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Discussion in 'Help related questions' started by KeesGaming, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. KeesGaming

    KeesGaming Newbie Member

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    I was mining in op prison in pvp mine and i glitched betveen 2 blocks and autoban sayed that i was using kill aura/aimbot plz help and i hope ur going to fix that.
    thx ^ ^
    ACC name: KaasGaming
  2. Xeph

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    Hello @KeesGaming,

    This is not the correct place to make an un-ban request, do it here: https://www.https://www.guildcraft....ildcraft.org/forums/unban-unmute-requests.16/

    You need to use the format provided here (This link provides more detail) : https://www.guildcraft.org/threads/unban-unmute-request-format-official.13993/

    Here is the format incase you may need to copy it:

    Your IGN (In-Game-Name):
    Refers to the username you use when you launch the minecraft launcher and enter the game.

    By who you're muted/banned:
    Refers to the username of the staff who banned/muted you.

    Reason for your mute/ban:
    Make sure to follow exactly the ban/mute reasons given by the staff who executed the ban/mute on you.

    On what server were you muted/banned on:
    Name the server on which you were given the ban/mute. Examples are: Factions, Survival etc.

    Why you think it's wrong or right:
    Give a brief description of the context you were banned/muted in before giving your opinion on why you felt the ban/mute was unjustified.

    - Note: Tag relevant staffs (staffs on the server you were muted/banned, in particular the one who muted/banned you) in order to speed up the process of your request.

    Make the thread in the correct section, good luck.

    ~ xeph xo

    ps. this is now locked.
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