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  1. Nick sharma

    Nick sharma Grasshopper Member

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    I think that Skyblock should include a custom enchant called Smelting. It will go on your pickaxe. It's like the opposite of silk touch. If you mine a block of cobblestone it should 'smelt it,' and turn it into stone when it reaches your inventory. It will also work on ores. (and wood if you need charcoal).

    Please Think About This Idea.

    Thank you!
  2. Xeph

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    Hello @Nick sharma,
    We had this enabled at the start of the Survival reset but it eventually had to be disabled. Furnace/AutoSmelt was over powered and started the rise which killed the economy.
    Didn't help that we had MCMMO, which enabled those who had 1000 repair and 1000 mining to gain double the ores they mined, and then double smelted ores (which equalled 1 ore = 4 ingots). This made Furnace/AutoSmelt gain so much power.

    This may differ on Skyblock but that's the experience we had on Survival back in July - hope this helps.

    ~ xeph xo

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