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A look at the new warzone​
Faction Reset
Date: 5th of October
Time: 16:00 CEST / 10:00 EST

It's time to reset Factions. The last reset went horribly wrong due to performance issues which have cost us a lot of players. For that reason, we've decided to reset Factions earlier than planned. Because of this earlier reset, the FTOP rewards will be halved instead of the full amount.

This reset we will not focus on adding tons of new features but rather making sure the current features work as they should. We will still make some changes obviously but the core is to release the server as we wanted the last reset to go.

We've listed the changes below in the spoilers. You can also find the old changes in the spoiler since most of them apply to this reset.

  • Weekly ftop rewards instead of one reward at the end of the map. First Sunday (7th of October) excluded.

  1. Number 1 receives 40 euro each Sunday
  2. Number 2 receives 25 euro each Sunday
  3. Number 3 receives 15 euro each Sunday
  4. Number 4 receives 10 euro each Sunday
  5. Number 5 receives 5 euro each Sunday

  • Warzone and pvp bases areas around spawn. Each Faction can claim up to 4 chunks (2 bases). We don't want them to become vaults of course so each chunk only allows one chest to be placed. The banner of the monthly news post shows how it will look.

  • New KOTH named: Empyrean
As you can see this KOTH is in the air! And don't worry everyone can use
fly in this KOTH. The fly rules do not apply for this area.

  • The first Outpost will be released this reset. This was scheduled for the last reset but due to the issues, we decided to not release it.
  • Extra for next reset, supply drops are replaced with envoys. There will be...
BedWars alpha will be released at 15:00 CEST 29th of September
You can stop with the memes! We've finally finished the first release of BedWars. Our aim was to release a solid server which we can furtherly improve together with the community. Join us during the development phase of BedWars and most important, have fun on it!

Headadmin: @PikaCrafterFan
Developer: @minion325

  • 8X1 aka Solo
  • 8X2 aka Doubles
  • 4X3 aka 3v3v3v3
  • 4X4 aka 4v4v4v4

All our maps are custom made by our builders :)
Hey guys,

I've been busy with moving the last couple of weeks but am now fully active again. The reason why I made this news so late is due to the movement.

The last reset of the Faction server had failed completely due to lag issues which made it unplayable. These lag issues were caused by multiple issues which are resolved now. Since I'm now fully settled a new reset will be prepared with the features from the last reset. A few extra things will be added as well but that will be made clear in the reset post.

Memewars is almost finished for alpha release. We've had some closed alpha tests which were successful. A few tweaks will be needed before we can release it to the public. It is expected that it will be ready this month or early October.
We've just reset Factions and sadly things did not go as planned. We've had problems with our network due to different types of attacks, packet loss, lag spikes, overall lag and bugs. I can promise you guys that we're doing everything in our power to resolve these issues. We also need our help from the community in this. We understand that people are frustrated but the major toxicity that comes from it is not helping us at all. Keep posting feedback, suggestions and bug reports while we're resolving the lag issues.

I take full responsibility for this failure and feel free to express your anger but keep it within the rules. I'm sorry and hope to win some of you guys trust back. We and mainly I can do better but we're also limited by one thing that most premium servers have and that is paid, developers. We're working with a developer in their free time who are doing a tremendous job but do not have as much time as you would hope.

Please stay positive with the staff team, it helps them allot. Feel free to aim your anger at me I've learned to deal with it, but yes I'm still human and it hurts to see you guys frustrated with us.

We will reset Prison as soon as possible. I'm hoping that it will be in Augustus but I cannot promise anything since it depends on resolving existing issues on other servers as well. More info on this will follow.

At this point, this has probably become a meme but I want to explain what happened with it. I had a version ready for release but was not satisfied with the end result. I will team up with a developer and improve the version I had ready and release it to the public.