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Finally it's here, SkyWars 3.0
Complete remake
We started from scratch to make this new SkyWars. It took a lot of time to create and work out all the ideas the community gave us, but now, it's here. We tried our best to make it the best SkyWars ever. We hope you are going to like it!

New features
A lot of features have been added. Here are a few:
  • 10+ new kits
  • 10+ new maps
  • Solo Mode
  • Team Mode (2/3 players)
  • Easy queue system
  • Party system to play with your friends
  • Stats of all your goals
  • SkyWars experience, levels
  • Achievements/Quests
  • 6+ abilities (upgradeable)
  • New lobby
  • 20+ Custom Cages
  • 15+ Arrow Trails
  • Monthly events
  • Handle more players
  • Working shop system
  • Cage preview in lobby
  • 50+ players/game events (MEGA)
  • Boosters
  • More soon..
New maps
The BT worked hard and made these maps, more maps will come in the future.
  • Deadsert
  • Forest
  • Mushroom
  • Icestorm
  • SkyGarden
  • Heaven
  • Toyama
  • Rainbow
  • Swamp
  • Barnyard
  • ...
New kits
Thanks to @Elphios, @cl0se5 and the community to create these kits, if you have any suggestions, you can send them to me or make a thread in the suggestions section on the forums here.
  • Assasin
  • Builder (default)
  • Dolphin
  • Fighter
  • Fireman
  • Knocker
  • Phoenix
  • Tank
  • Witch
  • Wolftamer
  • AxeD
  • ...
Stats reset
We decided to reset the stats from the old SkyWars to make it a fair start for everyone.

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Christmas Tree - https://i.imgur.com/Hv33WYq.gifv
Santa Hat - https://i.imgur.com/1bG3KNQ.gifv
Elf - https://i.imgur.com/0KjExde.gifv
Santa clothes - https://i.imgur.com/vqOJNCe.png
Date & Time: 15 December 14:00 CET

The following changes have/will be made:

Banned player may request a free unban request. Chargeback related unbans

  • New world named "Moon" and will be like the current end
  • Old end world returns with Withers
  • GenBuckets will be infinite and take money on use instead of the current system
  • Return of /xpbottle
  • Better TNT fill
  • New spawn and warzone
  • Old pvpbases setup
  • Improvements to vote party's
  • Insiding is not allowed
  • Better envoy rewards
  • New KOTH
  • A grace period of 4 days
  • Lots of other smaller changes
  • Fixed false anticheat kicks
We can easily add more changes if suggested so feel free to post them in this thread!
Hey guys,

Health issues
As you guys noticed I was inactive and didn't release SkyBlock and Prison. This was due to health issues. Good news is that I've been feeling much better the past days and expect to become fully active again in December. SkyBlock, Prison and Factions will reset this month.

Factions Reset
Our most important server will be reset this month. The changes will not be too large due to also resetting SkyBlock and Prison. However, we will try to add as much new content that has been suggested on the forums. Yes we read those. ;)

SkyBlock Reset
Yes, we're doing it! SkyBlock will reset this month! A reset for SkyBlock has long been overdue. The main new feature will be IslandTop together with weekly rewards for the best islands. The reset thread will be posted when it's ready with all features and changes. Please post your suggestions as well and we might be able to add them.

Prison Reset
After Op-Prison the normal Prison server will now also reset. This will be after SkyBlock. It's not yet entirely clear how the reset will look since quite some people want the "old" prison back. Now, this is possible ofc but it would be with modern plugins obviously. Anyhow just like SkyBlock suggestions are welcome!