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    Greetings, Glorious People of the internet. Don’t be surprised I have another comic for you all. Just for those who ignored my warnings or haven’t read before: For those of you who thinks this is dumb, boring or a waste of time, I recommend moving on from here. Now with that brief warning out of the way, for those who DO want to read... continue...

    The screams of the dead were ringing in NightTroy’s ears. When the cursed god looked up, he found himself standing in front of the Grand Graveyard. The Grand Graveyard was grim place, where no colour but black and white claimed the graveyard. Through the rotting trees, and the grey grass, light couldn’t enter the graveyard. Guarding the graveyard was a tall, rusty old fence, yet still a shiny silver as if it were brand new. Dark wooden signs were placed on cold, dirty bricks. They read: ‘Turn back’, ‘This place is not for the living’. Ignoring the signs, NightTroy rips open the gate like an old sock. NightTroy stalks the graveyard, looking for someone. He sniffs and grunts and like a hungry greyhound.

    NightTroy: I know you’re here... where is it?
    ???: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Turn back now...

    A voice echos from the further end of the graveyard. A tall man with grey long hair in black and grey clothing, turned his long, narrow head, revealing his sharp, white teeth. The Graveyard Keeper Scott, reaches out his hand and pulls a silver dagger covered in dark red blood, fresh from his back and places it carefully on a nearby tombstone.

    NightTroy: Another mindless peasant, obeying the fallen. Oh... how easily tricked you are.
    Scott: Troy, I serve my purpose. These souls have not yet been taken. They need someone to guide them to the heavens... I wouldn’t expect anyone as simple minded as you...

    NightTroy withdraws his sword and aims for Scott’s head. Scott repeats NightTroy except with an axe and a tiny dagger. The grave keeper tightens his grip and steps towards NightTroy, attempting to intimidate the God of Shadows. The breath of the dead filled the air, giving a heavy fog which was surrounding the ankles of the warriors. Scott lowers his head, facing the shroud of fog covering his ankles and lower, Scott then turns his head back up again, giving a smirk of confidence.

    Scott: Remember the last time we did this dance? Did your bones heal from that experience?
    NightTroy: Oh... Scott. Kind of you to ask but... they never felt better.

    TWING! NightTroy snapped his sword like a twig and threw the shattered blade onto the hard concrete floor. Scott’s gleeful smirk turned into uproarious laughter. NightTroy’s arms turned into a black substance, similar to the one he killed the doctor with. Scott pauses his laughter whilst NightTroy shapes his left arm into a large sword and his right arm into a larger hand, with razor sharp fingernails. NightTroy stares at the Graveyard Keeper, sensing fear from him.

    Scott: What is this abomination?

    NightTroy’s eyes glow a bright purple and lunges himself towards Scott, whom rolls out of the way, landing on his feet. Scott turns back and faces NightTroy, the little boy he saw in NightTroy... was nothing but a monster. Meanwhile back at the desert not far off from the Kingdom of Chaos, we find PyroKnight, Luisa and Kocoski running towards the Great Falcon. The enormous bird fell face flat onto the ground, now drowning in its own pool of blood. After we landed, Luisa pushed us out of the way and she sprints towards the Great Falcon, Kocoski follows behind as well as I. As soon as we were in the sight of the bird, we heard a scream of rage getting louder and louder until later it hit me in the face... literally. A fist large enough to cover my entire face flings me across the dusty desert almost three-hundred feet away, falling flat on my face.

    Kocoski: PYROKNIGHT!
    Luisa: ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!
    PyroKnight: Arrrgghh... what was that?

    Struggling to find the strength to stand my ground, I smack my hand on the ground and push myself back up. As I looked up, I found a foot laying right in front of me, I follow the foot leading up to a leg which lead up to a body which lead up to a head who was Jai the God of Strength. Jai was wearing a cape that covered his entire back, seeming to hide a big lump on his back, it was sticking out like a turtle shell. Jai grabs the neck and picks me up like a rag doll, he snorts and breathes heavily. I can feel his breath, engulfing my face.

    Jai: You’re foolish to come out of hiding. You shouldn’t have come back.
    PyroKnight: Jai... ugh...

    Jai whacks me across the desert, lifting sand into the air with bits of my armour being scraped and dented, I could not find a moment to pick myself up and breath. Jai doesn’t let up once he gets into a fight, he’s full on brutal. Kocoski runs in to help out, but instead finds himself on the floor bleeding from a single punch to the stomach. Kocoski wounded and coughing up blood, he uses the very last of his strength to bring himself back on his feet. Jai reverts his attention back to me and with no hesitation, continues to clobber me with every single punch. I pushed his arm and uppercut him straight in the jaw, he felt nothing. I summon Excalibur and stab his heart, also does nothing but breaks the sword. Luisa was clever and jumped on Jai’s back to try and blind him, but she could not hold on for long. Luckily for Kocoski, he had a plan to save Luisa and weaken Jai. With Kocoski’s newly found abilities, he summons a lightning bolt and quickly yells ‘JUMP LUISA!’ Luisa leaps off the God of Strength and lands on her arms, cushioning her fall. Roars of lightning could be heard and out of the sky, a lightning bolt strikes Jai exactly on the head, not doing very much damage, but weakened Jai’s skin which allows him to feel pain.

