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Come play all kinds minecraft games or mini-games. Our server is free to play for everyone, come and play on Guildcraft.

One of our staff accounts was compromised, we have no choice.

Date: 8th of February - 19:00 CET
First a small newsletter
As you guys have noticed there is no newsletter this month. I've not been able to reach the goals of last month due to my personal mental health. I do not like talking about this since it shouldn't affect the server but it does. However, I will get to my old self one way or another and we have a great head admin team that has offered tons of help.

One thing I've been bad at is allowing people to help more during resets, or by adding extra content. This has and will be changed more so that updates and resets become more frequent. Sorry for all that has happened or rather sorry for all that has not happened.

Now onto the reset
Due to having to reset suddenly some new content is not finished yet and will most likely be enabled later during the reset.
  • New spawn
  • New Warzone
  • New KOTH's
  • Upgradeable items (Not finished)
  • New currency for the upgradeable items (Not finished)
  • New spawners for the new currency (Not finished)
  • Working FTOP reward system
  • Some smaller changes and bug fixes
Ooooo, what's that? An actual Creative Update
Yes, for the first time in awhile Creative is getting some new content!

  • Added Voxel Sniper
  • Added goBrush
  • Added goPaint
  • Added BuilderUtilities
  • Added GriefPrevention
  • Added Organic Model Builder
    • Only usable in non-plot worlds
  • Added StairReplacer
  • Added /bookfilter to remove commands from books. please use it!!!
  • Updated /shop
    • Added multiple fun permanent and temporary perks
  • Added Creative Ranks get them through /rankup
    • Citizen
    • Artist
    • Celebrity
  • Added and Removed some worlds
    • Added 185 x 185 world
    • Added 500 x 500 world
    • Added 501 x 501 world
    • Removed 33 x 33 world(there were two)
  • Changed spawns and added portalllssss!
  • Voting now gives you $25 instead of $100
More to be added soon!


It’s what you’ve been asking for:
A PracticePvP Update (with content changes!)

That’s right. We have released a major update for PracticePvP!

  • Spawn has been changed. We hope you older players enjoy the nostalgia. ;)
  • The old arenas have been discarded and replaced by new maps. Special thanks to @Verang and the build team for these amazing maps!
  • The void bug has been fixed!
  • The Combo Mode Ladder has been added!
  • Wood sword has been replaced with Team No Debuff.
  • The old Kit Editor has been removed entirely. It has been replaced by my new GUI-based Kit Editor and the newly added Kit Viewer.
  • The ranked match limit has been removed.
  • An auto-updating leaderboard.
  • And many other changes! (Click here for a list of technical changes)
This is just a taste of what is to come! Stay tuned for other major updates!

OH! Most importantly, we are announcing coupon rewards for this seasons top players! The top 3 winners of this season will receive epic rewards! More details coming soon!

First place: TBA
Second place: TBA
Third place: TBA

What are you guys waiting for? Check out the updated PracticePvP for a chance to win prizes of epic proportions. The update is available to play now!

This is your chance to apply!
Get to know us
GuildCraft BuildTeam mainly consists of talented builders from all around the globe, we give opportunity to new builders and aspiring talents to build with our current talented team of architects so we can deliver just the best quality of content onto the main server. We try our best to keep up to date with the newest building tools to bring efficiency onto our work, such as:
  • VoxelSniper
  • World Edit (FAWE & CraftScripts)
  • Organic Model Builder
  • goBrush
  • BuilderUtilities
  • ...
Who am I
I'm iHasShadowHD, also known as Verang. I've been promoted about two months ago as the GuildCraft's Head Admin of Build server (therefor Head Builder). My goal is for the betterment of the team as a whole in many varieties of skills such as shape, color choice, detailing etc. I have over 4 years of building experience, and 3 years of professional building experience (commissions, working for different teams). I currently work/previously worked for TeamVisionary, LuxStudios & ElagonBT. My main goal is delivering marketplace maps for Mojang, which they later on publish them on bedrock edition devices. I have applied with the will of promoting GuildCraft's team and keeping it up to date with the newest building tools and techniques.

Why should you apply
Our BuildTeam is the main and the most important element of all GuildCraft, by making maps that we request you will get paid by cupons. It is a great way to begin your journey as a builder and get prepared for bigger teams in the future.

What do we look for in an application
Okay, here's the most important part of this thread. When you're applying for the build team there's a few requirements that are not stated, which I will continue to state above.
  • Make sure to include 3 or more projects, if you include less you will be instantly...