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Come play all kinds minecraft games or mini-games. Our server is free to play for everyone, come and play on Guildcraft.

Voting Contest!
Vote Contest
The top 10 voters of this months will receive the following prices! (By month I mean October ofc)
  1. 50 Euro Coupon
  2. 45 Euro Coupon
  3. 40 Euro Coupon
  4. 35 Euro Coupon
  5. 30 Euro Coupon
  6. 25 Euro Coupon
  7. 20 Euro Coupon
  8. 15 Euro Coupon
  9. 10 Euro Coupon
  10. 5 Euro Coupon
4 Year Ownership Sale
It's been 4 years since I've fully taken over GuildCraft so we will have a 40% sale on all our products this month!
Our brand new lobby build by @SkysAlive
New lobby
I'm happy to announce our brand new lobby! This lobby has been in the making for a long time but it's finally finished! We've also updated our auth system. Players will now first connect to one of our auth servers before going to one of our lobby's.

Survival Games
@xph11 has been working his ass off and has finished his newest creation a complete rework of Survival Games. This new Survival Games has teams and solo games. Voting for maps has also been returned!

Note: We're currently transferring to our new proxy. This might take some time for some
which means you won't see the new lobby yet.​
The new ranks have been released!
New ranks
We've finally released our new Cosmetic ranks! These ranks give no gameplay advantage other than looking fabulous! They also give monthly global booster rewards which will benefit everyone online if you choose to activate them. The ranks are per server and not globally as before.

You can check out the ranks at buy.guildcraft.org we will release them to all servers where possible upcoming week!

50% off during our promotion sale
PracticePVP aka PotionPVP has been updated and the stats have been reset!
We've decided to rename PotionPVP to PracticePVP. Our new kits do not all have Potions in them so PracticePVP is a better fitting name.

Stats Reset
Season 1 of GuildCraft Practice PVP has started! We do not yet know how long our seasons will be nor do we have a reward in mind. The old stats will be available as OffSeason stats on the stats page.

New kits
We've added 7 new Kits.
  • BuildUHC
  • UHC
  • Iron
  • Diamond
  • Axe
  • OITC
  • Endless
Ranks & Titles
We've also added back our ranks with unlimited ranked games and cosmetics! There will be a 50% Off Promotion Sale the next 2 months. Titles are now also available on PracticePVP!