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  1. Flexy

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    As the title says it. A new support ticket! AFAIK (short for as far as I know) a lot, and I mean a lot of players are requesting for an "Account Transfer". I know it is not compatible YET as it takes time to transfer per account, but we users really hope to continue to play with our new accounts by transfer the stuff we did in the old account. Normally these cases occur on people playing with cracked account and bought a premium account recently. I know people are saying "This is a money-earning server/Buycraft doesnt support this" or whatever, but if it was you, are you willing to see your claimblocks earned from votings, money earned from hardwork, stuff built from our precious time, ranks bought with real-life money all gone?

    I would suggest to add this "Account Transfer" feature to the Support Tickets System. Making the members a happy place to play in.

  2. ItsmeSteyn

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    Why add this if we dont have the supprt for it yet, this would only confuse people thinking we do that.

    So no.
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