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Hey guys,

Here is the newsletter of November. It's less news than I intentionally planned but due to the unforeseen departure of minion some things had to be scrapped for now.

SkyBlock Reset
Yes, we're doing it! SkyBlock will reset this month! A reset for SkyBlock has long been overdue. The main new feature will be IslandTop together with weekly rewards for the best islands. The reset thread will be posted when it's ready with all features and changes. Please post your suggestions as well and we might be able to add them.

Prison Reset
After Op-Prison the normal Prison server will now also reset. This will be after SkyBlock. It's not yet entirely clear how the reset will look since quite some people want the "old" prison back. Now, this is possible ofc but it would be with modern plugins obviously. Anyhow just like SkyBlock suggestions are welcome!
Released a long time ago and now due for a reset.

Date & Time: 26th of October at 19:00 CEST
Op-prison will have the following features:
  • Completely redesigned larger mines.
  • 3 CellBlocks
  • 1 Plot world
  • Free world
  • Reworked A-Z mines & ranks
  • Reworked P1-P15 mines & ranks
  • Gangs
  • Gang fights
  • Coinflip /cf
  • RPS /rps
  • Jackpot /jackpot
  • VoteParty's
  • Bounty Hunter
  • OP-Enchants (Obviously)
  • Custom-Enchants
  • ChestShops
  • Stats and Leaderboards
  • Unlock features when ranking up!
  • PlayerWarps
  • /rankups menu
  • /prestiges menu
  • Stats
  • PvpMine
  • And more!
There you have it. Your new lobby that actually works. You will see improvements to this as time goes by.

Built by @iHasShadowHD and @shazil .

I'm thinking of having an event over a weekend. If you have any ideas, you can post it on the forums. I'll be on the lookout for your ideas.​
A look at the new warzone​
Faction Reset
Date: 5th of October
Time: 16:00 CEST / 10:00 EST

It's time to reset Factions. The last reset went horribly wrong due to performance issues which have cost us a lot of players. For that reason, we've decided to reset Factions earlier than planned. Because of this earlier reset, the FTOP rewards will be halved instead of the full amount.

This reset we will not focus on adding tons of new features but rather making sure the current features work as they should. We will still make some changes obviously but the core is to release the server as we wanted the last reset to go.

We've listed the changes below in the spoilers. You can also find the old changes in the spoiler since most of them apply to this reset.

  • Weekly ftop rewards instead of one reward at the end of the map. First Sunday (7th of October) excluded.

  1. Number 1 receives 40 euro each Sunday
  2. Number 2 receives 25 euro each Sunday
  3. Number 3 receives 15 euro each Sunday
  4. Number 4 receives 10 euro each Sunday
  5. Number 5 receives 5 euro each Sunday

  • Warzone and pvp bases areas around spawn. Each Faction can claim up to 4 chunks (2 bases). We don't want them to become vaults of course so each chunk only allows one chest to be placed. The banner of the monthly news post shows how it will look.

  • New KOTH named: Empyrean
As you can see this KOTH is in the air! And don't worry everyone can use
fly in this KOTH. The fly rules do not apply for this area.

  • The first Outpost will be released this reset. This was scheduled for the last reset but due to the issues, we decided to not release it.
  • Extra for next reset, supply drops are replaced with envoys. There will be...