    PyroKnight: Not so tough now, are you?
    Jai: Urgh... argh... I’ll crush you... if it takes everything I have...
    PyroKnight: So be it.

    Jai roars with anger and charges towards me, I used my sword and stab his shoulder causing blood to pour out like a kettle of hot water. Jai shook off the sword and snapped it in half. Jai looks back up at me and sees a fist almost an accurate size to his, land straight into his eye. At this rate, it was an equal fight until... I stabbed his massive lump on his back... which turned out to be a dead woman. The woman was Marie, Goddess of Hope, who was said to hold all of the hope in the world in her body. Looking tall, thin and frail, Marie actually weighed more than the earth itself. Staining the sand with blood, the corpse of Marie fell to the ground like stone. For a moment Jai looks blankly at the Goddess and drops to his knees, picking her back up and raising her into the heavens. Marie shines a shiny green and gets brighter and brighter till the suns light can be seen no more.

    Jai: Marie... Marie... MARIE!!!!
    Luisa: What’s happening?!

    Jai screams of anger quakes the ground and Marie transforms into a pile of bright green dust. The three of us have a long stare at Jai, who was just standing there, looking at the ground... with no hope. Suddenly the earth began to quake again, but not by violent screaming... by the anger Jai holds within. Jai clenches his boulder sized fists and his lifeless face became a quick symbol of wrath. The green dust who was once the Goddess of Hope, now has been absorbed by the God of Strength... has become even stronger.

    Jai: You... YOU!!! NOW... IT’S YOUR TURN!!!
    PyroKnight: JAI NO!!

    Jai stomps his foot on the ground, causing sand to fly in the air. Whilst we were blinded by the temporary, Luisa was rubbing her eyes to achieve a clear image, instead saw a blurry green light, striking towards Kocoski. Luisa had no time to think, she leaps right in front of Kocoski and BOOM! The Sandstorm was over and Kocoski was frightened to see Luisa’s head far from her body. I withdraw my sword and take a blow at Jai, his reflexes were on point and flung me into the air. I fell straight back to earth where Jai awaited to knock me back up again. I pulled out my chains and wrapped it around his neck, thrusting myself towards him, knocking him to ground. I pulled the chains back causing him to run out of breath, he gasps for life and will not go down so easily, Jai’s neck is thick as bricks. Kocoski comes up from behind and inserts his sword right in Jai’s stomach. Jai reaches out his log sized arms and attempts to grab Kocoski, he strafes back and charges up a thunderbolt.

    Kocoski: YOU KILLED LUISA!!!

    Before Kocoski delivered the final blow, I pulled Jai back and pulled his lungs right out of his back and tossed him into the pool of blood, pouring out of Arjen the Great Falcon where Jai was sentenced to drown for eternity. Back to Scott and NightTroy, who continuously swings their weapons back and forth at each other thus causing blood to shower upon them. Scott walks in a corner and catches his breath, realising it’s hopeless since both are immortal, meaning neither of them can die even if they wanted to. Scott looks back up to NightTroy and speaks in a low eerie tone that made even the dead shiver.

    Scott: Why? Why do you continue? It’s utterly hopeless... you can’t kill me, I can’t kill you... leave... just leave.
    NightTroy: Tsk tsk, just because you’re immortal... doesn’t make you immune to EVERYTHING!

    Scott gets puzzled once NightTroy finishes his sentence. NightTroy’s arms fade to black and tear their way into the graves of the fallen, devouring the souls of the damned. Scott fell to his knees as his skin was burning off him, cough and wheezing if he had caught a plague.

    Scott: Urgh... what? What did you... do to me?
    NightTroy: Put you out of your misery... now where can I find the Council of Ten?

    Scott’s life was fading, there was no more hope for him, with his last breath... he gave the information NightTroy needed.

    To be continued...
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  2. Angry945

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    Ok I have a few things to say abt this comic
    2. ‘Fade to Black’ nice Metallica reference
    3. Jai seems like an interesting character u know being a god of strength carrying the heaviest woman in the world and how he loved that woman so much
    5. Add titles to ur comics not just Comic 1 Comic 2 etc Make it sound like a chapter give it a title
    6. Just tell us the fudging ending i’m tired of coming back here every sunday to read this
    7. I swear NightTroy is like Venom
    8. If u murder Koco I’ll kill u
    And lastly Pls bring scott back to life he didn’t deserve this :—:
  3. ScottAS

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