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    In annihiilation 3.0 we have worked hard to make awesome content, alongside many bugfixes and existing content changes.
    The following has been changed in the game:

    [Nerf] Kit Viper - Poision 2 for 6 seconds is now poison 1 for 3 seconds.
    [Nerf] Kit Warlock - The ability will now work only for 3 seconds instead of until someone dies. The damage will be changed from 1 heart every time to 2.
    [Nerf] Kit Thor - The fire aspect effect time has been reduced from 7 seconds to 4 seconds.
    [Nerf] Kit ChaosLord - Blindness effect time has been reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds. The hearts healing is now 2 instead of 1.
    [Nerf] Kit Penguin - You now need to hit the player to freeze them instead of a radius hit.
    [Nerf] Kit Frog - The 4th upgrade has been removed.
    [Nerf] Kit RiftWalker - You can now rift only 2 people (no upgrade) & 3 people (with upgrade). The strength I effect time is now 3 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
    [Buff] Kit Scout no longer has durability cooldown (that fuel thingy)
    [Buff] Kit Scout now has a 5th upgrade - once purchased you will not get any fall damage anymore.
    [Removed] Toxic Chat
    [Removed] /bet command
    [Removed] /respawn command
    [Removed] prestiges
    [Removed] Auto lapis in enchant table
    [Removed] Potions has been removed from the emerald shop.
    [Removed] Removed brewing stand from gold shop.
    [Removed] @msg for quick message in clan chat (has been replaced with /cc)
    [Removed] Maps Blocky, Skyline, Saharia
    [Removed] Vacuo spell from kit Mage.
    [Removed] Kit Spy camouflage ability. (kit has been changed to the old version - read below)
    [Added] Maps CoastalX, OutbackV2, Hurtgen, Oasis, Boreal, Balmoral, Caves, Zenith
    [Added] Playtime rewards - 2d 250XP | 3d 475XP | 5d 625XP | 8d 850XP | 10d 1250XP | 25d 2500XP
    [Added] Fortune now works on ores.
    [Added] /dmsg command - you can now toggle viewing death messages!
    [Added] /cc command - send quick messages to clan chat.
    [Added] You can now purchase the 9th ender chest slot with clan coins only.
    [Added] Bounty hunter - the bounty hunter will randomly choose a player in phase 4 to set a bounty on. The prize for killing the bountied player is 100XP.
    [Added] Kit cooldown boosters
    [Added] New clan rank: CoLeader.
    [Added] Clan wars has been added, but currently is delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances. It will be a separate server (ANNI-5), more information soon.
    [Added] Clan kits can now be purchased in the clan shop, and it will unlock the kit to all clan members.
    [Added] Mystery boxes (Hero rank or higher gets 1 III box every 20 days, Titan rank gets 1 IV box every 18 days. Box I & II can be obtained by purchasing mystery dust in the lobby for XP. Box V can only be obtained by purchasing it through our store (store.guildcraft.net)
    [BugFix] Stats sometimes didn't save after game ends and you kill people while the restart timer is on.
    [BugFix] Not getting xp when killing someone who has Orion kit.
    [BugFix] Players cannot place cobblestone in the lobby anymore if they use kit civilian.
    [BugFix] Sometimes players got a negative XP balance.
    [BugFix] Ender chest slots not unlocked sometimes even though they are purchased.
    [BugFix] Players not getting XP from killstreaks.
    [BugFix] Clan booster not giving players double XP.
    [BugFix] Invisible players' name automatically goes to the bottom of the tablist.
    [BugFix] Players sometimes able to store items in /bounties menu.
    [BugFix] If a playere dies while in a boat, they respawn in the boat location.
    [Changed] You can now vote for 4 different maps instead of 3.
    [Changed] Kits Snowman, Medic, and Tinkerer are now clan kits.
    [Changed] Kit Spy is now back the old version (shift to become invis for 20 seconds).
    [Changed] New chat format.
    [Changed] New menus layouts.
    [Changed] New scoreboards layouts.
    [Changed] Boss health is now 750HP instead of 600HP.
    [Changed] You can now only brew potions if you have the ender brewing stand.
    [Changed] Prices of brewing items has increased.
    [Changed] Clan tags will now automatically be the clan name, you can no longer set a separate tag.
    [Changed] Prices of emerald shop items has increased.
    [Changed] Restart timer is now 20 seconds of 60 seconds.​
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