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Happy New Year!


From everyone at GuildCraft, we wish you a Happy New Year!

We even hit a new record!

New developer: Arjenpro


Ladies and Gentleman get hyped for some awesome news! We've acquired a brand new very enthusiastic developer for GuildCraft. His name is @Arjenpro. And we've started right away! Annihilation will go 100% custom made. We're doing a build up from the ground towards a brand new Annihilation!

The new Annihilation will have some extra's such as Bosses, Ender brewing stands, Stats and more! All kits and xp will transfer to this new version so don't worry you'll lose nothing! All multipliers and such will also work. We will build towards a stable 1.0 version and go on from there with some unique changes. Feel free to make suggestions for us after this 1.0 version.

And again give a warm welcome for @Arjenpro and make him feel welcome :) He will create a topic soon with updates about the new Annihilation. So keep an eye on the forum!
Hello, I made some new kits some time ago and we are releasing them to the public. I have to give credit to @NuteriThePikachu [If you have a new forum name let us know] for the Mutant kit idea. I hope you enjoy them and if there are any bugs and/or problems with the kits give us feedback and we'll try to fix it. The update will most likely happen today, so look out for it.
This kit focuses on RNG (randomness), Every time you click your special you will gain a random effect, this includes some negative effects so watch out cause it might backfire, the cooldown is 15 seconds and the effect lasts 10 seconds, while you have an effect active you have a very low chance of mutating another person on hit, this includes positive effects (they will only have the effect 2 seconds).
This kit is based on melee attacks, as a zombie you have a chance to gain HP and poison (infect) when attacking without a sword, yes, you can eat your enemies brains. Talking about brains, zombie kit's special is called BRAINS! which gives you a higher chance of healing and poisoning your enemies on top of getting a speed buff during an amount of time. Now you would say attacking without a sword is kind of useless. Zombie has enhanced melee attacks which give the player basic damage, on top of this you gain extra attack damage every kill you gain till a max of 5 kills where your attack damage should do +2.5...​
Hello Community,

Like the title says, I will be stepping down as Head-Admin of the Annihilation server. My reason for this is because I'm working on a top secret project! Well not exactly top secret since I will be posting snapshots and some information within a few weeks. But still it's gonna be awesome! Oh and my personal life has become allot busier which is nice. Prison will still have me as their Head-Admin so you will still see me around GuildCraft!

So without further ado I bring to you the new Head-Admin of Annihilation: Kriscapelle

He will be supported by me in the beginning but I'm sure he will do a great job when I'm gone! Thanks for reading and remember happy Annihilating! Oh and wish Kris some good luck!