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  1. Ultramutrix

    Ultramutrix Member Member

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    Server: Skyblock
    Date: 14/12/17
    Ign: Ultramutrix

    Hello Everyone today im going to talk about 10 suggestions that skyblock server should implement for the next updates in this server.

    This are only suggestions, personal opinions, not trying to offense any staff or member.
    Also im not saying that the server staff is not trying to make the server improve, i totally value the effort and the constance.

    This are just suggestions that will make the Skyblock Server better.

    Pd: My english is not the best (i dont speak it as main but i try my best) Sorry for probably some gramatical errors, thanks for understanding.



    Pvp Tpa Problem

    This is simple problem that usually happens in pvp at skyblock server
    Sometimes people that is pvping decide to tpa a friend to help into the battle, this is totally unfair, taking in consideration that its disabled the option of /is or go to lobby when its the combat tag enable, if the option to /is into the combat tag is disabled, disable other options like tpa other people while too.

    Solutions i propose:

    1st. Kick when someone try to tpa into the pvp area (I dont really think that this is at all a good option cause can give advantage to the one that still, like "surviving" cause he got kicked)

    2nd. Just disable it (Best idea in my opinion)

    3rd. Kill the one that try to (Not a good idea at all)

    4rd. Make a warning text or something to not do that or can get kick or kill (This can be a good option to make people undestand not to do something)

    I give 4 solutions (Not all good at all) If for something its not posible to do one of the solutions, there are other 3 different options to take into consider.


    Pvp hacks

    I dont think this really need an explanation, its kno w that mods and admins are usually around and that they can solve the problem about someone is hacking, but of course that makes a lot of problems like losing items, you need to report the player... theres like a big problem that can be resolved, but need time, and none like to make all this process.

    Solution: Pvp Admin, mod, helper, controler, etc.


    Warp signs and shops

    I think that the Warp signs and the shops its an amazing concept and an amazing idea that should not be forget in the server, right i got a high rank so its "easy" to me to get resources, money, and other but is focus in the starter players, the opportunity to make a shop gives you the chance to get money easily, and continue improving in the game.
    Its really hard to Win money starting from 0 in the server, i knoW starter players Will appreaciate it



    This help to: Get challenges
    And get resources
    Hell is one of the most important part of skyblock, for the blocks, the mobs, the drop toWers etc, this should be enable Without the help of the head admin.



    Talking about the thing that i just said, the challenges are the old ones and are not equal to the economic stability
    i remember theres a challenge like "get lvl 150" or something like that, like in the 2nd level of the challenges.
    That 2-3 years ago Was easy to get and you can continue doing your challenges, but knoW its impossible to complete them Without help. (money)
    Also add neW ones, not that old challenges from the starts of skyblocks servers in minecraft.



    Legacyshop its an exclusive shop for the ones that bought a rank (for the ones that dont knoW)

    There are some prices that dont have any sence With the prices and the economy like:
    2 villager eggs for 60 legacycoins... When a villager egg in shop cost 20k
    and yeah i Was one of all that people that bought that eggs Without knoWing, With 60 legacy coins i can buy 120 diamond blocks... equal? nope.


    Generator friends problem

    I got an island With some friends and i upgraded the generators to let them mine their oWn minerals, but they dont get the minerals that u bought, just you.


    Free ranks

    It Will be interesting that not paid members get ranks for their progress in the game
    It can be from challenges like completing a amount of challenges give u like "bronze" "silver" "gold" "diamond" "emerald" etc ranks.
    Kits for this ranks, money, or Whatever upgrade.
    This can make the people have the necesity to get those ranks and play more and feel better With the server.


    Furnaces should be private

    Nothing to explain here


    Private signs

    Add those signs ( [private] ) ( name)
    So people in your island cant open them, i dont really knoW Why they got removed but should come back

    Thank you for reading, like the post so it can get to more people and try to make this come true.

  2. sssSLENDERMANnnn

    sssSLENDERMANnnn Addict Member

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    Tp your friend while pvping is not a problem or unfair. It's what you called strategy and teamwork. If you want to pvp someone make sure to know him first, know if he is good, if he is in a party if he has lots of gear etc.
  3. Ultramutrix

    Ultramutrix Member Member

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    I respect your opinion, anyway, its unfair while the fight is 1v1.

    1V1 arenas should be created so.
  4. TheRagingCrafter

    TheRagingCrafter Ancient Poster Member

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    The thing is, the pvpmine isn't reserved for only 1v1s. Free ranks probs won't be added in either - it'll probs create a mess within the skyblock economy.
  5. Ultramutrix

    Ultramutrix Member Member

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    Isnt need to make a huge change in the economy, just make people feel better with them and with the game, like something to make the server gain more ppl
  6. TheRagingCrafter

    TheRagingCrafter Ancient Poster Member

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    I actually do like an idea of having a leveling system tho.
  7. pigfam

    pigfam Journeyman Member

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    These kinds of things are better since they give ordinary players a chance with sb
  8. JJ_Almzz

    JJ_Almzz Member Member

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    i agree
  9. pigfam

    pigfam Journeyman Member

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    yeah especially since a lot of players are donating now and hopefully GC will stay alive
  10. PeterG

    PeterG Enthusiast Member

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    1. having the tpa command disabled only in the pvp areas would be the best option.
    2. unfortunately there are pathetic players that use cheats to "win" the game/battle and its pretty difficult to get the staff to take care of hackers 24/7(because of time zones,work,school etc)
    3.it is kinda hard for new players to start up shop simply because of 10k tax per sign, which adds up very quickly. so ya, something needs to change about that.
    4.someone needs to explain why its disabled in the first place.
    5. certainly harder but doable with time and hard work
    6. if people want to be stupid with their legacy coins let them be
    7. make sure your the owner of the island,I have my generator maxed out and my brother still gets the same materials.
    8.would be cool to see but is unlikely to happen again, it used to be possible in the past to get temporary ranks just by voting so everybody was able to get it.
    9.no argument here
    10.this would be very nice feature to have back so you dont to stress as much about the possibility of people robbing you.
  11. whtmarios

    whtmarios Grasshopper Member

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    i have something to tell you guys ENABLE the [welcome];)
  12. borisboky8

    borisboky8 Journeyman Member

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    I hate hacks!
  13. Giyl

    Giyl Grasshopper Member

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    It will be enabled soon so yea..our only option is to be patient
  14. VinHaus

    VinHaus Grasshopper Member

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    Good ideas.
  15. DarkKillerPT

    DarkKillerPT Faithful Poster Member

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    Nice ideas, i agree

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