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    I want to give a detailed list of the kits I own and experienced, and opinions I have on them.

    Bullet point -> Kit details
    Underline upgrades -> Upgrade information
    () -> Opinions/Extra information
    [] -> Price
    ? -> Not sure
    Assassin [25000xp]
    • Spawn: A full set of wooden tools and full leather armour.
    • Ability: Leap ; leap high into the air and grants invisibility, speed and haste for 8 seconds. Cooldown of 30 seconds.
    Upgrade 1 - Killer Instincts: Leap time is extended by 2 seconds, grants the ability to manually uncloak, reducing the cooldown time as little as 12 seconds. [15000xp]

    Upgrade 2 - Backstab: Hitting an enemy on the back adds 8.75 damage (Assassin is not complete without this.) [20000xp]

    Upgrade 3 - League Of Assassins: Using the ability also grants invisibility and buffs to nearby allies for 5 seconds. [25000xp]

    (Assassin is a great class if your playstyle is rushing nexus. Assassin without upgrade is meh, however getting at least upgrade 1 will make it a more decent class. Upgrade 2 deals extra damage from the back and from what I have experienced, assassin level 2 can do insane damage with an wooden sword against a full iron, killing the person in 5-6 hits if all hits register at the back)

    Cat [30000xp]
    • Spawn: Stone sword, wooden tools, full leather armour and ability flint.
    • Ability: Every 60 seconds, it inflicts the wither effect on an opponent for about 3 seconds ; You also get permanent speed 2 which disappears after being hit and reappear after some time.
    • You do not get xp if your target died from wither effect.
    Upgrade 1 - King's Blessing: Gain permanent regeneration 1. This effect will disappear for 15 seconds of being attacked. [25000xp]

    Upgrade 2 - Triple Claw: Scratch ability is now an area effect. [20000xp]

    Upgrade 3 - Fury Pounce: Gain a second ability; pounces towards the enemy you are looking at within 6 blocks. (does not do damage) 25 seconds cooldown. [20000xp] (Great for surprise attacks, escaping, or even trolling. The price might be a little too much.)


    (Cat is a fast-paced kit that favors quick reaction and decent aim. This is a high risk high reward class whereby you can chase and escape from most situations. I've seen Kolaai using cat and it was quite decent because of his good pvp skills. However, the 'weak skin' is no joke. You take a hell lot more damage than usual. Cat is best for 1v1 fights in open spaces.)

    Civilian [0xp]
    • Spawn: A full set of wooden tools and full leather armour.
    • Ability: None ; +1xp per kill at level 2 with soulbound sword
    Upgrade 1 - Town Labourer: All tools are upgraded to stone, including sword. [1000xp]

    Upgrade 2 - Town Guard: +1xp per kill with soulbound sword [2500xp?]

    Upgrade 3 - Town Officer: Stone sword is upgraded to iron sword [5000xp]

    Upgrade 4 - Town Workman: All tools are enchanted with efficiency 1 (Now the stone pickaxe has the equivalent strength of an unenchanted gold pickaxe) [10000xp]

    Upgrade 5 - Town Warden: Receive 24 cobblestone after 30 seconds (Not as useless as you think) [10000xp? or 15000xp?]

    Upgrade 6 - Town Leader: By "finest tools", they meant stone efficiency 1 tools are upgraded to stone efficiency 2 tools. (Stone pickaxe with efficiency 2 is very op at mining nexus) [15000xp?]

    Upgrade 7 - Town Marshal: Spawn with additional bow power 1 and 10 soulbound arrows [15000xp? or 20000xp?]

    Upgrade 8 - Town General: Leather armour is enchanted with protection 1 (Makes only a very small difference, not recommended) [20000xp]


    (Civilian is not too bad when upgraded. It is one of the best kill-nexus damage kit to rush with. When upgraded to level 8, the iron sword and protection 1 leather armour makes you a very strong opponent to deal with and as such you can kill multiple enemies within a single life or stand a chance against iron-equipped opponents. The efficiency 2 stone tools also prove its usefulness to farmers, or when you are mining your way to the nexus, or even mining the nexus itself. You don't even need to get a gold pickaxe if you are rushing the nexus, thus the best rushing kit.)

