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Hey guys,

I've been busy with moving the last couple of weeks but am now fully active again. The reason why I made this news so late is due to the movement.

The last reset of the Faction server had failed completely due to lag issues which made it unplayable. These lag issues were caused by multiple issues which are resolved now. Since I'm now fully settled a new reset will be prepared with the features from the last reset. A few extra things will be added as well but that will be made clear in the reset post.

Memewars is almost finished for alpha release. We've had some closed alpha tests which were successful. A few tweaks will be needed before we can release it to the public. It is expected that it will be ready this month or early October.
We've just reset Factions and sadly things did not go as planned. We've had problems with our network due to different types of attacks, packet loss, lag spikes, overall lag and bugs. I can promise you guys that we're doing everything in our power to resolve these issues. We also need our help from the community in this. We understand that people are frustrated but the major toxicity that comes from it is not helping us at all. Keep posting feedback, suggestions and bug reports while we're resolving the lag issues.

I take full responsibility for this failure and feel free to express your anger but keep it within the rules. I'm sorry and hope to win some of you guys trust back. We and mainly I can do better but we're also limited by one thing that most premium servers have and that is paid, developers. We're working with a developer in their free time who are doing a tremendous job but do not have as much time as you would hope.

Please stay positive with the staff team, it helps them allot. Feel free to aim your anger at me I've learned to deal with it, but yes I'm still human and it hurts to see you guys frustrated with us.

We will reset Prison as soon as possible. I'm hoping that it will be in Augustus but I cannot promise anything since it depends on resolving existing issues on other servers as well. More info on this will follow.

At this point, this has probably become a meme but I want to explain what happened with it. I had a version ready for release but was not satisfied with the end result. I will team up with a developer and improve the version I had ready and release it to the public.
Please stop bitching about it now

Date & Time: 21 July 15:00 CEST / 9AM EDT

The following changes have/will be made:
  • New Nether generation like the End (there are 12 total corners, 4 in the overworld, 4 in the nether, and 4 in the end)
  • Water will work in the Nether
  • Normal biomes (No more bedrock issues)
  • Changed /voteshop to /rewardshop
  • Tweaked kits and keys
  • Changes to economy to encourage activity
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly missions (/missions)
  • Personal upgrades (/pupgrade)
  • Chunk Busters
  • Sell Wands
  • Spawners acting like sponge
  • Spawner remove tax
  • Anti-casing for spawners
  • Faction permissions
  • Faction upgrades
  • TNT Bank for factions
  • New TNT fill with a range of 32 Blocks.
  • Warzone claims
  • Outpost
  • New cannon rules (Will be linked)
  • More power, less power decay and more small Factions settings
  • Anti-inside features enabled
  • All changes presented by short1der via sneak-peaks
  • Printer Support
  • And more will be listed later
Not all changes will be enabled in the first week(s).

Important notice regarding "Unwelcome aka banned players"
Factions which have alts of banned players in their faction risk punishments up to a permanent ban for the entire Faction. This depends on many factors and I doubt we would need to ban an entire faction but be warned.
Reset incoming for Survival!

Date & Time: 12 July 15:00 CEST / 9AM EDT

The following changes have been made

  • Custom Enchants
  • New shop /rewardshop
  • /wild
  • Playerweather
  • Playerwarps /pwarp
  • Guides for new players
  • Quests
  • Stats
  • Achievements + Store
  • Hall of Fame
  • Reworked economy
  • Added voteparty
  • Plots with rent instead of buy price
  • Reworked redstone
  • Daily missions
  • Reworked multiple GUI menu's
  • Join messages with settings
  • And many more!
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