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Okay, we will do it. Some stuff will change such as:

Different spawn.
KOTH (Yes, this time we will actually do it)
The End without void.
Smaller map.
Spawners only purchasable with cash + EXP.
And more.

Reset Time: 2PM aka 14:00 CET

EDIT: Factions has been reset, read changelog here
Hey guys,

First of all sorry for the slow response our database showed broken data which made me clueless how to count it. Tibo442 saved me luckily enough.

Here are the winners!
  1. PizaCraft1 - 141
  2. Anebibi - 125
  3. 2920131 - 122
  4. Gargaman - 102
  5. BackFromTheDead - 98
  6. Alexan24 - 97
  7. ClarkPlaysGames - 96
  8. AL8ADE7__901 - 95
  9. DiscoDuck - 90
  10. RAT0N - 90
The coupon codes will be sent to your forum accounts. November won't have a voting contest so that we can use this month to prepare a new plugin that will correctly count the votes.
[​IMG] [​IMG]
SkyBlock will reset at 13:00 CET. The entire server has been renewed
more details can be found in the release thread: Coming soon

Please welcome our new Web Developer - @Serverpact

Serverpact will be working on adding new functions to the website and some
backend development. You will slowly see some of his work
appear on the website in the months to come!​