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Hello everyone!
Yes yes, the time has come, after over a year, the 2020 reset of prison is coming!
We have been working on this reset for quite a long time now, and we have a lot of surprises for you in it!

Here is some of stuff you will see in this reset:

---------- ----------

[+] Additions [+]
The return of bosses, a new boss wave which is summoned to the courtyard every week with a wave of bosses, Dropping etheral rewards.
New bar gamble system
Player Masks
Duel System
Gang Fights
Return of /adv
Gang level up rewards
Gapple cooldown & modifiers
Return of PlotSquared, AreaShop has been removed.
New currency, /gemstore featuring etheral items and an XP trader.
Money Pouches
Spawners are now a thing
Divisions, an entire new system based on player statistics, unlock unique rewards through this system.
Return of legacy warps for Hitman+ (not legacy mines)
New legacy shop & reward shop

---------- ----------

[+] Changes [+]
Auction House changed to old auction system
New rank prices & rank rewards
Starter kit changed
Changes to knockback & hit detection
Warps menu
ALL new mines
New spawn
Revamped /shop
Changed to new cell block schematics, much bigger
All new cell plugin, with a GUI management
All crates completely revamped
New baltop system
Custom free world

---------- ----------

[+] Removed [+]
is gone
VentureChat has finally been removed
AAC Gone (no more fly kicks)
No instant teleport regions in pvpmine

---------- ----------

This is just a portion of what you will see in the new reset!...​
Hello everyone,
After thinking about this matter, we have decided to initiate an unban wave, in which players that got banned before permanently will get a second chance and be unbanned.

There are however 2 requirements for qualifying for an unban:
• Ban must be at least 6 months old or more.
• Reason for the ban must be one of the following: Advertisement | Hacks (any kind of hacks) | Toxicity | Ban evading | Alting

Blacklist players are not qualified for an unban.

If you meet those 2 requirements, you are welcome to submit an unban request with all the needed details in it (follow the correct format please - if you don't use it your unban will be denied instantly!)

The unban is not automatic, each case will be checked manually and we will decide whether to unban or not.
After you get unbanned, you have 1 chance at this. If you are caught in something that is bannable, you will be permanently banned again, not temporarily banned.

This is your one time chance, don't waste it.

To submit an unban request:
Click Here

The wave will be over in 2 weeks, on Sunday, May 31!
After this date you will not be able to apply for unban as part of the wave anymore.

Hello everyone!
Beforehand, I want to thank @NinetyNine for his tremendous amount of time and work he put into this update, it would have never happened if he wasn't here, and he deserves every thank you possible!

I would also like to thank @WitheredToast for his big role in this as well, for all the work he put in and the bug fixes he has done!

Finally, a thank you to @Griffin3039 for coding some of the kits, which he made in a very cool way :)

And now to the topic:
Yes, the time has finally come, I'm happy to officially announce the release of Annihilation 3.0!
This update has been long in the making, and we've put all of our efforts into it to make sure you guys will have plenty of new features to explore and play with!

This update is more focused on the competitiveness of the game, and when I first started planning this update, I decided to base this update on the very original annihilation (version 1.0) of guildcraft, and therefore bring a lot of old aspects people loved back then into the game, alongside many new features!
So without further ado, I present you, version 3.0's features:

11 new kits
7 new abilities
Up to 8 ender chest slots
Clan kits
Clan wars
Mystery Boxes
10+ new maps
New boosters
Kit nerfs
2 new ranks (Knight & Phoenix - X6 & X7)
A lot of old annihilation aspects
4 maps vote
Playtime rewards
New kill effects
Void scorp & void swap are back
New boss attacks
Farming is now harder
A lot of bug fixes

and much much more!

We have also decided that since it's such a big update, and it's been so long since last time, we will reset everything, including stats, kits, and XP, so everyone can have a fresh start.

The annihilation servers will go down 24 hours before the release date for the update.

Want more thorough information on what's new? Check out these information threads:...​

The bunnies have come out to play and are bringing some games to Survival.

Survival's Easter Event

Sunday 12th April, 2020
@ 2pm GMT

Games will include-
Egg Hunt
Slime Run
Forbidden Forest Maze
Egg Painting

All games will earn points which will be tallied for the grand prize winner.
1st- 5 points , 2nd- 4 points , 3rd- 3 points , Participation- 1 point

Egg Hunt

Egg- ( 1 point )


Slime Run

Custom gear + 1 myth + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 5 points )
Custom gear + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 4 points )
Custom gear + 1 uncommon ( 3 points )
Participation- ( 1 point )

Forbidded Forest Maze

1st- Custom gear + 1 myth + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 5 points )
Custom gear + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 4 points )
Custom gear + 1 uncommon ( 3 points )
Participation- ( 1 point )

Egg Painting

5 euro buycraft + Bunny title + 1 myth + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 5 points )
Bunny title + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 4 points )
Bunny title + 1 uncommon ( 3 points )
Participation- ( 1 point )


15 euro buycraft + 5 USD steam gift card + Optifine cape + Custom gear
2nd- 10 euro buycraft + 5 USD steam gift card + Custom gear
3rd- 5 euro buycraft + 5 USD steam gift card + Custom gear

Hope to see you all there!

Huge thanks to the Survival staff...
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