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GuildCraft News

New test-admins and mods

aXed owner posted Tue at 21:13
Hello community,

The following players have been promoted to test-admin! Come to our Teamspeak and we will get you guys started!

Test admins:
  • Mooke3000
  • Lighting_Dog
  • ALLs_DragoN
  • WalkerCze (Got demoted due to lies in his aplication)

We need more American admins so please keep applying! If you're not chosen and wondering why then come our Teamspeak to talk to us.

  • ISparkton
  • Jamesaah
  • iCellarHD
  • Azeememad

Mods and Admins will have access to the mod/admin forum were there is more information for you to get started! 

apost10 o What did walkercze lie about?
powercraft i want to become mod beacuse i am from croatia and i knew speak english and there are no admins when i am online almost ...
The_Magic8Ball Congradulations to those who were picked! I still have my application set and would like to be added as a test-admin. I ...

GuildCraft Faction new mods/admins!

aXed owner posted Mon at 0:50
Hello community,

We will select some fresh new test admins and mods on 22-04-2014! I will monitor them closely talk to them and train them well! I'm sure this fresh new batch of admins will bring the stability and justice you've been waiting for! We're especially looking for American admins (that time zone) but of course people from Europe are also welcome in our team! If you want to apply you can do that in the following topics:

Admin application topic:

Mod application topic:

See you on 22 of April! 

WarriorWinzie Nice one aXed! The guildcraf community will be stronger soon.
PvPraise Nice. But good luck to everyone that applied for this great honor to be mod/admin... -Sf
JetWoo- A.K.A. awaX0n Soo.. you now will be choosing only Factions server mods and admins right? Or will you pick some mods/admins for SG and ...

GuildCraft Faction Reset

aXed owner posted Apr 16, 14
Hello community,

As most of you have seen the faction server is quite empty. Ever since the hack problems we've lost a part of our player base. The maximum amount of players online is 120 at best. Because the possibility of updating to 1.8 will at least take 2 months we're holding an reset on 18-04-2014.

All donations ranks and bought mcMMO lvls will be re gifted. Packages such as fun packet will be re gifted if they are bought 2 weeks before the reset. All donation ranks gifted by Grizz will be revoked since they are no longer paid for.

You will not lose your current vote coins.

The following notable changes will take place.

Warzone / pvp bases
  • Bedrock layer removed.
  • Warzone claim up to 9 chunks from safezone.
  • Pvp base zone altered with warzone as you can see on the following link*: http://imgur.com/nDGHbah
  • No fly zone. It's no longer possible to abuse fly in this area.

*Since in the current setup the spawn is completely blocked off  by pvp bases we've implied this change. This is also to improve pvping with the risk of being trapped. Maximum one claim per faction!

  • Crushing does no longer damage
  • Strings can no longer be placed

  • Added extra rewards for voting 25 times, 50 times and 100 times each month.
  • Updated to a newer version.(more info soon)

  • All languages may be spoken now.
  • Flying in PVP will now result in a 3 day ban. Second offence will result in permanently losing your ability to fly and a 3 day ban. 

  • The 1vs1 arena's have been opened. You can only enter them at /warp 1vs1 and/ or go through our portals at spawn.*
*Special thanks to TheJovi for building these arena's.

Misc/ Bug Fixxes
  • Events will no longer be hold in the faction server but on a separate server. 
  • Better chat controlling plugin.
  • Walking on the top of the nether is no longer possible.


CanadianPlayzMC I need help join the server on the login part please help
apost10 o My faction has more then 1 claim we have one front line after the altered war zone and two in the altered war zone what ...
dinoino Can someone reset my player.dat file or give me the password on the server?

Tha new Minigame Server!

DJbatcat AdminMiniStaff posted Apr 9, 14

Hello GuildCraft Players!

I've some great things to tell you about our renewed minigame server, so let's get started:

The first thing I want to tell you is that the population of chicks has risen and the minigame server now has more players than ever, so more players in minigames and that means more fun ^.^ . Also, new minigames like Blockhunt and Mobarena have been added, and we're even planning to add more and better minigames than we already have.

The second thing, is that some plugins have been updated, so there will be less lag and the world around the (now old) spawn is no longer corrupted so you won't get any big lag spikes. The reason I say 'old' spawn is because Jefpef and Privall have built a brand new spawn, bigger, better, stronger and overall better-looking. The new spawn is now in use and you can freely explore the new minigames at their respectful place :)

After DJbatcat gained control of the minigame server, many things have changed. For example: We're now using a points system which allows you to rankup every time you vote, donate and play minigames. We're still expanding the possibilities of the point system, adding more ranks and adding better donate options. You'll start with the 'newbie' rank, the more you play games, vote or donate, the higher your rank will get. To see your points, use /p me. There is a big billboard at spawn that explains you how to use these points and how many points every rank you costs, so be sure to read them before you go hunting for points!

As you know, the minigames is gaining more and more players! So we need some moderators to moderate the chat and help players with their 'ultimate minigame experience', as I call it. You can make your application here:

Be sure to check out the new minigame server, and if you may, stay a little longer to explore the new ranks and features ^.^

I hope to see you there :D

Kind regards,

Jefcat (Batcat and Jefpef)

jpsch Make a fast travel clock that you tp to the minigame
beastmode74 I hope they update guildcraft soon because my minecraft updated to 1.7.8 and i cant get on now unless they have the upda ...
ArnzTheOfficial vip I have a question can we still be minimods if we are like 12 years old or no?

News - April

aXed owner posted Mar 31, 14
Hello community,

Here is some news regarding upcoming changes and new addition to our server.

Vote contest
This month we will have an vote contest! The top 5 voters will receive superb rewards! You can read all about it on our vote page. http://guildcraft.nl/vote The best cracked voter will receive an free Minecraft Premium gift code!

GuildCraft Youtube channel
Check out our GuildCraft channel: 


beastmode74 Hey can someone ask a admin or the owner to update the server to 1.7.8 please because my minecraft updated to that and i ...
Misaki Need help
NevaeHxHeaven Hay i was just wantong to let you know that the Mentor tour is rly helping me to get on my feet and to understand how th ...
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