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    so, i've been thinking about these ideas and im ready to show them

    1. Selling and using xp in a different way

    -It would be useful if you can store xp in bottles and do /xp to show you how much xp you have example: i do /xp and it shows me how much i have xp
    -Also we use /xpbottle <amount> and then we can extract 30000 xp in a bottle and then sell it
    -We could also exchange xp for vote coins( 500 xp=1 or 2 coins)
    -So instead buying a small amout of xp from shop for big money we can sell xp and buy xp from another players


    -I don't know how will this affect the server if it's added
    -IF we have minion for farming,mining,transfering,breeding and cropping it would bring some easiness in the game(but the game is easy itself so...first paragraph)

    3.Chunk Hoppers

    -The chunk hoppers are like regular hoppers,they just crop an entire chunk.This will be useful in cactus or sugar cane farm if its in 1 chunk.
    -It collects all the items in one chunk
    -You could choose in the crop hopper menu what the hopper should collect(you choose between cactus,sugar cane,pumpkin etc.)
    -The hoppers would be extremely expensive,around 600-700k and they would be super rare to obtain in crates

    4.Old system of leveling up the island

    -Back in the time,the blocks were very very valuable for island level and island levels were way higher that now
    -I think that the old system of leveling up was better

    5.Add more custom enchantments

    -I think there aren't too much custom enchantments at the moment

    6.More crates

    -You should add more crates to open because there are only four to open.
    -Maybe add more powerful and more weaker crates that these now


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