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Discussion in 'Help related questions' started by FoxtrotCentauri, Oct 28, 2019.

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  1. Bad7Leroy4Brown

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    It all boils down to this, really. In my years on GC I noticed some trends. Good, responsible, and popular people became staff and thus a change began. The higher the staff level, the more the person became disassociated from the community, less engaged and more managerial. The joy of playing Minecraft with friends was replaced with the busy work of managing. This was complicated by ambiguous rules which might leave one player banned and another still playing for what amounts to the same offense. Things like that are a huge headache for a responsible admin who wants to do the best at his/her job but can never be sure they're doing the right thing, even when following written guidelines.

    If I had wanted to, I would have been next in line for a head admin position. Had I been asked a year earlier, I probably would have accepted it, but with the extra time I had as full admin, I had learned that I didn't want the next job. Every head admin's term ends in one of three ways: either they simply go inactive and stop logging in, and need replaced; they go full idiot and try to severely damage their server(s); or they languish for long periods, becoming mostly inactive, less friendly and engaging, and you can see that all the fun is gone from the game they obviously loved once.

    I couldn't let that happen to me. I was already taking on a lot of the day to day responsibility of the head admin, and I didn't want my entire gaming life to be tied up in managing someone else's server anymore. By the time a person spends a few hours on builds, event planning, answering user questions, checking forums and discord for issues, fixing things or maintaining bug lists, watching for hackers, recording and banning and then spending hours dealing with appeals and arguing with every single one because "BRO I DON'T HACK YOU CAN ASK THIS OTHER PLAYER!!!!" The fun was gone. I didn't enjoy logging in to play anymore.

    Whatever happened to sitting out on the ocean fishing with a few friends and waiting for the sun to set? Working together to build a clever mob trap? Minecraft was just a few hours of work every day and a rush to log out and go invisible on discord.

    Good people who at one time devoted themselves fully to helping GC be the best that it could be, have later become bad staff members, and it's not their fault. The system that puts all the work on volunteers who have all the responsibility but no true authority is to blame for that.

    Players: if you love Minecraft and want to continue to enjoy the game and time with your friends, don't ever make a staff application :)
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  2. Olof

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    I never thought there would be someone who won't accept any criticism with fully provided evidence. Couldn't be me.

    This is taking too long and the solution is simple, The Fox guy provided enough evidence to take the head-admin role out of Jacky. explaining everything from how he supposed to be to how he already is.

    @FoxtrotCentauri you should go for Law major in college bro. with that many sentences, the judge will stop reading and take ur word cuz who tf gonna read 3760 words pfft

    @Elise1886 You know what to do. Either give a statement on why he should stay or replace him temporarily until a good replacement is found.

    and requesting lock cuz no need to dig deeper. all points have been cleared.
  3. FoxtrotCentauri

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    Please lock, and provide an update on this thread once you have your statement on his removal, or a justification on why you'll be keeping him ready.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 31, 2019, Original Post Date: Oct 31, 2019 ---
    I requested this unlocked temporarily because unfortunately I have to add to this thread and my complaint.

    It has transpired that Jacky20 no longer has any punishments under his bminfo, it has been purged.

    Can I ask, is it possible that he has removed his own bminfo history, or asked someone else to do it?

    If this is the case - How can a head-admin just have his own bminfo purged simply because it's bad for his image/ego, when there are players who are incorrectly punished all the time, or they are "reformed" and want their histories cleared?

    In the worst case scenario, Jacky has cleared his own history which simply isn't acceptable. Is this what has happened?

    Or was the mute considered an invalid mute after review and removed by Elise/aXed?




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  4. FuriusMCGaming

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    I'll agree with you.
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  5. FoxtrotCentauri

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    @aXed When are you going to be free to respond to this complaint and/or address some of these things?
  6. dapander

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    And so it goes.... a week went by and we still have no sufficient response addressing the criticism given by fox and other members of the community. Seeing aXed and Elise actually respond to some minor comments on here gave me some hope for a game changing decision. oh well oh well hhhhh

    big dab moment btw
  7. WAR Corporation

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    Damn true.

    This point is so true. When I resigned I still had perms for about one year (but that also happened with PracticePvP). Heck, I might even have some survival and practice perms as we're speaking.

    I think the main problem here is that axed isn't really losing enough money and is just not worried about anything anymore.
  8. TigerStrike

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    Honestly this dates back to 2017 when Kees should've gotten head-admin, not him.
    Not surprised of the outcome.
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  9. Elise1886

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    aXed and I were talking about it before he had some stuff come up and has not been online for us to speak. This is not being ignored at all we're looking into it
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