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Come play all kinds minecraft games or mini-games. Our server is free to play for everyone, come and play on Guildcraft.

Date: To be announced

The following changes have been made:
  • The ban manager will now show you the time remaining for a mute when you send a message, grammar was fixed as well.
  • New waiting lobbies have been built (Special thanks to: @JadePlaysServers)
  • Old kits, old maps, old arrow trails and old cages will be returning from SkyWars 2.0 (I'll make sure Atlantic returns FeelsBirthdayMan)
  • NEW
    • Brand new tour guide system (The minion NPC)
    • You must complete the tour before obtaining access to the game portals and games.
  • Optimized shop (Viewing speed of the shop has been increased dramatically)
  • Game portals have been added. Mainly for the lazy people who enjoy simplicity, simply jump into a hole in the ground to join a game :D
  • NEW
    • For the first time ever, voting is enabled! Rewards can be found below:
      • 100 coins
      • 150 xp
      • 1 vote crate key
  • NEW
    • SkyWars now has a chat manager, after dealing with the built in one that was hard to work with. We removed it from the SkyWars plugin and decided to use something else :D
  • NEW
    • A custom-built voting system has been added into SkyWars with similar functionality from the SkyWars 2.0 one. Explanation of the system will be explained below:
    • Everyone, ranked user or not receives access to this.
    • Chest Types:
      • OP: Over-powered items, diamond gear, enderpearls and more!
      • Normal: The current system on the old SkyWars 3.0
      • HardCore: The old system for basic games on SkyWars 2.0 :D
    • Weather
    • Time of day
  • NEW
    • Changed the way the shop for cages, kits and trails work
      • Cages: You must be level 3 to obtain access to the shop.
      • Kits: You must be level 7 to access...

It’s time to say goodbye:
Rest in peace, PracticePvP.

Release Date:
August 14th, 2019, 4:00 PM UTC​

Its the third anniversary of PracticePvP. Today is a day to celebrate, for PracticePvP is finally receiving a proper reset!

ArenaPvP is days away! Quite a bit of work needs to be done for the full vision of ArenaPvP to be realized, but it is fully functional as is. Most issues have been ironed out through testing. We hope you enjoy ArenaPvP, and as always, we would love to hear your feedback!

Current Updates
ArenaPvP is written from the ground up. Nothing remains from the original PracticePvP. Everything that PracticePvP did, ArenaPvP does better. Here is what to expect with the Open Beta:
  • Parties have been added! Queue together with your buddies and show everyone else that your clique is the superior one!
  • Solo play / bot practice, as showcased before. Numerous bug fixes have been issued for bots.
  • Better match history
  • Complete elo rollbacks for hackers. Simply message an admin with proof of either the player getting auto-banned or evidence of the player hacking. Everyone who faced the hacker will have their elo returned instead of each player individually requesting their elo back.
  • New matchmaking system
  • Overhauled elo system
Future Updates
Here is a list of features expected to be added in the near feature. They are listed in order, based on priority and likely-hood of being added.
  • Re-add combo mode (top priority)
  • Kit Viewer / Editor (this is almost finished, but not ready for release)
  • Inactivity system
  • YouTube ranks
  • New Ranks (in-game and donator ones)
  • Addition of new ladders
  • Additional of game modes (to be revealed at a later date)
  • Trust-based matchmaking (queue with players considered as trustworthy as you). This will be based on a variety of factors. Some examples of factors that will be taken into...
Date: To be announced

The following changes will be made:
  • Added aether world
    • The aether world is a world above the normal world.
    • You can safely fall down from the aether world to the normal world.
    • If you jump down from location x:1000 y:1000 aether world you will fall down into the normal world x:1000 y:1000.
    • The aether world exists out of floating islands.
  • Added clue scrolls
  • Added quests
  • The server is 1.13.2, obviously supports back to 1.8 and up to 1.14
  • Bonuses for killing normal monsters
  • Changes to mcMMO
  • Lots of smaller unlockable features (By playing)
  • More will be listed later
Hey guys,

Summer is here and also a newsletter to inform you of our plans for the summer. Keep in mind when reading this that these are plans. I can't exactly guess how things go and if things work out. There are more plans for resets and updates but those are not yet "planned".

Survival Reset
The first reset you can expect from us is the long-awaited Survival reset. We're still looking in how we want this reset to look and might release a bunch of polls to get the community opinion on it. You can expect this reset in July.

I want to use this newsletter to announce a reset contest for Survival! The 5 best homes will be rewarded with the following prices:

  • 1st place will win 100 euro gift card and a custom title (For our store)
  • 2nd place will win 75 euro gift card (For our store)
  • 3th place will win 50 euro gift card (For our store)
  • 4th place will win 25 euro gift card (For our store)
  • 5th place will win 10 euro gift card (For our store)
The homes will be judged by me and @Jacky20. We will look at the design (Make it pretty), efficiency (Money farms) and make sure to put a few jokes in your building! The reset post will have a link to the forum thread where you can apply for this contest.

Creative Reset
Currently, we have some issues with the database bugging out on Creative. The easiest and stable solution is to reset it. There are some plans for changes but I'll be honest we don't really know what kind of changes you guys would like to see on creative. Feel free to suggest! Will be released in July!

Prison Reset
We currently have a team of community members working on a new Prison setup. I don't exactly know when they will be finished and if we can implement it into what we have now. However, I believe they have the knowledge to create something awesome. I hope to release this at the end of July or...