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By TheCatsKing on Apr 18, 2018 at 10:51 PM
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    Hello everyone,
    After a long wait, i'm happy to announce that Annihilation 2.0 is ready to get released.

    and its happening...

    20/4/18 7pm CEST

    We have a lot to tell you, so let's start.

    Kit Upgrades

    We already told you about this feature on the last teaser, but i'll show you how this works now.
    Every kit has at least 3 upgrades, some of them have up to 5 while civilian has 7. Upgrades will be purchasable from the Kits Shop in the game lobbies. To view and buy an upgrade, you must unlock the kit and if applicable the previous upgrade.


    Upgrades add new abilities or new effects to your kit. We won't reveal them as we want them to be a surprise, but, expect Marks of Despair, Volatile Corpses, and, why not Backstabs.
    I'm looking forward to see what new uses you find to these upgrades, i'm pretty sure you'll find new estrategies, oh, and midwars are back!

    Overall Balance

    This is something we've been looking for for a long time. Balance. It's hard to accomplish, because balancing a kit normally breaks another. All unused kits have been buffed while overused / op community faves are nerfed. Kit prices have also been tweaked a little for most kits.

    Farter, Flyer and Slime have also been removed; they were too similar to Acrobat or Scout, and they didn't really have a reason to be in the game. If we find good ways to rework them, we might bring them back.

    New Kits

    Yes, new kits will be released on Anni2.0. This new additions are Chaos Lord, Chef, Dryad, Ion, Mage and Viper. Thanks to @rewardedcarton and @ShadowGunGR for recording all these kits, you can check their post below for more information.
    Thor has been heavily reworked too; it's lightning strike is now a delayed but lethal lightning bolt!


    Achievements list can be opened with /ach. There are a lot of achievements for you to finish, also, we've added hidden achievements - noone knows anything about these, good luck unlocking them. Some of them have very unique rewards which act like abilities!

    Achievements are one of the new ways to get xp, along with Objectives and the new Starter XP Booster i will mention later.

    Emerald Shop

    We thought emeralds were... useless.
    This new shop will let you exchange emeralds for stuff like potions, Nexus Repairs, and much more. This is a most of the things you'll be able to buy in it:

    We're open to suggestions, what would you like to see on this new shop?


    We thought the current abilities needed an upgrade too, so we've added a lot more. Most of these upgrades came from community suggestions. Yes i'm looking at you Crafter.
    Three of these upgrades will let you gain more xp. Also, we've added a way to buy Temporary Personal Boosters for AnniXP.
    We've also added Prestiges. These expensive ranks show up as a roman numeral prefix; there are 7 to buy which costs about 1.25M XP in total!

    You probably saw the teaser, but for those of you who didn't:

    We made them harder to kill, added special abilities and made players unable to trap them (they jump and teleport out). Bosses now have pretty serious anger management issues: they'll taunt players and attack everyone who passes by.

    To make up for the difficulty hike, every player near the boss when it dies will get the loot and xp, while the person who lands the final blow gets twice the loot.

    Jump to 2:35 to see the boss in action

    Starter XP Boosters

    We've added this to starting as Civilian feels a little bit more fair. All new players get a personal x2 booster for one week when they start; this means you'll be able to get even more XP, which will allow you to reach Archer / Warrior, and some of their upgrades. This XP Boosters are also applied existing anni players and stack additivley with donator boosters.

    XP, Kit and Stats Reset

    And, yes. This is something hard to announce, but fair. After adding so much stuff we thought that Annihilation needed a fresh start. It's also about time; anni has never reset since 2015 unlike other rare-reset game-modes like kitpvp, skywars and prison. This means we'll be reseting it on the next update. However, XP Gaining has been increased by a lot, and that means that all players, from new to old will be able to climb the ladder once again. All players have now a chance to overcome. To make it easier for you, Civilian upgrades will be a nice way to earn extra xp, and we've added more xp-gaining systems.
    Another thing, your ranks will NOT get reseted.

    Match Objectives

    All matches will have atleast 4 objectives you'll be able to finish for tons of XP. Objectives are given once you join a team, and can be viewed with /obj. Depending on luck, they'll be hard to finish or easy, but XP will vary in these cases.

    Some Objectives include ending an specific team nexus, killing players, conquering middle, rushing, etc.
    All Objectives will reward you with XP.

