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We released Clans today!

We've finally released our Clan System, special made for Annihilation. Players will be able to make their own clans and invite friends to play together.​

Every clan has his own points, the clan with the most points at the end of each month will get a reward. You receive points with every kill and win. The points will be reset every month. We'll do clan wars soon, thread coming later.

  • Creation: you need 5000XP to create a clan
  • Slots: you start with 5 slots, you can upgrade in the Clan Shop
  • Tag: you can buy a tag for 10k Clan Coins, it will be shown after your name.
  • MOTD: it's for sale for 5k Clan Coins, the owner can change it every day.
  • Roles: you can promote a member to an officer, officers will be able to invite and kick members
  • Coins: you can earn them by killing players and mining nexuses
  • Points: you'll get 1 clan point every kill
  • Chat: You can enable the chat channel with /clan chat and chat with your clan members


I wrote a tutorial how to use the system, you can read it here

[​IMG] [​IMG]
The survival reset is nearby, and this time we want to make it different.

Some of the changes in store for our Survival players:

We're creating a secondary Survival world map. This is not a normal world, but a dangerous, PvP enabled world with much loot! (See image above of world generation)
The server will be updated to 1.11; adding in new mobs, new blocks, & new items!
New structures will be randomly spawned around the world for you to explore and ravage.
Playerwarps have been added.
Smaller map
Casinos added
And much more!

Reset Time: 3PM aka 15:00 CET​
Okay, we will do it. Some stuff will change such as:

Different spawn.
KOTH (Yes, this time we will actually do it)
The End without void.
Smaller map.
Spawners only purchasable with cash + EXP.
And more.

Reset Time: 2PM aka 14:00 CET

EDIT: Factions has been reset, read changelog here
Hey guys,

First of all sorry for the slow response our database showed broken data which made me clueless how to count it. Tibo442 saved me luckily enough.

Here are the winners!
  1. PizaCraft1 - 141
  2. Anebibi - 125
  3. 2920131 - 122
  4. Gargaman - 102
  5. BackFromTheDead - 98
  6. Alexan24 - 97
  7. ClarkPlaysGames - 96
  8. AL8ADE7__901 - 95
  9. DiscoDuck - 90
  10. RAT0N - 90
The coupon codes will be sent to your forum accounts. November won't have a voting contest so that we can use this month to prepare a new plugin that will correctly count the votes.