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Hello everyone!

It's time - the survival reset is finally here! Yes, it took some time, but the wait is finally over. We've worked hard on making this reset, and made some awesome changes and additions to the server!

So what is waiting for you in this reset?

• New spawn
• The return of spawn plots!
• New spawners crate
• Better server shop
• PvP arena in spawn
• The return of warps plots (plots in each /warp)
• The return of the Fortune Maker!
• New quests (this will arrive in a later content update)
• Nether & End plots
• The return of pvp in the end (pvp will be enabled everywhere in the end except it's spawn)
• The return of public mobfarm in spawn
• Real mechanical doors and gateways!
• Public notifications for possible 28-days old unclaimable claims! Race others for claims more than ever!
• Companies! Create and manage companies, use stock market, manage employees and earn regular salaries!
• Removed aether world, there will be only a regular survival world
• New shops system alongside the chestshop system
• New dungeons system - Special dungeons you'll have to progress through and win rewards! (Will be added in a future content update)
• Countless bug fixes
• No more lag and crashes
.. and much much more!

To make it fair, The following things will be disabled for the first 24 hours:
• Fly
• Kit keys

The reset will be released on Friday, July 17, at 8 PM GMT+1 time!
*Do note, it might be delayed due to some issues, but I don't expect it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
- xph11
In light of the upcoming reset, we are planning to host an event to give a head-start to the players, here's how it goes.


The event details are as follows:

Server: Prison
Date: 7th June 2020
Time: 4PM (GMT+0)


Harvest is a race consists of 5 floors
The first 4 floors, each will have a specific course to be finished, which are mazes and parkours.
Toastevent 2.png Toastevent 3.png
The last floor, which is the main event, will have a total of 450 chests, and 75% of them will be loaded with loot such as:

Swords are the key prizes in this harvest event,

there will be 3 of them,
each located in one of the chests.
The first one to find a sword will be crowned first place,
the second one will be awarded second
and the third to find a sword will be awarded third.

First Place – € 15 Buy-craft coupon

Second Place – € 10 Buy-craft coupon

Third place – € 5 Buy-craft coupon

Side Rewards:
Crazy loot for future in-game advantage

Traveller’s Mask
Mythical key
Rare key
Uncommon key
Titan Pickaxe [T1 to T3]
Titan Gear set
Titan Gear pieces
Donator kits [Thief – Terrorist]
Bar bets drinks – [$10k – $150k]
God tool pieces [Individual]
God tool set [Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel]
God gear set
God gear pieces
X8 potion [Str 8 min/Speed 8 min] [Exchange Coupon]
X4 potion [Str 8 min/Speed 8 min] [Exchange Coupon]
X6 Gapples
X3 Gapples
Money pouch
In game currency -...

Hello everyone!
Yes yes, the time has come, after over a year, the 2020 reset of prison is coming!
We have been working on this reset for quite a long time now, and we have a lot of surprises for you in it!

Here is some of stuff you will see in this reset:

---------- ----------

[+] Additions [+]
The return of bosses, a new boss wave which is summoned to the courtyard every week with a wave of bosses, Dropping etheral rewards.
New bar gamble system
Player Masks
Duel System
Gang Fights
Return of /adv
Gang level up rewards
Gapple cooldown & modifiers
Return of PlotSquared, AreaShop has been removed.
New currency, /gemstore featuring etheral items and an XP trader.
Money Pouches
Spawners are now a thing
Divisions, an entire new system based on player statistics, unlock unique rewards through this system.
Return of legacy warps for Hitman+ (not legacy mines)
New legacy shop & reward shop

---------- ----------

[+] Changes [+]
Auction House changed to old auction system
New rank prices & rank rewards
Starter kit changed
Changes to knockback & hit detection
Warps menu
ALL new mines
New spawn
Revamped /shop
Changed to new cell block schematics, much bigger
All new cell plugin, with a GUI management
All crates completely revamped
New baltop system
Custom free world

---------- ----------

[+] Removed [+]
is gone
VentureChat has finally been removed
AAC Gone (no more fly kicks)
No instant teleport regions in pvpmine

---------- ----------

This is just a portion of what you will see in the new reset!...​
Hello everyone,
After thinking about this matter, we have decided to initiate an unban wave, in which players that got banned before permanently will get a second chance and be unbanned.

There are however 2 requirements for qualifying for an unban:
• Ban must be at least 6 months old or more.
• Reason for the ban must be one of the following: Advertisement | Hacks (any kind of hacks) | Toxicity | Ban evading | Alting

Blacklist players are not qualified for an unban.

If you meet those 2 requirements, you are welcome to submit an unban request with all the needed details in it (follow the correct format please - if you don't use it your unban will be denied instantly!)

The unban is not automatic, each case will be checked manually and we will decide whether to unban or not.
After you get unbanned, you have 1 chance at this. If you are caught in something that is bannable, you will be permanently banned again, not temporarily banned.

This is your one time chance, don't waste it.

To submit an unban request:
Click Here

The wave will be over in 2 weeks, on Sunday, May 31!
After this date you will not be able to apply for unban as part of the wave anymore.

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