    Mini Anni

    We'll release Mini-anni, which will be playable on Anni-4. MiniAnni will feature smaller maps, faster games, and chaos!
    It's also a great way to get more XP.
    Fortress, by @Denzby. One of the smallest bases you'll see. This is one of the 5 Mini-Anni maps we'll release for now.


    New Maps

    To make maps more random, we are adding all maps to Anni-1, 2 and 3. There is a total of 25 maps on the main lobbies and 5 maps on minianni. This means we will no longer have old-school map lobbies, but that should end the problem of playing always the same map (Coastal & Canyon).
    This is a list of all maps we'll be adding on 2.0:

    New Waiting Lobby

    Sarum (OG map)
    Castaway (OG map)
    Eyron V1 by Marine4121
    Quinfort by rewardedcarton
    Nivender by TheCatsKing
    Kyrik by KinqCake and TheCatsKing (minianni)
    Skyline by Denzby (minianni)
    Dynasty by Denzby (minianni)
    Fortress by Denzby (minianni)
    Ayesland by Marine4121 (minianni)​



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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by TheCatsKing, Apr 18, 2018.

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      Bug Fixes

      There's not much to say here: all bugs are now fixed; if you find a new one, report it on the bug reports section.
      This is a list of some annihilated bugs:

      This isn't the complete list as there were a lot of bugs; it only contains the kit-specific bugs. But this shows that you won't have any problem playing your favourite kit now.

      Tidy Codes

      Old anni's code wasn't the best. @Jonodonozym worked hard to clean and optimize Annihilation 2.0's code. This means making updates will be easier, which in turn means more frequent. Around 80% of Anni's old code has been replaced with new, shiny code which will help us add new kits and features on the future.


      That's everything we'll be adding on 2.0... I think.
      For the new kit's info, check out the posts below.

      Chaos Lord


      You are the madness.

      Your attacks have a 25% chance of striking fear in opponent's heart; corrupting, weakening and slowing them.

      Heal 1 heart whenever killing a corrupted enemy.

      But horrors from the abyss hide in every shadow. Your constant anxiety weakens your attacks.

      Cost: 25,000 XP



      You are the aroma.

      Your cakes are so good, allies hunger bars are restored simply by smelling the aroma.

      You gain Strenght 1 while near your cakes.

      Cost: 15,000 XP



      You are the nature.

      Your flowers release toxic spores, causing enemies within 10 blocks to fall sick making them recieve Slowness I and Weakness II.

      Flowers may be beautiful, but many hide thorns under their petals.

      Cost: 25,000 XP



      You are the prison.

      Gain access to the Ion Realm; an alternate dimension that acts as an unescapable prison.

      Banish enemies to the ion realm for 6 seconds to either get closer, run away or even even the odds when outnumbered in a fight.

      Cost: 20,000 XP



      You are the wizard.

      Use your spells to dominate the battlefield, either through backing up your allies or blasting your foes to pieces.

      Cost: 30,000 XP

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      You are the lightning.

      Dispense Asgard's wrath by smiting your enemies with thunder.

      Every 30 seconds, strike the block or player you are looking at with thunder, dealing 4 true damage and igniting all enemies within 3 blocks.

      You are immune to lightning, but your enemies are not.

      Cost: 25,000 XP



      You are the venom.

      Strike swiftly and with extreme prejudice.

      Stalk the enemy for the best opportunity, then strike out from cover and poison everyone nearby for a few seconds.

      Cost: 25,000 XP

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      HYPED :D gj jono and kitty boi <3
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      Very good job, can't wait to see how the launch goes. HYPE!
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      HYPEEEE!!!! Don't forget to play my maps ;) xD
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      Finally after an entire year :eek:
      Emg.... so much stuff to learn.....
      At least I'll get that x2 for a week to get back my kits.
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      HOLY SHEEEEEEEEEEET EMEMMGMG SO HYPED !!!! Thank you everyone who worked on getting it out.
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      Meh it
      Meh its ok xD
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      i have a bad feeling about this ;-;
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      OMG OMG LOLOLOLOOL HOLLY SHITTT QX><lkwxnkjlabwxkgftawydg87q2f6e712tgioyrhoqd7ygt87cq2jcbdhbq2iuvghdvqyutscfhgwqhudjhubawhd *dies*
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