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The brand new Prison rework is coming!
Note: Old Prison will shut down at 24:00 CEST for preparations

Date & Time: 30 September 16:00 CEST

The following changes have been made
  • All mines, rankups and prestiges have been reworked.
  • Unlocks! You can unlock perks by ranking up.
  • Added /shop you need to unlock categories by ranking up.
  • Added /bannermaker Also needs to be unlocked
  • Added /hdb Purchase player heads in all sorts. Categories need to be unlocked.
  • Removed CB1 and CB3. Only CB (Old CB2) is now available.

  • Added /rankups menu
  • Added /prestiges menu
  • Added Gang Wars (Not available on release yet!)
  • Added Bounty Hunter
  • Removed permanent boosters from Legacy ranks
  • Added Legacy mines for Smuggler and Higher
  • Improved all kits from the Legacy Ranks
  • Removed Titan Crate
  • Added Stats ALPHA * Made by @Jonodonozym
  • Added Uncommon, Rare and Mythical Crates
  • Added Temporary Boosters to the Crates
  • Resized plots. (The idea is that you unlock more plots and merge them)
  • Added player warps for which you pay rent. (Not available on release yet!)
  • Removed the free world
  • And more!
CSGO beta has been released!
Hello community,
The staff team is pleased to announce the release of Csgo [beta]

Features :
  • A wide variety of guns
  • Grenades and more
  • New maps
  • Custom resource pack
  • Fast paced matchs
New updates will be released in the next week or so.

Upcoming features like :
  • New items
  • Rankups
  • Crates
  • Voting
  • Stats
NOTE: If you come across this issue please follow this small fix:




[Fix click me]

Or download the pack manually via this link:

[Download pack click me]

Kind Regards,

Parle & Quinten

We have a new public Discord!

LINK: https://discord.gg/WUhHPux

Reason: The current owner of the Discord server won't transfer his server to the Owner of Guildcraft (aXed) and is uploading pornographic content, abusing his permissions and ignoring the created rules. Since we're a server that wants to be safe for all ages we'll try to avoid this content by creating a new Discord.

Hello Guildcrafters,

The rumors are true, Survival will reset this Friday!


Friday, 8 September
20:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
18:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Click here for the countdown till reset
I’m very happy to announce our reset and features of the future Survival server!
Please click on 'Continue' for full details!

- List of features -
- Big features/updates -

New spawn with unique warp features
Added nether/end spawns/spawnplots
New wild platforms
Spawnplots are automated and will be unclaimed after 28 days of inactivity. (You can buy this plots for in-game money)
User claims will be unclaimed too after 28 days of inactivity.
Added a beautifull shop (/warp shop)
Fixed the treefeller and blast mining!

- List of features -
- Nice features/updates -

Improved the /wild, you won't be teleported into water anymore.
Added playerwarps (/warps or /playerwarps)
Updated the /ah (AuctionHouse)
Added /auc (Live chat auctions)
Added warp menu (See screen)

- List of pvp features -
- Nice features/updates -

Added a new platform spawning into the PVP world. The world itself hasn't been changed because it's beautiful as it is.
Added playerheads (max one head per hour...