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Please stop bitching about it now

Date & Time: 21 July 15:00 CEST / 9AM EDT

The following changes have/will be made:
  • New Nether generation like the End (there are 12 total corners, 4 in the overworld, 4 in the nether, and 4 in the end)
  • Water will work in the Nether
  • Normal biomes (No more bedrock issues)
  • Changed /voteshop to /rewardshop
  • Tweaked kits and keys
  • Changes to economy to encourage activity
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly missions (/missions)
  • Personal upgrades (/pupgrade)
  • Chunk Busters
  • Sell Wands
  • Spawners acting like sponge
  • Spawner remove tax
  • Anti-casing for spawners
  • Faction permissions
  • Faction upgrades
  • TNT Bank for factions
  • New TNT fill with a range of 32 Blocks.
  • Warzone claims
  • Outpost
  • New cannon rules (Will be linked)
  • More power, less power decay and more small Factions settings
  • Anti-inside features enabled
  • All changes presented by short1der via sneak-peaks
  • Printer Support
  • And more will be listed later
Not all changes will be enabled in the first week(s).

Important notice regarding "Unwelcome aka banned players"
Factions which have alts of banned players in their faction risk punishments up to a permanent ban for the entire Faction. This depends on many factors and I doubt we would need to ban an entire faction but be warned.
Reset incoming for Survival!

Date & Time: 12 July 15:00 CEST / 9AM EDT

The following changes have been made

  • Custom Enchants
  • New shop /rewardshop
  • /wild
  • Playerweather
  • Playerwarps /pwarp
  • Guides for new players
  • Quests
  • Stats
  • Achievements + Store
  • Hall of Fame
  • Reworked economy
  • Added voteparty
  • Plots with rent instead of buy price
  • Reworked redstone
  • Daily missions
  • Reworked multiple GUI menu's
  • Join messages with settings
  • And many more!
The season has ended here are the winning Factions!

  1. Divine with $2.000.350.050 - 300 euro store gift card + all faction members receive a custom title
  2. NoLimit with $ - 200 euro store gift card
  3. Ultron with $702.917.775 - 100 euro store gift card
  4. Imanity with $195.933.475 - 50 euro store gift card
  5. 69Bros with $195.880.100 - 25 euro store gift card
The gift cards will be given when the reset starts. Next week a BETA reset server will open to the public to test some new functions before the real release. Information about this will be released soon!

Ps: Divine has received their custom title and each member can redeem this by doing /crateredeem redeem title
FeelsAmazingManFINISHED COLLEGEFeelsAmazingMan
It’s done. I’ve finally finished college. Well I still need to graduate… But it seems that all is good. So what this means is that for the first time since 2015 I have more time for the server. I will be working full time on improving our servers and network. This won’t suddenly be great of course but you should finally see some much needed change.

Survival Reset
Starting with the Survival reset! Survival has had it’s last reset back in September and needs a reset. It’s the first server that will be reset this month. More details about this reset will be announced with the post that will also contain the reset date.

Faction Reset
Factions will also reset this month. Just like Survival the details will be made clear in the post that will also contain the reset date. Another point I would like to make is that I will abruptly stop the season and give away the FTOP prices. This might happen tomorrow. Or next week. Or the week after that. I would suggest you place your spawners and other worthy items before I end it.

Edit: It appears that some factions are trying to break up in order to win more. This won't work, only factions that have played actively this reset will be able to win.

Yep…. Still working on this one! I decided to wait until I had full time before I wanted to start with testing Bedwars. It will be released this month. For real this time! FeelsGoodMan