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    Ok so eggwars is an awesome gamemode on guildcraft but i have a couple of suggestions
    1. there should be a trading system between players so they can trade coins and kits because it is very important because like some players can get kits for cheaper people with a lot of coins can give coins to their friends
    2. when you buy a kit it should ask you if you are sure because by mistake this morning i bought a kit i didnt want
    3.The kits are bugged and for a lot of kits it says it will give something but it gives you something else like in the squire kit it gives me 2 pairs of diamond boots and leggings but no chestplate like it says it would
    4. and fix the /vote and /ad and fix the mystery chest
    so if any admin, programmer or host of guildcraft sees this please make these things happen for the greater good of the server and to make eggwars more popular and to make guildcraft bigger more popular and better

    -seincerely A player who thinks of the greater good

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