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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by jtherip636, Jan 30, 2020.

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    So far, I have been using my premium accoun xHams, in the server, and noticed that ppl were actually playing the game right but, there's this one drawback that is unfair to everyone, and that is the Kit Upgrades. I think Kit upgrades aren't necessary; for the game is not about PvP. Specially Scout, for me scout is the most unfair kit when u actually know HOW to use it. Spamming the Rod and use that UPGRADE that adds extra dmg to the next hit, is just unfair. Another thing is the fact when ppl are farming, it removes the reward of farming of ppl being able to hit you first before u get a hit because of their graceperiod(?) timer after spawning, farmers deserve xp , I think. lol, grinding their shit and going all out is not bad specially when anni is at its lowest right now. I think some OLD features needs to be back replacing some NEW ones in 3.0 to get the attention of other anni players in the community.

    This is all my thoughts only, Can I hear yours? upload_2020-1-30_23-42-0.png
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    I disagree, farmers should have to face a challenge, it shouldnt be as easy as just spawn killing random new players.
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