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Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by short1der, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. short1der

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    Hi all. I'm gonna try to avoid writing a lot but the short story is that I've been saying for ages that my time was going to be up once ArenaPvP was done. I start my job as a developer soon, so now is probably the ideal time for me to resign.

    Special Thanks To
    @donalddoyson you perm-banned noob. What in the world would I do without you? You are my absolute best friend, thank you for sticking me through thick and thin. You made my time enjoyable (and stressful!) and I haven't really enjoyed it much since you got slapped with the ban hammer.

    @AndrewtherealGR thank you for giving me a second-chance here and welcoming me feel welcome into your community. You are genuinely a great person. Thank you.

    @Jatinsingh you noob. I remember the days where we were both mere helpers on Factions. Those were truly the days; I miss that. You are a great head admin. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! You absolutely deserve that title, and anyone who says otherwise is just ungrateful. I literally have no idea what I would do without you.

    @TigerStrike @Jammaers you two are excellent staff! You guys truly made ArenaPvP something to enjoy. It was a pleasure to work with you two. The pleasure was all mine.

    @Vojkea it was an absolute pleasure to work with you! You are genuinely an amazing person. You are unbiased and intelligent. I hope for nothing but the best of success in your life! You will go far, I can promise you that.

    @minion325 I'm glad I got the pleasure of getting to know you! You handed me my first mute on Prison for advertising lol. We've both come a long way since then. I'm glad I was able to work with you directly on some projects. I hope you get the best job ever when you graduate!

    @Bunny2hot4u2c working with you was truly a pleasure. We were the dynamic duo. I doubt Factions will ever reach the heights it accomplished with me and you at the helm. Working with you is easily at the top of my list of things I enjoyed most about GuildCraft. Miss you buddy.

    @Nija12 you a truly awesome person. Thank you for everything! You were a great staff member! You are resourceful and intelligent. You will do exceedingly well in life! Thank you for taking me under your wing (and sorry for screwing you out of Factions head admin lol).

    @Melon333 thank you for everything! Without you I would still be a randy, one which never made a positive impact on the server. Thank you for giving me a second-chance when I got auto-banned day 4 of being staff lol. You are someone people should aspire to be like. You are a role-model. I tried to live up to your legacy as head admin. I miss you.

    @Rabascm working on HouseParty with you was an absolute pleasure. The pleasure was all mine!

    @Captain Red without you I would've probably quit the server within a month of starting. Thanks for taking me under your wing and making my time here enjoyable.

    @NOFuture its been a minute. I remember being a part of Just4Raid and you being our primary ally. Those were the days, huh?

    @MelonHD you noob, I miss the days of ClearLag. Thank you for everything, miss you.

    @flyboy7 Divine > all. I had a blast playing Factions with you! Your faction was the first faction I ever interacted with when I accidentally stumbled upon your base! Thank you for everything!

    @aXed it was a pleasure to work with you. I wish we could go back to the days when I first got head admin. I feel like we've drifted apart a lot. Back in the day we talked constantly, now we hardly talk. Anyways, I really enjoyed my time here and its thanks to you. Good luck in life, I hope we still talk. :)

    Honorable Mentions
    @Thekillermatic you are an exemplary staff member. Keep doing what you are doing. When I was an up-and-coming staff member, you were my role model!

    @Jonodonozym when I applied for developer, I tried to model my application after yours. Thanks for inspiring me to apply for developer.

    Adieu GuildCraft.
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  2. Jayy

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    Damn dude, this really hit me hard. I'm seriously so thankful for you and Elise allowing me to become a developer on GuildCraft. I'm going to miss the snoop dog jokes and your overall energetic personality within the staff discord. Goodbye short, good luck in life. Hope we see each other again sometime.

    With love,
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  3. TigerStrike

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    Ah, you left? Say no more, I’m not staying here if you’re not in. Literally, thank you for everything. Since early 2018, one of the absolute best of GuildCraft. Without you, the Arena reset would've never been possible, therefore we would've most likely fallen down. You managed to pull out an amazing reset. But leaving that aside, the amount of hardwork and dedication you have put into the server was extraordinary, and you didn't even expect a single reward for it. It's rare to find people with such a humble attitude like you, your absence will definetly leave a huge hole in the server. I've also decided to resign, because I cannot see Arena resisting without you. And as important stuff has taken over for me too, there's no place for me in here anymore. I just want to say a last thank you, you have been exceptional. All the best man, I truly hope you'll achieve what you wish in life. Thank you for everything.
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  4. Jatinsingh

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    I actually don't have any words to express how grateful I'm that I met you ! And I do remember when we talked about how to get Melon333 to promote us , Those were the actual struggles of getting promoted. Then later you applied for Developer , ever since you have been a role model for me to pursue what I actually love that is coding. Thanks for everything , I don't know how many times have I thanked you , My best wishes are always with you buddy and I know you will excel in anything you do in life.

