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Official Faction staff announcements!

Privall Adminkitpvp-admin
Privall @ Faction PVP
posted 4 hours ago
Hello faction community,

I want to inform you guys that we won't make any more topics like 'we are looking for new faction pvp admins/mods/helpers etc.' From now on, we will edit this post when we have chosen new staff members for the faction pvp. So keep an eye on this post. Of course you guys are able to apply whenever you want. We will look at each application and we will also look at the behaviour ingame. Don't you worry. We will contact you when you are chosen so there is no reason for panic. 

We will also inform you when someone got demoted. 

New moderators:

New helpers:

New administrators:


Demoted moderators:

Demoted helpers:

Demoted administrators:

When you got chosen please contact us as fast as you can on Teamspeak Client 3.
Good luck!


glacezoir23 MOD Good luck to all. Hope we get some good new staff ...
ajonnav SG-Mod Goodluck guys ! Hope i get selected ...

Faction news!

aXed owner posted Tue at 17:18
Hello community,

Spawn and warzone made by: 

As you can see we finally have a new spawn and a newly altered warzone! The special warzone is now fully customized with custom made claimable pvpbases.

Spawn and warzone made by: 

The pvpbases are currently in their testing phase. We have plans for buyable bases and even upgrades for ingame and/or donations. However as of now we will use these bases to see how everything goes. A maximum of 1 base per faction is allowed. You may claim a second base to raid it but you need to unclaim as soon as possible. 

Other noticeable changes are:
Enderpearls are now allowed in the warzone
End, Nether and Wilderness portals added (not working yet)
New shop system for vote and donates (/voteshop and /donateshop)
Added tokens to buycraft

New admins/ mods will be chosen this Thursday!

Have fun playing!

*The Faction Staff*

KatrinaLightning Gl everyone Hope I get chosen. BTW- Sorry for inactivity- I'll be active more from here on. ...
Blitzinity SG-Admin nice spawn i like it so damn cool ...
Blitzinity SG-Admin you might think this question is nooby but can someone send me a link to the admin/mod application link?

When are we going to update to 1.8?

aXed owner posted Sep 8, 14
Hello community,

People ask us at least 100 times a day when we're going to update to minecraft 1.8. Now I've explained this now a thousand times but it appears there are still people who do not understand how it works. 

Minecraft server such as us use Craftbukkit. Craftbukkit allows us to host servers with plugins and allows us to customize some vanilla aspects of the game. Now when Minecraft releases an update it normally takes at least 1 month before Craftbukkit releases their update.

So that would mean that we should be ready to update in a month right? Wrong. There is currently an enormous drama at Craftbukkit. I'm not gonna explain it all you can google that if you want to know what happned. In short Craftbukkit is no more.

But a new project has emerged from the ashes called "Sponge". Sponge is probably going to be our new server software. Sponge will be build up from the ground so we're expecting to update somewhere in November/ December.

So please for the love of Pew stop asking when we're going to update to 1.8 or when the reset is. There will not be an reset for the hundredth time!

Zrief1912 MOD Cool! Looking forward to this new software 'Sponge' :]
momo88852 Stop worrying about the 1.8 and just work on the lag problem your server is down almsot half the time cant play survival ...
scottvandeee ajonnav and maxxxph. its really confusing because first he sad that there is going to be a map reset and now he says tha ...

New SurvivalGames Staff

quintenboy28 Adminkitpvp-admino
quintenboy28 @ Faction PVP
posted Aug 9, 14
Hello community,

We are still looking staff on the SurvivalGames server.
We've chosen some mods for SurvivalGames.
Please if you're chosen come on teamspeak so you can get your rank information.
Thanks you for your attention and Congrats everyone!

New SurvivalGames admins:


New SurvivalGames mods:


TheAnoyingTroll SG-Admin I can't find any admins online on teamspeak. Me iz nid help ...
TheAnoyingTroll SG-Admin Thank you it means a lot.
Blitzinity SG-Admin Thank you to ya all

Searching new staff for factions

gabbertjes Admin
gabbertjes @ Faction PVP
posted Aug 9, 14
Hello community,

We're going to choose new mods, helpers and Test-Admins. So if you want to become one of the staff members, you could look at the requirements and make an applications. We'll choose them tonight.







Also we want to welcome Privall back to the admin team!

Please if you're chosen come on teamspeak so you could get your rank and informations.

yours sincerely,
JMichaelC20 AdminHelper For the ones who wants to apply, please go to this site: http://www.guildcraft.org/forum/m/8052098/viewforum/2438586 Th ...
Jest007 I will like to apply.But where should i submit?
DarkVortex Where can I apply?
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