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    For those who are struggling to farm on annihilation, welcome and try not to wet your pants while reading this

    is when you go out to kill people over and over again for xp. The goal is to earn as much xp as possible without dying while simultaneously ending that enemy team [or not?].​

    Iron Rush farming

    The quickest, easiest way to earn xp and can end games very quickly. This is recommended if you do not feel like a full-on dragged out game and just want to earn as much xp as quickly as possible. Also does not really require any kits.


    - A squad of 4+ friends, or get your team to join you

    -Team Coordination and beginning your farm at the beginning or within the first few minutes of phase 2.


    - Having Enchanter or Miner to get better gear before phase 2

    -Vampire, Goblin, Chaos Lord, Medic, or Succubus kit [for more xp gain. If you do not have these kits then it will be more difficult to get xp and you may find yourself dying before you end the team. In this case, you should just end as quickly as you need to, Do not overstay.]

    - Invis potion. This allows your squad or team to infiltrate the enemy nexus before they even know what’s coming, and allows you to begin your farm right at the enemy nexus.

    How to:

    1. During phase 1, quickly ask your squad or team to gather full iron as quickly as possible. It does not matter if it is just prot 1, just make sure your group all have at least prot 1 iron before phase 2.

    2. Now, quickly run to the most appropriate enemy team [The team you feel like your squad could handle] attempting to not draw attention to you or your teammates [Invis would be helpful].

    3. If your team does not have invis, just fight your way quickly through the enemy base and go to the nexus. Have at least 2 people start mining the enemy nexus [75 health is a lot to mine] immediately.

    4. The farming could begin now or later, you could farm this team that you are rushing and end when your team is low on health [Make sure to coordinate your team to switch out whenever someone is low] or you could systematically end all the enemy teams and farm to your near-death on the final nexus. Keep in mind, if you greed and do the first option, you could give the other enemy teams to prepare and counter your farm.

    Solo Farming
    This is a pretty hard farming style and I do Not recommend this to anybody new, unprepared, or inexperienced enough. [You will probably be dying a lot before, or during your farm]


    - Patience, most of the time you will not be able to farm immediately during the early phases.

    - Depending on the enemy team(s), you will have to estimate approximately how strong your gear needs to be to take them on

    - Vampire, Goblin, Medic, Chaos Lord, Acrobat, or Ninja. [It is possible with other classes but it will be many many many times more hard and you may find that you might be unable to end the enemy team during the process of your farming.]

    - A good sword, at least sharp 3 iron or better


    - Miner or Enchanter class to make things more efficient

    - A good pick, at least iron eff 3-4 or a gold eff 3 to end enemy nexuses

    - Taking some time to kill the bosses for xp [100 per kill, 50 for assist] and using the boss drops to buff up your farming gear.

    - Health pots will increase your survivability, is cheap, and enables you to farm more

    - Gapple(s). It’s pretty time consuming to gather enough gold and to get an apple, so I wouldn’t exactly recommend getting a gapple, but whatever

    - Usually will require Diamond gear to solo farm for long periods of time [But not all the time necessarily]

    How to:

    1. During Phase 1-2 gather a full set of iron and focus most of your high level enchants towards your sword as you may not need to switch your sword later on [Armour as I said, will probably be irrelevant because you will most likely need to get diamond armor during phase 3. The point of this armour is to help guarantee you won’t die in the early phases and helps you boss farm easier.]

    2. Make sure to mine emeralds, as they are an easy way to get good enchants on your armour and weapons without too much of a hassle.

    3. Boss farm in phase 2 if you wish to, and most likely will need to gather diamonds in phase 3. If you feel like you could end an enemy team or two without dying in the process with your current gear then be my guest [Not recommended].

    4. When you are fully prepared to go and farm, please make sure that you’re farming on the last team. Solo farming is very taxing on your health and equipment, so if you greed you could very well end up dying and costing your team the game.

    5. Vampire, Goblin, Chaos Lord are really good at farming inside of the nexus, enabling a quick and easy end, but if you do not wish to end, you could go Medic, Acrobat, or Ninja. These are quick and agile classes that are good for running away and farming on the outskirts of the enemy base.

    6. Make sure to mine the enemy nexus and put it as low as a health possible before you focus on killing. It will be pretty hard to end if the enemy nexus is at 20 and you’re getting swarmed by 15 people.

    Duo Farming
    In my opinion, one of the easiest and efficient methods of farming out there. Still will require some experience and kits to pull off.


    - A buddy or partner in crime.

    - At least one of you guys processing a Solo farming kit that is able to nexus-farm [Vampire, Goblin or Chaos lord.]

    - Teamwork and some planning


    - Both of you guys having Solo farming kits

    - Boss Farming

    -Health pots, and a good pick

    How to:

    1. Phase 1-3, just like Solo farming, gather gear. Since you’re farming as a duo, you may not need to gather Diamond armour this time around in order to farm. Boss farming is recommended in phase 2 though.

