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Discussion in 'Help related questions' started by anubis9433, Mar 4, 2016.

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  1. anubis9433

    anubis9433 Fun Staff Member HeadAdmin

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    Hi anubis9433 here ,
    I wanna be clear about how donate coins work when resets.
    As i know from @TheMauriKids
    Donate coins will be repay according to the rank u bought.

    How many donatecoins will be given to me if i upgraded as below:
    Donator- vip
    Vip- hero
    Hero- elite
    Elite- legend
    Legend - demigod
    Demigod- God
    How is it calculated?
    Please leave a comment down below if u have any ideas about how the calculation works


    @moek @Honey @toxoplasmosis @RinUmehara @Swag_Fox
  2. TheMauriKids

    TheMauriKids Admin Admin

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    Look, It doesn't matter whether you upgraded or bought the rank directly. Let's say you bought Donator. On the server I've seen you play on (Prison) Donator rank gets 40 donatecoins. If you are donator, you are not allowed to buy VIP rank directly. You're only allowed to buy Donator - VIP rank upgrade. VIP gets 80 donatecoins IN TOTAL i.e the rank itself. So if you buy Donator - VIP you only get the difference. That is 80 - 40 (From the donator rank) = 40 donatecoins. So it makes a total of 80 donatecoins received. And it's like that for all rank upgrades. If you go to VIP - Hero you get 120 - 80 (The donator and VIP donatecoins have been combined) so you receive 40 donatecoins on top of the 80 dc you already received from the previous ranks.
    If you're God, When the server resets you get 1600 donatecoins. (On prison, Servers may vary).
  3. cl0se5

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    Question has been answered perfectly :p

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