    Once again Thanks for everything !
  5. Vojkea

    Vojkea Faithful Poster Member

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    Congratulations short, I can say with certainty that you've decided to do the right thing.
    It's time they know and find out how much you mean to them and how much your work impacted guildcraft, they rarely appreciate people like you until you're gone.
    But enough about those power hungry kids, I have a few words to say about you.

    I first met you in 2016/17 when I noticed you leave positive and supportive feedback on my suggestion threads, even tho I didn't know you at the time, you were very supportive of my work and incredibly helpful as a Mod/Admin.
    Ever since I've came back to guildcraft I feel as if our relationship grew (in late 2018).
    I'll be quite honest, I couldn't believe you were this amazing and nice at first, but your unselfishness, ability to accept aXeds selfish and biased decisions and still not get demotivated and work hard are some things I'll never be able to forget about you.
    You were someone who aimed for the brighter future of the server NO MATTER how much they've disrespected you, insulted you and did unfair things to you, and that's something I've honestly never seen in anyone else.

    I would lie if I said I wasn't happy for you, you will finally be able to invest those long hours you'd spend working on guildcraft (for free) to do something you truly enjoy.
    It's been enough of the games, I honestly believe You, Drew, Donald and Me were people ahead of our time, we predicted everything that would happen to the server months in advance but sadly due to owners ignorance were unable to put a stop to it.

    I honestly truly want and believe you'll find a better place to spend your time on, and that from now your life is just going to go up, you've given so much in your time here for so little, and I'll never be able to forget that.
    I honestly can't say what they'll be saying about you in a month/year, but what I can tell you is that in a month, year, 10 years, you'll always have an admirer of your work in me and I will never change my mind about who and what you are.

    Let them enjoy their deluded staff family, at least while it lasts :).
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  6. Mickyle

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    Hope you get far and life in become prosperous , thank you for all that you've done for the server . Keep pushing through all the struggles.:(
  7. ReturnBack

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    Cy@ Remember the time you false banned me. That was the first time I spoke to you and after that, I hoped it was the last time and it is. thank you man for everything I guess ;)
  8. Angry945

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    1st Drew, now short
    who's next? vojkea?! pls no
  9. mr_awesome2k12

    mr_awesome2k12 Faithful Poster Member

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    Shit server
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  10. UltimateMustafa

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    Rip GC
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  11. Swag_Fox

    Swag_Fox Epic Guildcrafter Member

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    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in the faction staff team. I miss the days when you were my H-A and sorry for being a pain in the ass in the begging. Good luck in life one of the coolest people I've ever met online <3
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  12. Olof

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    Adios, now you can watch GC go downhill from far away
  13. DerpySasuke

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    Dis is so sad. Alexa, play despacito
  14. PikaCrafterFan

    PikaCrafterFan Consulting Detective Member

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    Sad to see a dedicated and optimistic guy like you go.. :/
    Your contributions to the server will never be forgotten, your staff mod was amazing and what you did to factions was just crazy.
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  15. Frxq15

    Frxq15 Kappa Member

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    ah man, thank you for giving me a chance to show myself when nobody else believed in me, although we may have left on bad terms I still consider you a friend, you were a big piece of the server and community and you will be missed a great deal. Thank you for everything and have fun programming out in the real world!

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  16. ThnxM8

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    nooooooooooooo short!!!!?!!?!?!? the best dev on gc and the most active helpful staff member quits.. frick.
    It was a pleasure working with you, you could have used the values I send you for the kb and used all the recources I sent you but u too much of a neb. Have fun in life and go on!
  17. SilentChad

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    Goodluck in life bud
  18. Jammaers

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    doubt that
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  19. Whitou_noys

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    these message got me cry...Because i played for 4 years on this server and i have so much memories that i still come back but because of my job and school i cant...
    Goodluck in your life
  20. Jatinsingh

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