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FeelsAmazingManFINISHED COLLEGEFeelsAmazingMan
It’s done. I’ve finally finished college. Well I still need to graduate… But it seems that all is good. So what this means is that for the first time since 2015 I have more time for the server. I will be working full time on improving our servers and network. This won’t suddenly be great of course but you should finally see some much needed change.

Survival Reset
Starting with the Survival reset! Survival has had it’s last reset back in September and needs a reset. It’s the first server that will be reset this month. More details about this reset will be announced with the post that will also contain the reset date.

Faction Reset
Factions will also reset this month. Just like Survival the details will be made clear in the post that will also contain the reset date. Another point I would like to make is that I will abruptly stop the season and give away the FTOP prices. This might happen tomorrow. Or next week. Or the week after that. I would suggest you place your spawners and other worthy items before I end it.

Edit: It appears that some factions are trying to break up in order to win more. This won't work, only factions that have played actively this reset will be able to win.

Yep…. Still working on this one! I decided to wait until I had full time before I wanted to start with testing Bedwars. It will be released this month. For real this time! FeelsGoodMan
Full album: https://imgur.com/a/LCNvL8U

We finally have a brand new hub made by @KinqCake No idea what else to post about
the new hub except go explore it :)
We can almost begin with testing our new game mode BedWars. It has taken some more time than expected. Our current setup with servers like Eggwars and SkyWars is that all arenas are online at all times. The new system which will first be implemented into Bedwars will create servers on demand. This means that when all game servers are full a new one will automatically be created. This works both ways, when there are fewer players online these servers will shut down.

Almost finished
I've only one month left of college if all goes well. And yes that means more time! Currently, I'm constantly exhausted when I get back home and go on GuildCraft. This has a lot of impact on my performance as owner. I have almost no free time to relax and clear my mind.

I spend about 36 hours per week on college which can then spend on the server and some relaxing. The relaxing part will make me more productive, more social and more motivated. Yes, we're losing players but I'm sure we can win some back! Don't expect the good old days Minecraft isn't as popular as before.

2 new vote sites will be added to the server today (or tomorrow). We will also focus on improving some of the vote rewards so our position on the vote sites will be a bit higher. A new advertisement banner is also almost ready and I'm looking into more methods of advertising the server. And yes by more methods I mean Youtubers.

New content
We're currently developing new content for upcoming resets. More details about this will be released when we've tested this content and have a release date for it.

Hello everyone,
After a long wait, i'm happy to announce that Annihilation 2.0 is ready to get released.

and its happening...

20/4/18 7pm CEST

We have a lot to tell you, so let's start.

Kit Upgrades

We already told you about this feature on the last teaser, but i'll show you how this works now.
Every kit has at least 3 upgrades, some of them have up to 5 while civilian has 7. Upgrades will be purchasable from the Kits Shop in the game lobbies. To view and buy an upgrade, you must unlock the kit and if applicable the previous upgrade.


Upgrades add new abilities or new effects to your kit. We won't reveal them as we want them to be a surprise, but, expect Marks of Despair, Volatile Corpses, and, why not Backstabs.
I'm looking forward to see what new uses you find to these upgrades, i'm pretty sure you'll find new estrategies, oh, and midwars are back!

Overall Balance

This is something we've been looking for for a long time. Balance. It's hard to accomplish, because balancing a kit normally breaks another. All unused kits have been buffed while overused / op community faves are nerfed. Kit prices have also been tweaked a little for most kits.

Farter, Flyer and Slime have also been removed; they were too similar to Acrobat or Scout, and they didn't really have a reason to be in the game. If we find good ways to rework them, we might bring them back.