight.







Also we want to welcome Privall back to the admin team!

Please if you're chosen come on teamspeak so you could get your rank and informations.

yours sincerely,
PrisonMC MOD Ronking22k go apply for Helper at Application forum.
ronking22k i love tis server and never dont leave it <3 guild craft
ronking22k u can test me or give me helper ? tnx <3

New Survivalgame Moddies!

DJbatcat Admin posted Aug 8, 14
Hello survivalgamers!

Many have asked me for about 5 times when the new SG mods will come, so I think now it is time to reveal who we thought could handle the Mod rank in the SG server. Quinten and I have looked into the applications today and 

So, the new moddies are:
- ajonnav
- Srg_Batman
- HiatusVI

For the mods: You can find all information on the moderator forum, you'll have a mail in your inbox explaining your duties. Aside those lucky peeps we've also promoted our old MG-mods and current admins to the mod rank on SG to help us cleaning up the chat :)

Congrats everyone!
iTerraCubist Nice, I hope u new SG-Mods will be as active and record a few games with hackers or any sort of abusers (targeters, hara ...
cezarvrabie Congrats on the new mods. I am sure they will be awesome! Too bad I didn't apply because I also wanted to be a mod, but ...
PrisonMC MOD Congratulations to all new SG-Mods, and hopefully you guys will perform your job exactly as you guys should. ...

Safety warning for GC players

DJbatcat Admin posted Aug 6, 14
Hello peeps,

the last few days there have been some incidents mostly having to do with hacked accounts. I have made a topic about it with a reminder for people to not do wrong things with their password.

This has nothing to do with the server, the users who got hacked made a mistake by indirectly giving away their password.

So I would suggest you should read this:

Thank you for your attention.

- Gabber and Bat

If it's too good to be true

samlander co-owner posted Aug 2, 14
It's come to my attention some fool claiming to be me put up a cheap premade website
http://unlimitedvote.weebly.com/ as a backdoor to my voteshop plugin.

Couple things, Im a professional developer, If i were going to create a website, i'd do it from scratch, 2nd, why in gods name would i need a web interface or create a hack for my own plugin?

Do not under any circumstances put your login details into that website, its a phishing website pure and simple, they will steal your credentials.

JMichaelC20 AdminHelper Thanks for reminding us sam. The site was even bad, and doesn't have a lot of design onto it..xD and who would've tried ...
chasertw123 Admin What an idiot. Why would a person want to ruin the server like that. If a server doesn't receive donations how can you e ...
Animator I knew this site was a scam, the captcha anti bot is manually written, and also when you type password, it doesn't show ...
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