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Hey everyone!

After a long time waiting and a lot of struggles, The time has finally come! Factions season 1 is ready to be released! We however decided to remove the idea of giving away PayPal money because our faction community is too small to give away our own money that's why we switched some things up.

The map length will last for 4 weeks, it will start on February 21st at 20:00 CEST and end on March 20th at 20:00 CEST. There will be a grace period of 3 days from the day of release.

We will host events to keep everyone entertained and we fixed the cannoning on our faction server to make base raiding and fights more intense.

The rewards for the number 1-5 factions will be:

1st place: 150 EUR buycraft coupon
2st place: 100 EUR buycraft coupon
3st place: 75 EUR buycraft coupon
4st place: 50 EUR buycraft coupon
5st place: 25 EUR buycraft coupon
We changed the whole faction economy by removing cactus from the shop and adding a new sugarcane farm wand to make everyone grind for their money and make the community less overpowered. This new wand will be in the shop.

Other changes
  • Return of chunkbusters /chunkbuster
  • Spawner mine radius protection.
  • When an enemy player is within 200 blocks you will not be able to mine a spawner.
  • Harvester Hoe
    • Harvests all your sugarcane in one click and sells it all.
  • Cactus has been removed from the store, the eco will now be based on sugarcane.
  • Faction plugin has been replaced by an upgraded version with more features.
  • Added /f inspect
    • This allows you to see who of your faction placed or took any block in your claims. You can also see who and what was taken from chests.
  • Added /f invsee
    • This allows you to check your fellow faction members their inventory if they are online.

The time is upon us. The content update you have all been asking for is coming to Survival!​

On Friday 7th February @ 7 PM UTC we will be releasing the much awaited update. Downtime for this update will last between 1-2 hrs to ensure all the new features are fully operational.

Look forward to :-
  • Quests released
  • Dragon auto-respawning
  • Crates reworked
  • World expansion
  • Cosmetic rank updates
  • And much more...

Check out our little teaser trailer to hype you in the coming days!

Note- This is not a reset but an extension of the current survival.
January 1st to January 3rd, 2020
/server SnowballFight or use the snowball in the server compass!


Once you join or respawn you will have 16 snowballs.

Your goal is to achieve the highest score possible! To do that, you'll have to simply throw snowballs at other players (and hit them)! Out of snowballs? No worries! There are several snowball refill stations throughout the map
(You have to wait 15 seconds between each refill)!

Each time you hit a player, your score goes up by 1.
Each time you get hit by another player, your score goes down by 1.

Once you get hit, you will have to wait 10 seconds before you automatically respawn. After you respawned and left the spawn, you will have 10 seconds of invulnerability (Meaning you can't hit others, or get hit by others).

To know if a player is in safe mode, their name will be red » [21] Aevox
Once a player is out of safe mode, their name will change to green » [21] Aevox

The orange number infront of the name displays the score.

If you just want to chill and spectate others, you can use /sf spec


The 5 players with the highest score will get a reward!

#1 - 25...
Originally I wanted to create a post where I would announce Elise as Co-Owner but something has been brought to my attention resulting in this post instead.

As most of you know by now yesterday a large part of the staff team wanted to leave/ had left the server due to the lack of management from my side. I’ve been struggling with my mental health and was seeking escape in roleplay on GTA 5 (I will explain on this further later in the post). This was the final straw for them since my mental health and thus my work on the server has been going up and down for a long time now.

I completely understand players and staff alike to get fed up with this since the only thing they see is me playing a game while the server needs work. Combine this with earlier situations where Elise/ staff was fed up and you get a mass leaving of staff. At this point, I was not yet aware of what was been happening behind my back.

Apparently, they were planning on creating their own server. Which again I do not blame them for, Elise deserves her own server and if she had left yesterday with the people who wanted to join her there would be no hate. If I put myself in their shoes I also would want to start my own server.

Anyway, I kinda shut down at first when this happened not knowing what to do and even went on a rampage saying that I don’t care about the staff leaving and that I don’t trust them. I had a feeling something was going on. (Funnily enough, my point got proven since they were already planning behind my back) I also knew something was wrong since there were constant leaks from head admin DMS and well I went full retard, never go full retard.

At this point, I really wanted to keep Elise since she is the backbone of GuildCraft so I offered her Co-Ownership. To be precise I wanted her to take over Bedwars and let her be free to create her own new servers under GuildCraft. So she would host those servers and earn their income. Looking back at the offer not that great but it...