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    Greetings, Guildcraft players of old and new. For the past week I was running out of interesting characters to talk about, until my friend ‘plats’ told me about a particular player. He is well known across the server, but I’ll tell you later in the comic. Now as a reminder: If you’re uninterested, not a fond of, or in anyway enjoying this comic... please leave this page now. I’m aware of people saying this is a waste of time, however its your time you’re wasting. If you choose to scroll down to the comments saying this is a waste of time, remember this is your choice. I’m only finishing what I started. Since this is my thirtieth comic, lets make this a special one. On with the story...

    Kocoski and I were leaving the Kingdom of Chaos, better known as the Kingdom of Rubble now. King Henry was butchered, the people burnt inside the roaring flames. There was nothing left, but the castle which caught fire from the village and began to burn to the ground. As we were leaving, we heard a cry for help coming from within the fortress. Kocoski rushes in and I follow behind him. The castle crumbles in our very presence as we attempt to find where the pleading was coming from. We turn behind us to find a stairway to a lower room, without hesitation, Kocoski leaps in along with me. We land at the bottom of the stairs, unharmed and unscathed.

    Kocoski: What is this place?
    PyroKnight: I’m unsure...
    ???: Help... us. Free... us. Don’t let us... rot down here...

    I look up and find a hallway of cages, covering up the walls. The silver bars keep monsters within to prevent them from escaping, yet that’s not where the voice was coming from. Further in the hallway, was a hairless man kneeling in the middle of the dungeon, strapped to the floor in chains of titanium. He growls in a deep low voice and a thick accent, his body is similarly shaped to a skeleton with skin and two short ears.

    ???: Who’s... there? Come to... free me from... my burdens? Relieve me... of my chains... please... I beg of you.
    Kocoski: We should help him.
    PyroKnight: Hold on, boy. Do you remember our last encounters? Everyone and thing that we either helped or come across, we got attacked immediately.
    ???: Becoming... self-aware, are we?
    PyroKnight: You’re not involved in this. Stay out.
    ???: Please good.. sir. I want to... see my family again. My daughter’s... glowing smile... my son’s... warming heart and... my wife’s glorious... presen...

    Before he could finish his sentence, he coughs and spits up blood. The one thing I noticed about him is that he never opened his eyes once. Insects were crawling in and out of his throat whilst dust floats around him like snow. Kocoski could not stand the suffering any longer, he rushes to the lock and sparks the lock right open! The creature rises up and reveals to be taller than Kocoski and I, his mouth opens bare, showing sharp fangs. The thing that got the most attention was his eyes, he doesn’t have two eyes or one. All over his body, one by one, green, mushy eyes opened up from his face to his arms and his back to his legs.

    ???: Thank you... I can... see my family once more. That wretched king took everything from me, now... it’s my turn.
    Kocoski: You mean King Henry? We already killed him.
    ???: You? You killed the King of Chaos?
    Kocoski: Yes.
    PyroKnight: Indeed. Whatever revenge you wish to bestow upon Henry is wasted.
    ???: At least that waste of skin is dead... and I’ll be able to see... my family again.
    Kocoski: Well, goodbye.
    ???: Wait just a minute here, boy. You can’t leave me, you need to help me find my dear family.
    PyroKnight: Enough... we’re leaving, as the boy said.
    ???: You dare ignore me, peasent?
    PyroKnight: Come on, boy. We’re leaving.
    Kocoski: But...
    PyroKnight: Now!

    The creature picks his chains up and attaches them to objects heavy enough to crush a man’s skull, yet easy to carry. He picks up one of his chains and swings them around in a circular pattern before flinging them at Kocoski. In that exact instance, I push Kocoski out of the way and cop a massive ball to the face.

    Kocoski: PyroKnight? Are you alright?
    ???: He turns away in my desperate time of need.
    Kocoski: We helped you get out of those chains! Can’t you find your family yourself! We put our lives on the line, we hurdled through fires, all that just to hear an old bag of wind com...
    ???: Fires? My family was on the surface... they... burnt?
    Kocoski: They’re nothing but ashes now... you can’t change that...

