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It's been quite a long time since GuildCraft had a new server opened in it, but no more!
I'm happy to announce the official release of our new server, Survival Omega!
As many of you already noticed, our original survival server has been renamed to Survival Delta, that was done so we can differentiate the original survival server from the new one, Survival Omega.

So what will we have in the new server? Here are some of the features:
• Original survival spawn is back
• Spawn plots
• Public duel arenas
• Old PvP world
• Mechanical doors (like on Survival Delta)
• New economy
• Custom generated world
• No more huge IG farms with tons of golems and villagers
• Public mines
• More player-based economy (not everything is sold in the shop anymore - don't worry, there are plenty of things you can still buy in it!)
• Per-biome random teleportation portals
• New crates
• Legacy shop and reward shop will be renamed back to their old names, Donate shop and Vote shop, and will have new stuff in them.

Since this is a new server, no one will have ranks on it at first. Ranks from the original survival will NOT transfer to the new survival. It means everyone will have a fresh and even start! (Ranks will be purchasable on the store)

The staff applications for survival omega are open now! If you wanna apply for the server, choose 'survival' in the servers menu on the application form, and make sure to write 'THIS IS FOR SURVIVAL OMEGA' inside the 'Anything else you would like to add?' text box so I can know you are applying for it.

The rules of Survival Delta (and GuildCraft in general) also apply for the new server, so make sure to read and follow them!​

The server will release on Friday, September 11, at 8 PM GMT+1 time.
*Note: the release might be delayed due to some issues I may run into, though I don't expect it to.
(Yes, I know the date is a bit......

PLEASE USE play.guildcraft.net INSTEAD OF play.guildcraft.org!


Yesssss! SkyBlock reset is FINALLY here! And yes, it's 1.16.1!

Here are some stuff you can expect in the new reset:
The server will be based on 1.16.1
• You can join with 1.12 - 1.16.1 clients
• PvP will still be in 1.8.9 style (aka no hit cooldown)
• New Supreme rank like on Survival
• Islands will have their own nether and end islands. Each island has their own permission system with different ranks and adjustable permissions.
• Toggleable island border (/is border)
• Two chats for islands. One's for the island team (/is teamchat), the other one for anyone who is on the island, including visitors of course (/is chat).
• You can't die from someone else on someone else's island
• New way of obtaining generator upgrades
• 4 new islands and one nostalgia island you can start out with. Each island offers something else (including the starting chest) to increase trading between players.
• Two different islands leaderboards. One will be for the highest island level (also displayed at /warp TopIslands), the other one will be for island likes. Island Likes and dislikes can be given per player and per island. With those two island leaderboards and maybe some other contests (contests at some point, not immediatly), we'll be looking forward to give out rewards for those leaderboards.
• Legacy and Vote Tokens are no longer the same currency (Reworked shops as well)
• Spawners can be stacked up to 5
• Voting is now fixed
• New voting and voteparty rewards
• Events will be held way more often
• Plenty of bugs have been fixed and we'll keep on fixing them, instead of ignoring - New economy - Reworked crates and shop
• Reworked economy to prevent huge cactus farms that'll break the economy
• Gapple cooldown (for now at least)
• New exciting PvP-Arena and PvP-Mine with some cool features which will stay updated and keep on getting changed every now and then
• Blocks available in...

Hello everyone!

It's time - the survival reset is finally here! Yes, it took some time, but the wait is finally over. We've worked hard on making this reset, and made some awesome changes and additions to the server!

So what is waiting for you in this reset?

• New spawn
• The return of spawn plots!
• New spawners crate
• Better server shop
• PvP arena in spawn
• The return of warps plots (plots in each /warp)
• The return of the Fortune Maker!
• New quests (this will arrive in a later content update)
• Nether & End plots
• The return of pvp in the end (pvp will be enabled everywhere in the end except it's spawn)
• The return of public mobfarm in spawn
• Real mechanical doors and gateways!
• Public notifications for possible 28-days old unclaimable claims! Race others for claims more than ever!
• Companies! Create and manage companies, use stock market, manage employees and earn regular salaries!
• Removed aether world, there will be only a regular survival world
• New shops system alongside the chestshop system
• New dungeons system - Special dungeons you'll have to progress through and win rewards! (Will be added in a future content update)
• Countless bug fixes
• No more lag and crashes
.. and much much more!

To make it fair, The following things will be disabled for the first 24 hours:
• Fly
• Kit keys

The reset will be released on Friday, July 17, at 8 PM GMT+1 time!
*Do note, it might be delayed due to some issues, but I don't expect it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
- xph11
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