    2. When you feel like you have obtained enough gear, [at the very least prot 2-3 iron armour + a sharp 4 iron. Anything better is up to you] Proceed to a team that you feel like your duo could handle

    3. Proceed to sneak inside [Recommended], please refrain from trying to brute force your way inside, because that’s just dumb and you might die because of that.

    4. When you are at the enemy nexus you again have a choice. Farm this team right here and now till your almost dead and move on after that or just do it on the final team. You already know the consequences at this point.

    5. While farming, please keep in mind that you should alternate as need be through communication. Switch whenever the person farming is at around half and trade positions mining the nexus and farming.

    6. The other alternative farming Duo method is Skirmish Farming. By having one of you as a Medic or both of using Ninja or Acrobat, You just stand outside the enemy base killing as many people as you can and running whenever you are low. Probably won’t be able to end the nexus though.

    7. Forgot to mention, if you don’t have any of these kits at all, it is highly recommended that you get these kits. But if you don’t have, just focus on ending the enemy team. Attempting to farm with other kits may very well lead to death, so just by ending the enemy nexuses and killing as many people as you can will still provide a decent amount if xp. Health pots are a reasonable substitute to the solo farming kits.

    Straight Up Boss Farming

    Alrighty, this is the most easiest way of earning xp without having many risks and can be done solo with a boss trap.


    -Nothing really, You could just straight up boss farm with leather


    - Iron armour + tools and weapon

    - Medic Kit

    How to:

    1. Phase 1, gather armor if you wish to [Recommended] but if not, you have to wait until phase 2 for the bosses to spawn. Just go and rush or something

    2. 1 -2 minutes before phase 2, dig a boss trap [pretty simple, just a 2x3 hole in the ground and a safezone above the hole to hide in.] and prepare yourself

    3. Lure the boss into the trap and start hacking away.

    4. Be aware that you only gain 100xp + 2 boss items if you deal the last hit to the boss. If you were just standing near the boss or didn’t last hit it you will only receive 50xp + 1 boss item.

    5. Using the items that you gained from that boss farm, proceed to alternate to the other boss farm and repeat the process. Bosses respawn every 20 minutes, and you could just wait and farm every boss that farms [Free xp]

    6. This method could be combined with any of the other previous methods I have said.

    Questions people are probably gonna ask

    • How long did it take you to make this
      • Longer than it took for your mom to give birth to you [jk] about an hour
    • How to make a boss trap
    • What was my First farming kit
      • I used Assassin to farm back in the day [Not Recommended]
    • What is the cheapest farming kit for beginners?
      • Goblin Goblin and Goblin?
    • Is Broken a Robot?
      • No he is Berken Robert
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    Another tip:

    If you're reading this before medic has an update or if there's an anti medic kit added by now, use medic and hide it and it's really good for farming.

    Use whatever kit is OP at the time UNLESS it's bugged, if there's an OP kit just use it till it gets nerfed. If you can't beat them, join them.
    I would post the image of tedi saying that but I'm banned and the image is posted there :^(

    Also you should put that lumber can break your helmet in 13 hits if it's a maxed lumber lol
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    Leather farmers be like

    Anyways this can be really helpful for newer players to get more into annihilation. Thank you for putting the effort into making this post.
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    There are also ways to counter farmers. For example a group of 2+ people are farming a team, there are hell tons of ways to counter them, one of the easiest is to use Lumberjack cause it will do a lot of durability damage to the armors especially the helmet if you got it maxed. The other one is Warlock, because they are farming with 2 people or more, they might [ or not ] stand near each other and the warlock ability can proc multiple times between them.
    For invis rushing/farming, the best way is to kill them while they are invis or about to get in invis because at those time they won't have armors on. For deffing, use mage's fireballs. defender's traps or swapper [ yes you can swap even if they are invis ]. Dryad is a good kit to counter farmers if you know a good spot to place them. If they have gapples, the best way is to dodge melee and use range. archers. mages, warlocks, dryad or any other kits which have AoE damage or high range abilities can do it. Just a side note don't try to kill them while they are in gapple effects, just break their armors the most you can and their farms already over.
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    I'll make whatever you said shorter so people can understand cos most ppl can't be bothered to read that much

    Countering types of attackers
    Invis Rush -> Mage, defender and swapper
    Farmers (any armor) -> Lumberjack
    Gapples -> Archer, warlocks, mage and dryad

    My personal opinion, lumberjack, dryad or viper are the best to defend with
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    U forgot that iron sword shrp III can't kill leathers with 2 hits (3 hits), even with shrp IV, i say u use Iron sword Shrp V (shrp IV + IV = V) to kill leathers in farming with just 2 hits, or use critical hit on them
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    Also use thor which does true damage to them, would be more powerfull by 5 thors which cause instant death
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    F U C K Y O U F A R M I N G M Y A S S T H I S S E R V E R I S F U C K I NG D E A D.
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    This post should be renamed to: How to be a c4ncer anni player, bcz farming isn't a part of annihilation duh
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    no u
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    It's part of the game lol
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    Wool swap traps with water are fun too
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