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Legacy Tokens

Hey guys, we have a new currency in the server which will allow members to temporary buy a rank or perk for 2 weeks. This in-game currency is called "Legacy Tokens" and are obtainable by voting. We've to add this in order to comply with the EULA and get removed from the blacklist. Every gamemode will have these temporary ranks.

Tokens are now also obtainable per "soft-currency" this means cash in some servers and exp in others. We will see if we can find a nice method of letting players get the tokens by playing.

You can read everything that we've to change at the Mojang website: http://tinyurl.com/ofk4nm6

I hope to be removed from the blacklist tomorrow so that everyone can play normally again.

"This system has been rolled out please report any bug if present"

New Partner: DutchGameHosting

I'm happy to announce that we've partnered up with DutchGameHosting! DutchGameHosting is a specialist when it comes to Minecraft servers. They will help us install our new physical servers in order to lower our cost. Need a server? Go to them and you will also be helping us.

From DutchGameHosting
Today we are happy to announce that GuildCraft has partnered up with DutchGameHosting. DutchGameHosting is a company based in the Netherlands that offers cheap Minecraft server hosting to it’s customers. Besides Minecraft hosting, it also hosts websites and virtual servers.

DutchGameHosting also made a special coupon code only for GuildCraft players. Use the coupon code ‘GUILDCRAFT’ for 10% discount on your order!

Factions Originals Reset


The Faction Original server has been reset. All information regarding this reset can be found here:

Dear community,

Mojang (The creator of Minecraft) has started to enforce the EULA. Many Minecraft Servers including GuildCraft have received emails about this.

What is the EULA?
The EULA is a list of rules we automatically accept when starting a server. These rules state that we may not sell items or perks which improves the game-play for the buyer. You can read all about it here: https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula

What does this mean for GuildCraft?
This morning I heard that we're added to a blacklist for the up-coming 1.9.3 update. The blacklist is only active on that version so do not update to 1.9.3 yet. 1.8.* and 1.9.1/2 are perfectly fine for now.

We are currently in contact with Mojang in order to get us of that blacklist. That means we will have to change our store to comply with the EULA. We're hoping to receive a new date on which we have to comply so that we can prepare new purchase options. So yes we will comply with the EULA.

What changes?
We will no longer sell the current ranks and most perks in the future, there will be a new set of ranks and perks which will be EULA compliant.

Ranks and perks purchases before this will not be removed. You will keep all current non-eula compliant perks. The old ranks will become so called "Legacy Ranks".

There will be a 50% sale until we release the new set of ranks and perks.


Will I lose anything I've bought?
No, you will keep your rank and perks. The current ranks will simply be no longer available at the store but you will keep it if you already bought it. All the perks will also stay.

When will the new ranks be released?
This is currently unknown since we're in contact with Mojang in attempt to get a new date on which we have to be compliant.

What can we expect?
The newest ranks will have perks for chat related...