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Reset incoming for Factions!

Date & Time: 2 March 19:00 CET/ 1PM EST / 10AM PST

The following changes have been made
  • Full printer support
  • Supply drops are back
  • New KOTH locations (7 Locations in total)
  • New KOTH rewards
  • VoteParty is back
  • Duel arena is back
  • /voteshop is back
  • V2 version of current spawn
  • New global boosters
  • System that shows the amount of damage taken/ done after a fight
  • Bounty hunter back
  • Changes to spawners (More spawners, different prices, fewer limits)
  • Essentials replaced with another system
  • Many smaller changes which are not worth mentioning
Changes to stats
  • A stats room has been added to the spawn
  • The top 5 Factions in /f top will receive prices this season
  • Stats such as kills, deaths, Koth captured and much more will be tracked.

Changes made to wall generator buckets
  • Added horizontal buckets
  • Added infused buckets
  • Improved performance from buckets
  • Walls generate faster
  • Sand walls generate as it should now

Following changes will be made to factions
  • Open chests in enemy territory
  • You can only sethome in territory if you’re in that faction
  • main world size will be 8000x8000
  • Faction fly (More details on this later)

The following changes need testing, this means I plan to add them if the tests do not fail.

A complete reworked anti-cheat system with:
  • Better hit detection
  • Better/ fixed knockback
  • Overal better pvp experience can be expected with this change
  • Better and more diverse detection of hacks
I’m also still testing some tools and custom enchants more info on that later.​
Date & Time: RELEASED

The following changes have/ will be made

  • New spawn
  • New PVP arena
  • New PVP mine
  • Achievements
  • Achievement store
  • Complete replacement of Essentials, changes to commands such as: /list, /baltop ,/msg and more
  • New calculation for the Grid
  • New store /shop
  • New auction system
  • Cobblestone Generators (Upgrade-able)
  • Better boosters system
  • Onetime use items (Short boosters and such)
  • Player Warps
  • Voteshop /voteshop is back
  • Voteparty's are back
More changes might come and there is also the possibility to suggest changes on the forum.
Happy New Year!

January 1st to January 3rd, 2018
/server SnowballFight or use the snowball in the server compass!


Each player will receive 16 snowballs on join and every time the player respawns.
Your goal is to achieve the highest points possible! To do that, start aiming at other players and shooting them using your snowballs! Out of snowballs? No worries! There are several snowball refill stations throughout the map (15 seconds cooldown between each refill)!
Each time you hit a player, you gain 1 point.
Each time you get hit by another player, you lose 1 point.
Once you get hit, you will have to wait 10 seconds to respawn, once you respawn, you have 10 seconds of safe mode (meaning you can't hit or get hit).
To know if a player is in safe mode, their name will be red: [16] Rabascm
Once out of safe mod, their name will change to green: [16] Rabascm
If you want to just chill and spectate, you can use /spec


To win,...

We will be relocating our server tonight between 20:00 and 01:00/03:00 CET. The servers will be
relocated to a new rack with better cooling and redundant connections for better uptime. Sorry
for the inconvenience, I'm afraid you'll have to socialize with people IRL.

The entire server will be down during this time.​
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