    Defender [20000xp]
    • Spawn: Full wooden tools, stone sword, full leather armour with golden chestplate
    • Ability: Gain regeneration 1 near your nexus.
    Upgrade 1 - Final Stand: When an ally dies nearby, you gain +3 damage for 5 seconds. (Not as useless as you think, counters a lot of farmers) [15000xp]

    Upgade 2 - Landmines: Gain the ability to place landmines aka wooden pressure plates every 10 seconds. They can be destroyed by enemies. You can place a maximum of 6, or 4 to 6 depending on the map. (Stepped pressure plates will not make it activate when an enemy steps on it. Make sure your allies are not afking on the pressure plates) (Be wary that enemies can break the landmines and not lose their invisibility) [15000xp]

    Upgrade 3 - Stance Change: "Gains the ability to change your stance to suit your playstyle best". (I have not bought it yet.) [20000xp]

    (Many people may not even consider buying defender since they don't really defend, like myself. I bought the defender since I found it necessary at times of crisis. Surprisingly, the defender kit has made defending a lot easier and fun. Especially the landmines, you won't need to vigorously spam at air anymore. This is one of my most used kits.)

    Handyman [15000xp]
    • Spawn: A full set of wooden tools and leather armour, wooden pickaxe is enchanted with efficiency 1.
    • Ability: 50% chance of repairing 1 hp of your nexus whenever you damage the enemy team's nexus
    Upgrade 1 - Repair Wrench: 50% chance of repairing your nexus 2hp. This means that in the 50% chance that you will repair your nexus, 50% chance it might be 2hp instead of 1hp. [10000xp]

    Upgrade 2 - Repair Drill: Spawn with a stone pickaxe eff2. [20000xp]

    Upgrade 3 - Bioengineering: Killing a player during phase 1 to phase 3 awards 1 nexus health. (Must buy, gapple farmin with this is insanely op.) [30000xp]


    (This is also another suitable kit if you are rushing enemy's nexus. Thats about it)

    Scout [40000xp]
    • Spawn: Golden sword and a set of wooden tools and full leather armour.
    • Ability: Spawns with a grappling hook that allows you to quickly maneuver around the battlefield.
    • Wearing diamond armour gives you slowness 1
    Upgrade 1 - Anchor: Hitting an enemy with the grapple pulls you towards them [10000xp]

    Upgrade 2 - Ambush: Within 3 seconds of grappling, your next hit deals x1.5 damage [15000xp]

    Upgrade 3 - Swift Assault: Opponents within 3 seconds of your hook receive slowness 1 for 5 seconds. [20000xp]

    (After update 2.0, scout became a meh class especially because of its price. Scout's grappling hook has durability but will regenerate over time (according to Wetzu). This is a very fun class to play with because you get to move around very easily. You can wear iron armour and pick off loners but thats it, you can't really diamond farm with this kit because it gives you slowness when you equip diamond armour.)

    Swapper [30000xp]
    • Spawn: Stone sword, wooden tools and leather set
    • Ability: You can swap places with an enemy once every 12 seconds and give them slowness 2 for 3 seconds.
    Upgrade 1 - Cripple: Slowness 2 increase from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.

    (This kit revolves around pisitioning. A swapper can swap places through blocks, it can go as far as swapping someone at nexus from the respective spawn base. It is good for defending nexus, escaping and attacking nexus. When you encounter an opponent stronger than you guarding the nexus, you can swap places with them and gain an advantageous position once held by that opponent.)

    Thor [25000xp]
    • Spawn: A full set of wooden tools and leather armour, a stone sword, and an additional golden axe for ability
    • Ability: Every 30 seconds, you can use you golden axe to strike a delayed lightning of 2 seconds at the block or player you are pointing at which deals 3 true damage (ignores armour) and sets them on fire for 3 seconds. It has an area of approximately 5x5
    Upgrade 1 - Battlecry: Whenever you use your ability, you give speed 2 to nearby allies for 5 seconds. (Includes yourself?) [15000xp]

    (Thor is a great kit for trolling enemies. One time EnderGHOST hid under and near our nexus, striking lightning at us constantly while we were busy at our base. Most annoying thing ever. The true damage can be a counter for farmers since it ignores armour. This can hinder the progress of farmers getting into your base. It acts like an external defense before reaching the defenders deep down at the nexus. However, the 30 seconds cooldown can be annoying and useless. You won't get much of anything if you had missed the perfect chance, which happens a lot to me but it needs practice.)

    Next list of kits: https://www.guildcraft.org/threads/anni2-0-kit-details-opinion-2.75280/

    Thats all I have for now. You can also comment your opinions or what kits and upgrades you have that I don't have. I decided to make this list since the previous list was long outdated so... :D
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    It isn't against the rules to make a tutorial of it
    but it sounds hideous if you're sharing a "secret" achievement publicly.
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    Scout never had immunity to fall damage. It's just less damage.
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    Well it actually had no fall damage and water grappling when LegendaryCobra and me hit it the first time
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    Upgrades for scout?
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    i dont have scout upgrade yet. it says "Grapple now works on enemies." I dont know if it means you can hit enemies with the fishing rod or grappling to the enemy if you hit them
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    U can hit the enemies with grapple and then pull to grapple towards them
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    R.I.P scout class PepeHands
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