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Come play all kinds minecraft games or mini-games. Our server is free to play for everyone, come and play on Guildcraft.


We will be relocating our server tonight between 20:00 and 01:00/03:00 CET. The servers will be
relocated to a new rack with better cooling and redundant connections for better uptime. Sorry
for the inconvenience, I'm afraid you'll have to socialize with people IRL.

The entire server will be down during this time.​

Information and Rules
What is a scavenger hunt?
It is a game in which teams are sent out in prepared islands to accumulate, without purchasing or using items stored, a series of objects from a list, the winner being the team returning first with all the items asked for.

What items will we be asked for?
The island, in which your team will be trying to achieve the items asked for, will be full of a variety of minerals, mobs and blocks. We will be asking for a wide range of items, including bottles o' enchanting ;)

Flying is not allowed at all to give an equal experience to all players.
Any type of blacklisted mod or hack is not allowed, and will end in a severe punishment.
All items you are asked to collect must be added into the chests provided and labelled in the event area.


Postponed due to network issues.
Click continue to read submitions and prizes

Each team will consist of:
Minimum - 4 players
Maximum - 6 players

Click here to submit!
You may also message me teams ingame or on discord...​
Reset incoming for Factions!

Date & Time: 1 December 19:00 CET/ 1PM EST / 10AM PST

The following changes have been made

  • New /menu
  • New custom world generation
  • New custom netherworld generation
  • Overworld border 10.000 x 10.000 from 15.000 x 15.000
  • Stackable spawners
  • Reworked Supply Drops
  • Max power per member is now 35 from 20.
  • Reworked kits (Will need feedback on this, changes are NOT final)
  • Re-added /trade
  • Ingame-upgrades (More homes and shit)
  • Spawners expel lava and water like sponges now
  • Spawners can only be placed on claimed land
  • Added dynamic repair signs
  • Added /shop
  • Stats signs for kills and more
  • Lowered creeper egg price
  • Improved mob stacking for farming
The following changes are not ready yet and are debatable (Might not be added or will be added later)
  • Gen buckets
  • Trench tools
  • More KOTH's locations
  • Playtime rewards
  • Achievements + achievement shop
  • Gapple Cooldown? Idk if people really want this, a poll will be open on this the first few days.
Also... We are giving away free unbans for people who want to come back. This does not apply to people who are banned for a chargeback. You can create a thread on the unban section with your name and the following text: #unbanmeplez

There are also many smaller changes and bug fixes which are not noteworthy. Also, you can still suggest new features we can always add it later on.

Also Join this Discord server https://discord.gg/S4B4VYt K thanks bye.
New adventure in the sky is coming

Date & Time: 17 November 20:00 CET

The following changes have been made
  • Added upgrade-able generators
  • Changed the Island Menu
  • Major rework of /shop
  • Spawners now merge with each other (Of the same type)
  • Added the possibility of upgrading your island
  • Added the possibility of upgrading your team-size
  • Added Crates
  • New spawn
  • New larger PVP area
  • Reworked island level calculation (More details on that soon)
  • A lot of focus went into combatting lag, this means the removal of major redstone farms. This has to be done.
  • More details will be added in the upcoming days.