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Reset date: 20 September at 20:00 CEST

The following changes are made:

  • The grace period will last for 5 days
  • The core of Factions has been updated
    • Added /f alt
    • Added /f tntfill
    • Added /f bank
    • Changes to /f map
    • Changes to /f perms
    • Autocomplete for commands
    • Many internal changes
  • Power per player set to 66
  • Changes to MobShop (More changes will follow)
  • Completely wiped the crateredeem
    Last reset the mobshop was added with the ability to purchase keys. This was a major mistake which I was not aware of. This destroyed the entire economy of the server and brought in tons of keys with kits with them. All stored kits in crateredeem have therefore been removed so that they don't also affect this reset.
  • Added spawners to /rewardshop
  • Added playtimerewards /prewards
  • Spawner limit from 256 to 350
  • Farming with Cactus will only be available during the 5 day grace period.
  • Added Wall Guardians (Alpha, will not be available during the grace period.)
    • Wall Guardians can defend your walls and other locations by notifying you when tnt explodes near them, or when someone goes near them. You must place them in your claim. Every time a player or explosion is detected, the same guardian who detected it cannot detect another of the same type for 10 seconds. To access your guardian menu you can right click it (you must be in the owning faction to do this) https://i.imgur.com/lfAjpE4.png. The diamonds represent each upgrade, the paper shows some info about the guardian, if you click the bucket you can pick up your guardian.
  • Friendly reminder that insiding is bannable.
I am happy to officially announce the new KitPvP update!
It has been long in the making, but it is finally here, with a bunch of new features.

What's happening next?

On 28th September at 18:00 CEST we will release the KitPvP Remastered 2.0 update.

We will continue using the old system, which will last for 6 months, starting with the 28th of September and during this period players will be able to win many prizes. Every month the Top 5 players will be rewarded with shop coupons, which would be given out in this order:

1st place - 20 euro coupon
2nd place - 15 euro coupon
3rd place - 10 euro coupon
4th place - 5 euro coupon
5th place - 2.5 euro coupon

After the 6-month long season comes to a close, the Top 5 players will receive even better rewards:

1st place - 100 euro shop coupon
2nd place - 50 euro coupon
3rd place - 40 euro coupon
4th place - 25 euro coupon
5th place - 10 euro coupon

New Features:

- New look
- New Spawn
- New Map

- New Kits
- New Respawn System
- Abilities
- Quests & Quest Shop
- Voting & Vote rewards
- Token Shop
- Soup Generators
- Cursed Area
- Wonder Drops

Want to see something of yours implemented?

Then, suggest your ideas here: https://forms.gle/SL95S1iGZNzdXMov5

With this update, the server also gets a trailer. By re-uploading the trailer you will be rewarded with an
Uncommon Crate Key, if you had re-uploaded it please message the KitPvP Head-Admin either on forums or on discord to claim your reward!

KitPvP Reset Trailer:

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who helped by suggesting new ideas, and @rewardedcarton for contributing his time to make this possible!
Credits for the new map goes to @Jade04.
Credits for the server trailer go to @1nstantDeath!

Shhhh I didn't steal the image from aXed's original post.. totally didn't :D
Reset Date: August 28th - 31st

  • Added Aether World
    • Reach this through /spawn
  • Added 1.13 Survival World
    • Reachable through warps or portals
  • Added Quests
    • Basic Introductory Quests will be available on release, more will follow
  • Added Reports System
    • Use /report (players username) (reason for reporting)
    • A list of valid report reasons can be found in spawn
  • Added ClueScrolls
  • Added Marriage System
  • Add Dye kit
    • Obtainable through crates and quests
  • New PVP Arena
  • Added a Open Air Market
    • Use /warp market to access
  • Server Shop has been significantly nerfed, this is in an effort to force the creation of a player driven economy, not a server shop driven one.
  • CustomEnchants have been removed
  • ChestShops now have a limit, you can gain additional ChestShops through quests and crates.
  • Minor Cosmetics Updates
  • /shop has been disabled. You can access the server shop through NPC's at spawn
  • The ender dragon now respawns
  • Player and Mob Heads will drop
  • Addition of multiple areas around spawn linked to quests. I suggest exploring as you may find some secrets.
Additional Information:

General Information:
This survival update is more of a Survival 2.0 sort of deal. We're adding and changing a lot to try to make things better for all of you guys, and make it where the server is sustainable. We will be taking feedback and will change and remove stuff if it works or doesn't work.
Quests are something that was supposed to be released last reset. Well for sure they will be in this one. To start with I will be releasing a basic quests system that will introduce players to Survival2.0. After we get through the first couple of weeks I will start adding more and more quests for your enjoyment.
Custom Mobs:
Upon release of the expanded quest-line I will be releasing weekly boss battles in the PvP Arena, as-well as a few custom enemies in the Survival 1.13 World. Keep an eye out for these!
Reset Build Contest:
Builds will be judged on the 28th of August, and are due at midnight the night before. Please submit your build to a Survival Admin for judging.​

Reset Trailer:
Hello Everybody,

Today I'm bringing you guys an update of whats been going on in the server lately.

Elise1886 promoted to GuildCraft Manager
Yes, this happened, Yes I am the one announcing it :D. This doesn't mean that aXed will not be here, I will just be handling a lot of the day to day tasks and looking into different things that can help the server become better and doing updates to the server. If you know anything that I do this is basically what I was doing unofficially for the last 3 months. This will lead to some changes that you guys will start to see soon as I get some of my old revitalization plans out of the dusty corner.

YouTube Rank Introduction
This is something that you guys have been asking us to create for you guys for years. This has now been created and is split into three levels.

  • 200 Subscribers.
  • 1-2 YouTube Videos pertaining to the GuildCraft Network per week.
  • 1-2 YouTube Videos not pertaining to the GuildCraft Network per week.
  • 50 Average Views per Video.
  • Clean Ban/Mute Record for 3 Months.
  • Global Hydra Rank or Equivalent .
  • Hero Rank or Equivalent + Fly or Equivalent Perk on GuildCraft Servers that you record on.
  • Global YouTuber Prefix/Title In-Game, Forums, and Discord.
  • 350 Subscribers.
  • 2-3 YouTube Videos pertaining to the GuildCraft Network per week.
  • 2-3 YouTube Videos not...