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    Welcome To The Bug Report Section!

    Here you will be posting bug/ glitch reports, but let us first tell you how to do it.

    Report duping bugs by admins or higher ranked staff members! We give donation rewards for these kind of reports!

    It is pretty easy just give us the following information:

    We might not be able to use your report without this format!

    Type of bug:
    Tell us what type of bug you're reporting. Examples are: Lag, No permission, Lost items, Error, Cannot connect etc etc.

    Name the server, examples are: Factions. Survival etc etc.

    If possible name the arena, examples are: SG-Arena12, Anni-02 etc etc.

    Date and Time:
    It will greatly help us out if you could provide us with the date and time.

    Visual information:
    If would be great if you could provide us with screenshots or video's. This will help us re-create the bug.

    Using this format will help us sort out the bug and find a fix for it so please use it.​
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