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Hello Guildcrafters,

The rumors are true, Survival will reset this Friday!


Friday, 8 September
20:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
18:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Click here for the countdown till reset
I’m very happy to announce our reset and features of the future Survival server!
Please click on 'Continue' for full details!

- List of features -
- Big features/updates -

New spawn with unique warp features
Added nether/end spawns/spawnplots
New wild platforms
Spawnplots are automated and will be unclaimed after 28 days of inactivity. (You can buy this plots for in-game money)
User claims will be unclaimed too after 28 days of inactivity.
Added a beautifull shop (/warp shop)
Fixed the treefeller and blast mining!

- List of features -
- Nice features/updates -

Improved the /wild, you won't be teleported into water anymore.
Added playerwarps (/warps or /playerwarps)
Updated the /ah (AuctionHouse)
Added /auc (Live chat auctions)
Added warp menu (See screen)

- List of pvp features -
- Nice features/updates -

Added a new platform spawning into the PVP world. The world itself hasn't been changed because it's beautiful as it is.
Added playerheads (max one head per hour...

Here he is our new developer! - @Jonodonozym

Jonodonozym has already been working on an awesome project for us. This will
be released in the upcoming weeks. ​

That's right the new Faction reset is finally here!

Date & Time: 28 July 16:00 CEST

The following changes have been made

  • New /warp shop
  • Economy reworked to give poorer players a better change at earning money.
  • Enderpearls can no longer pass the border.
  • Poll results are in IG's will be removed.
  • New spawn and Warzone.
  • Brand new Kit GUI.
  • Added the ability to transfer your XP into bottles. /bottle
  • Player bounty system. /bounties (Players with a bounty on them drop their head upon dying)
  • Added loot protection of 10 seconds.
  • Fixed SupplyDrops and added more loot to them.
  • Added more KOTH's and added more loot to them.
  • Factions can only have a maximum of 2 allies.
  • Factions can set warps at cost.
  • Power per player has a new maximum of 20. (15 before)
  • Powerloss per day is now slightly higher.
  • Reworked starter kit.
  • Added back good old Jobs.
  • Removed the knockback enchant
There are also many smaller changes and bug fixes which are not note worthy.

Hello community,

I'm pleased to announce that minigames will return to our wonderful community. More details & information can be found below.

Some new features we're working on:
• Donator ranks.
• New & remade games.
• Old skool MG lobby.
• Points to spend on upgrades & goodies and cosmetics.
• New crates.
• New lobbys.
• Friends system
• and more!

Staff Applications:
Apps for minigames are now open.
Looking for prospective slaves to add to parles collection ;)
Apply here : https://www.guildcraft.org/applicationform/mod.1/form

Release dates & More information:
More information can be found in the release thread: https://tinyurl.com/yb5fdtnv

We can't promise you any release dates yet, release dates can be found in the release thread which will be created soon.

Your sincerely,