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Do you think the Clan System should be added?

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  1. ForumGodxD

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    I think you should add a clan system with 5-6 members (1 sub/reserve) to try and bring back the 'competitive scene' to Minecraft. I personally believe this would boost the player count and allow for more team fights/communication fights on the server. I also believe this would improve the server as youtubers will want to join clans to be more known in the community.


    -Clan Roles (Member, Captain, CO-Leader, Leader.
    -Prizes/Tournaments (funded by donations)
    -Clan Leaderboard
    -Clan ELO
    -Clan tag beside name in tournaments/clan fights

    The new mode I would personally like to be added is Debuff as a lot of practice servers have this and it is a very enjoyable/entertaining mode to play in duos.

    Thank You and I hope you take my ideas into consideration

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