    Kocoski’s temper went from absolute rage into a sorrowful moment. He blinks his one thousand eyes and holds back his tears. He charges up his next attack to hit Kocoski successfully this time. Kocoski gets ready to dodge, however with the beast’s a thousand eyes he can see and even predict your next movement. Kocoski jumps to the left and the monster strikes Kocoski right in the jaw. I got up and the beast was prepared, charging up another swing, using the ball and chains like yo-yos.

    PyroKnight: You don’t understand what you’re doing.
    ???: I believe I do... you and the boy refused to find my family, then I find out that you killed them. I... am Noltie. Sworn to protect my family at all costs, defending my homeland. The Corrupted One, took all that from me and told King Henry to take my family from me. Now... you took them away for good. You selfish...
    PyroKnight: I didn’t know! Let us go... there’s a chance they could be alive.
    Noltie: In the wasteland above? Ha! What’s even more funny is that you’d think I would let go of the ones who killed my family? I hope you and the boy had a nice fulfilling journey... because this is where it ends.

    Noltie’s eyes turn from bright green to blood red. Noltie could see me from every point of view at the same time. I knew the smart thing to was to find a way to block his sight, however he could see it coming. The vicious monster gave me a violent stare, readying another attack. I roll behind a cage and Noltie knew exactly where I was going, a great force smashed against bars of steel, sparks flew from on side of the room to another. Kocoski gets up as well, Noltie gazes at Kocoski who’s attempting to hide from an all-seeing creature.

    Noltie: ARGH! I’ll find you, one way or another. I’ll tear your heart out and make you eat it! As for you, Knight... I’ll make your armour into SCRAP METAL by the time I’m finished with you.

    Noltie stomps around looking for Kocoski and I. The grand amount of fury that crawls inside him along with insects and arachnids, fuel his anger. Kocoski hides behind a stack of metal bars, then chucks one at Noltie, whom had seen that lunge from the corner of his eye. Noltie caught the metal bar and snapped it in half.

    Noltie: It will take more than that to kill me! Don’t try anything else... I know your every move.

    We were stuck in a tight spot. Noltie could track our every move, he could predict our next move and worst of all he can easily understand our next strategy and execute his attacks before we could even execute ours. I then remembered how old this dungeon was, surely an eight-hundred year old cave was sure to have dust. Noltie wasn’t the only one trapped in titanium chains, I came equipped with my own. I grappled the ceiling and brung dust to the floor, leaving Noltie no choice, but to shut all of his eyes.


    Noltie crawls along the wall and camouflaged himself. Sniffing us out in search of revenge, Kocoski and I withdrew our swords and prepare ourselves for a tough fight. Noltie leaps from the ceiling and throws Kocoski straight at me. I stab Noltie in a majority of his body which caused him to lose his sight, although he still had about ten or twenty that were unharmed. But Kocoski and I couldn’t stop there, we had to keep fighting. Noltie relieved himself of the dust from his eyes and swung his ball and chains wildly, breaking our surroundings and alighting fires that surrounded us. My chains tied with his and it turned into a game of ‘tug of war’.

    Noltie: Your pain... is MY pleasure. HA HA HA!

    Noltie loses his grip and Kocoski jumps onto Noltie’s back and poke out a few more eye balls. Noltie shakes Kocoski off and charges at him. I knock Noltie back and chopped an arm off him, he was screaming in pain. Noltie fought back and knocks me onto the floor, landing punch after punch into my face. I use the last of my strength to throw him into the blaze and strapped him in to leave his corpse to burn. He screams for help couldn’t save him, so forth he turned into a pile of burning ash. Kocoski turns back to Noltie and takes out a small, empty bag. Kocoski fills the bag with the ashes once the fires burn out. We return to the surface and the sun was shining brighter than ever. A strong wind was blowing, this was a good chance for Kocoski to release the ashes into the warm breeze. PyroKnight looks at Kocoski... and smiles.

    To be continued...
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    Add me next and my new secret love for GOT

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