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Come play all kinds minecraft games or mini-games. Our server is free to play for everyone, come and play on Guildcraft.

GuildCraft is pleased to welcome you to our new website, designed to let you experience a better and more informative community. We've left the cold and dark website provider called Enjin to go on vacation towards our new warm and lighter website. We're now the ones who handle every single aspect of the website which gives us a lot of freedom.

It's possible that you might recognize this forum style from other websites. This type of forums is used by both Spigot and Bukkit and many other Minecraft server. Since this is a new website members will have to create a new account in order to login and post on the forum. Old forum topics created before the transition cannot be found here. We, the community will have to fill up this forum to bring it to life. But make sure you read our Forum Rules before creating a new thread or responding to a topic.

We've added a ticket system for a few common issues on our servers. Currently we have 2 departments which is Forgotten password and Purchase issues. More departments will be opened in the future and as always feel free to suggest a department.

Our application system for staff has been improved. Members will now only see one mod applications and can select the server on which they want to become mod. Mod's and higher can see all the applications. We've also improved our questions so that we know more about the person who is applying. This will help us making the right decision when it comes to promoting someone. The mod application will also have a minimum requirement regarding your forum activity in the near future. This is disabled for now since the website is new.

Our store has received a major makeover. Everything works the same but the whole design has been changed in the same style as the website. Shout out to griffsnuff from DeviantArt for allowing us to use his work for our background! You can find his DeviantArt page here:...