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    hope you got that reference lol

    1. Buff defender:
    a. New passive: You are invulnerable from swappers (unless the defender is marked), scorpios and astronaut when near the nexus
    b. New passive: If another defender dies near you, you also gain absorbtion for 10 seconds.

    2. Nerf scout:
    a. When combat tagged, cooldown per hook activates. (This prevents scouts from hitting & running)
    b. Disable hook when outside the map.

    3. Buff vampire:
    a. Unique passive: You have nightvision at night. Remove the soulbound night vision potion.

    4. Register head movements on AFK Timer:
    Based on my experience, if you are idling at the same location despite moving your head, it will still kick you.
    Why does it matter?
    In a scenario where defenders just want to crounch at the same location - kicked after 5 minutes.
    If a random crounches at a tight spot and stays there till the defender leaves - kicked.

    5. Lapis shop:
    Since lapis has never been used, why not just create a shop for it, maybe food? Steak, pork chop, mutton, golden carrots or golden apple (not god).

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    good not great
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    I agree with most of it execpt some minor changes with this. I fear that after this, scout will still me dominant and overshadow other classes abilities like acrobats permanent negated fall-damage. To avoid this maybe halve the fall damage of scout users this way both kits will be viable. In addition, I feel like there is already alot of kits that we need to get used to and as a result, give a bit of time for players to understand the new kits until further kits such as hamster are implemented into the game. Finally, I feel like lapis is a huge struggle in Anni-3 maps at which some don't even have lapis and the mines tend to be small. To conclude, I disagree with the lapis shop as miners will just simply farm lapis and it will destroy it's sole purpose of enchanting.

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