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    Stats suggestion:

    :rolleyes: if i'm not wrong, KDR means Kill death ration and it's all about the comparation between deaths count and the kills count.
    :rolleyes: but how about the comparation between the Kills count and the playtime to see a player if he's lazy at doing some work for killing or not?
    :rolleyes: it's useful to know how many kills a player gets per day to tell if he's a tryhard/Farmer/early rusher or a lazy person that doesn't care about killing much.

    although i don't know what's it's supposed to be called but here's an idea of it:

    :rolleyes: 1st. if you have 1k kills with more than 1 day playtime, it means you don't kill that much amount of players frequency (1k kills < 1day playtime) and you would have less than 1 (below 1)

    Example: Player A has 1200kills and 4 days and 8 hours playtime
    Result: first: 4d, 8h is 4.33333 Days playtime
    1k kills per 1 day ----------> 1
    1,2k ÷ 4,33333
    1,2k kills per 4.33333 day ----> 0.27

    :rolleyes: 2st. if you have 1k kills with less than 1 day playtime, it means your getting kills very frequency and even more than your playtime

    Example: Player A has 25864 kills and 12days and 4 hours playtime
    Result: first: 12d, 4h is 12.166666 Days playtime
    1k kills per 1 day ----------> 1
    25,864k ÷ 12,16666
    25,864k kills per 12,16666 day ----> 2.12

    so there you go, if it's higher than 1, that would mean the player is faster at killing (more kills than his playtime compared to days)
    and if it's lower than 1, that would mean the player is really slower at killing.

    Why it's useful? (Not recommended to read if you get the point of it)

    Even tho KDR is the right way to tell a player is high-skilled pvper, but not as always, you see... there's alot of players who never rush or attack an enemy (or the nexus) unless they get powerful gear to higher their KDR unfairly compared to other Players who rush everytime and get most of the kills Faster than the farmers themselves but sadly not as high KDR as them farming a nexus over and over again (so they rarely die compared to others), these farmers spend over 20mins gathering XP without killing a single enemy in their nexuses for nothing but getting much OP(ier) and they never care about their nexus or defending it cause they would probably stay away from their base cause they all care about being greedy and rich just to farm after over 20mins doing nothing..... while other work pretty hard to get the highest and tons of kills more than the farmers since they all just keep mining for EXP and Not xp just like other players.
    so now we get that higher KDR doesn't matter, as long as they're just being used for Farming on late time (phase IV), but the new "stat" thingy will be better to tell the different between 10/10 pvpers who kill very early and faster at the same time compared to 04/10 ones (which are of course farmers cuz don't do shit other than wasting time just for EXP)

    Not to mention but:

    KDR = Kill Death Ration = Kills ÷ deaths
    ??? = Kill playtime Ration (KPR)? Kill Timer Ration (KTR)? need #feedbacks what to call this new type of stat
    NOTE: kills is counted with K (EXAMPLE: 1248 kills is 1.248k Kills) <1 thousand in one letter which is 1k> anyways:
    ???k kills ÷ playtime (Days)


    -i'm a bad title writer
    -i didn't make sure i would read it again after i finish so i'm not sure if there aren't missing/not understandable parts of it, so good luck huehuehue
    ME: ;)
    YOU: NotLikeThis -----> PepeREE
    -i copied this this from discord so don't get confused
    -need your feedbacks! :confused::confused:
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    In short terms:

    ur stats don't matter, only whatever currency is in the game (if the game has a currency, in this case XP) and how many kits you got, stats don't matter at all but it lets others judge u

    if u have 1000 kills but like 100 deaths ur probably good
    if u have 10000 kills but 20000 deaths then u die alot

    just lets others know if ur good or bad in a sense
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    Decent suggestion but You’re overthinking the concept you have created too much, and making it sound more complicated than it’s meant to be.

    To sum up what you’ve said: you want an “Average Kills Per Day” stat added to the game so it’s easier for you to determine if a player is a Farmer/Rusher .etc and to determine their playstyle.

    E.g 360 kills in 48 hours
    Average Kills Per Day = 180

    Pretty simple suggestion but it could be literally done with any stat

    >> Average Deaths Per Day
    >> Average NexusDamage Done Per Day
    >> Average Wins Per Day

    Instead of isolating the one stat you have suggested, a separated command could be created named something like “/statAverage CyberHazard daily/weekly/monthly” that displayed how much Stats you’ve gained on Average Per Day/Week/Month
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    I see kdr.
    I'm gonna say i have 69 kdr on kitpvp.

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