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    • Reworked Spy (Details can be found on anni discord)
    • Acrobat: You now get power 1 on your bow with the first upgrade
    • Archer: Your bow no longer has power 1, instead it has reverse punch
    • Berserker: The ability's buffs have been increased to 13s
    • Cat: You now have permanent Speed 3 until you are hit, it then decreases to 2
    • Chaos Lord: Removed the permanent weakness
    • Grinch: Cooldown has been reduced to 15s, but the ability only deals 1.5 hearts
    • Mage: Reduced exerium range to 3x3 (from 5x5)
    • Orion: Increased the wolf spawn amount with the ability by 1
    • Penguin: Cooldown for frost grenade is now 10s
    • Swapper: Has 7 blocks more range & can swap through 2 extra blocks
    • Thor: Cooldown has been reduced to 25s
    • Warlock: Reduced the damage per bounce but the speed of the bounce is faster
    • Zombie: Final damage has been decreased, starting damage increased
    • Zephyr: Ability boost is now doubled, you also gain allies xp from kills in 10x10
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