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Another major Practice update!
Here begins the road to Practice 2.0!
Hi all. I thought I’d release one more big update on the road to Practice 2.0. I hope to start providing concrete updates about the status of v2 in the near future! In the meantime, we got this lovely update!

  • New and open spawn. Pretty sexy if I do say so myself. Courtesy of the build team.
  • Elo system has been replaced with a new ranking system akin to CS:GO and Rocket League.
    • Rank Categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Elite, and Master
    • Rank Tiers range from 1 to 3.
    • Old elos were mapped to the current ranks
      • Bronze: 0-1000 elo
      • Silver: 1000-1200 elo
      • Gold 1200-1400 elo
      • Diamond: 1400-1600 elo
      • Elite: 1600-1800 elo
      • Master: 1800+ elo
    • Rank promotions are broadcasted to everyone! When you rank-up, everyone will know!
    • You can view this type of information with /ranks in-game.
  • With the new elo system, we also decided to add mechanisms to counter inactivity.
    • If you go 14 days without playing, you will lose your rank. Play 1 qualifying match to regain your rank if you lose it, or play once every 14 days or less to maintain your rank.
    • If you go 14 days or more without playing, you will be removed from the leaderboard until you regain your rank.
    • We hope to discourage inactivity and thus make earning the euro rewards at the end of the reason easier (instead of people sitting on their elo without playing to maintain it).
  • Improved elo return system
    • If you encounter a hacker and lose elo to them, contact @Jatinsingh. He has the ability to remove elo from the hacker and return elo to you.
  • Tweaked knockbacks
    • We have tweaked vanilla and combo knockback. Please give us feedback regarding knockback, especially in combo mode!
  • Tweaked anti-cheat
    • This one is...
Hey all. I'm making this post here and now in an attempt to bring our community closer together. For those of you unaware, I am donalddoyson, and I was recently promoted to be the community manager. This post is mainly to get you guys on the thought train with me. My goal here is simple, to make GC thrive. Sure, some of you think GuildCraft is hopeless, why even bother, all that stuff. Well, I disagree, as there is a lot that can be done to fix that, and I intend on doing so. My plan is on making a Trello, with a few people from every server adding things onto it, whether it be suggestions, bugs, and all that sort of stuff. If you don't want to help, you don't have to, however, I ask that you don't discourage those who do wish to help and hope that you give us a shot at making GC great again. Maybe not to its former glory, but somewhere there.:D

I will be selecting people as community "reporters" and intend to add them to the Trello within 48 hours, if you wish to become one, send me a message on discord or tag me and we can have a talk.

Best wishes,
SkyBlock Reset 8th of March
We will reset the SkyBlock server on the 8th of March. The exact time is yet to be decided this will be listed in the reset post. The main change will be SkyBlock top which will automatically reward top islands. We intend to release a stable environment before adding lots of new additional content besides to what we have now.

Prison Reset 22nd of March
The prison server will be reset on the 22nd of March. Prison will see many changes which will be listed in the final list when the reset post gets posted. Some of the new content will be quests, missions and abilities.

KitPVP Rework & Reset (Exact date not yet decided)
Somewhere this month (Possibly next month if issues occur) we will reset and release the newly reworked Kit PVP. This will contain some new kits, changes to existing kits, changes to maps and more. All info will be released in the post for the reset and date.

Bonus newspaper at @Frxq15 & @Swag_Fox
One of our staff accounts was compromised, we have no choice.

Date: 8th of February - 19:00 CET
First a small newsletter
As you guys have noticed there is no newsletter this month. I've not been able to reach the goals of last month due to my personal mental health. I do not like talking about this since it shouldn't affect the server but it does. However, I will get to my old self one way or another and we have a great head admin team that has offered tons of help.

One thing I've been bad at is allowing people to help more during resets, or by adding extra content. This has and will be changed more so that updates and resets become more frequent. Sorry for all that has happened or rather sorry for all that has not happened.

Now onto the reset
Due to having to reset suddenly some new content is not finished yet and will most likely be enabled later during the reset.
  • New spawn
  • New Warzone
  • New KOTH's
  • Upgradeable items (Not finished)
  • New currency for the upgradeable items (Not finished)
  • New spawners for the new currency (Not finished)
  • Working FTOP reward system
  • Some smaller changes and bug fixes