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SkyBlock will reset at 13:00 CET. The entire server has been renewed
more details can be found in the release thread: Coming soon

Please welcome our new Web Developer - @Serverpact

Serverpact will be working on adding new functions to the website and some
backend development. You will slowly see some of his work
appear on the website in the months to come!​
SkyGrid is back online! We've changed the setup a little bit so make sure to check it out!
Cosmetic Builder Packets 80% OFF!
Our new packages "Wing-Builder" and "Rain-Builder" are now on sale!

Introducing update logs
The forum section Update Logs will show you changes that are made to the server. This will be done on a daily basis.
Voting Contest!
Vote Contest
The top 10 voters of this months will receive the following prices! (By month I mean October ofc)
  1. 50 Euro Coupon
  2. 45 Euro Coupon
  3. 40 Euro Coupon
  4. 35 Euro Coupon
  5. 30 Euro Coupon
  6. 25 Euro Coupon
  7. 20 Euro Coupon
  8. 15 Euro Coupon
  9. 10 Euro Coupon
  10. 5 Euro Coupon
4 Year Ownership Sale
It's been 4 years since I've fully taken over GuildCraft so we will have a 40% sale on all our products this month!