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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Bonsuno, Jul 22, 2018.

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    So people have decided to give me kit names to work with, and this is what I have. Keep in mind that the abilities and stuff can be changed still etc etc

    Edit 1: Completely Reworked Dragonslayer and changed Thief's Second upgrade

    Dragon Slayer: 30k

    You are the hero, slay mighty enemies with your sword and bravery

    Ability: Unbreakable Will: When activated [By clicking on ability item] Gain resistance and regen for 5 seconds, and activates a passive: Whenever you get a kill with this effect on, you will do an extra 0.5 damage with any melee weapon [Caps at a bonus 3 damage].

    Tools: Sharpness 1 Wood sword, Prot 1 leather chestplate, wood tools.

    1st Upgrade: [15k] Conqueror: Passive Ability: For every enemy around you, gain an extra 1 true damage per hit. [Caps at 4 damage which is 2 hearts]

    2nd Upgrade: [20k] Agile Footwork: When you kill an enemy, any other foes around will be knocked back 3 blocks and you gain speed 2 for 8 seconds.

    3rd upgrade: [25k] Excalibur: You will now get a sharp 1 stone soulbound sword, and everytime you proc agile footwork, You reset Unbreakable Will and heal half a heart.

    Thanks to pyro Knight for the kit name

    Thief: 35k

    You are the thief, your gambling skills and stealth prowess have brought this far.

    Ability: Smokescreen: Right click your ability item to activate. Upon activation anyone around you within a 5x5 area will receive slowness 1 and blinded for 8 seconds. During this time, if you manage to hit the opponents back 3 times in your smokescreen radius [Without them leaving], you will receive a random NON soulbound item from their inventory [Armour included]

    Tools: Gold sword, Wood tools, Gunpowder [Ability]

    1st Upgrade: [20k] Advanced tech: You can now throw your smokescreen, just right click the area you wish to throw it to. You also now receive speed 1 when in your smokescreen.

    2nd Upgrade: [25k] Dangerous Gamble: By paying 4 hearts of your own, You reduce the amount of hits required to steal an item to 2, and if you managed to steal an item, you regain 6 hearts and reduce the next gamble’s cost by 1 heart. [Max is free :O]

    3rd Upgrade: [30k] Master Profiteering: If you steal an item from an enemy, you receive 15 gold gain speed 2 for 7 seconds, Allow you smokescreen to give weakness to enemies, and increase your smoke screen duration by 2 seconds.

    Thanks to Hakerthunder for the kit name

    Spartan: 25k

    You are the strength, plow through armies and win without a sweat.

    Ability: Javelin Throw: [Right click your sword] Throws your soulbound sword [Does not actually consume item], Travels pretty slowly so it’s possible to dodge. If it hits an enemy, it will throw the enemy 3 blocks in the air and deal knockback [knockback 2’s strength of knockback], deal 2 hearts of damage and reduce the ability cooldown by 5 seconds.

    Tools: Sharp 1 wood sword, wood tools

    1st Upgrade: [15k] Impale: If the enemy hits a wall when they have been thrown by backwards by the javelin throw, They be unable to move for 2 seconds and you gain speed 1 running towards them.

    2nd Upgrade: [20k] Shield: gain an ability, when used, You block the next enemy attack, and if it was an enemy ability attack [Ex pyro burn, Ninja Shuriken, Archer Sniper, Scout slow,] You Gain speed 1 and strength 1 for 2 seconds.

    3rd Upgrade: [25k] All Might: You now have a chain chestplate, and regain 1 heart per kill.

    Thanks to Only_Anni for the kit name

    Also if 12334 is reading this, i'll make your freezer kit soon ;)
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    Okay you really need to chill
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  3. Bonsuno

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    Ey people asked me to make kits
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    nice kits
  5. Bonsuno

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    ty ty
  6. Only_Anni

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    WoW About The Spartan Kit I would 100% Buyied Already Its Sounds Amazing!
    Bonsuno You Are a True Mod !!!
    Who tries every time in his 100% power to do the best for the members of Anni:p:D;);)
    I Really appreciate you hard work and the Fantastic Kits who you make!!
    Keep Going Forward Bonsuno Hope you One Day Become a Admin of Annihilation:p:rolleyes:
    You Deserve it:):)

    Peace Out <3
  7. TheCatsKing

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    For some reason already thought on kits like these before, except maybe Thief.

    Dragonslayer -
    About the kit ability itself, imo Succubus already has the same effect, and doing something like this would just outclass Succ. Also, i don't think having more execution abilities like this one would be good for anni, basically because farming is also a part of it, and because dying in general isn't something people love to do.
    The upgrades are just too op. 2 true hearts damage after 3 wooden sword hits is just insane. Also "leaving them weaponless" would mean that the dragonslayer has no way to lose a fight after 3rd hit, as you can just refresh that.
    Overall a pretty fun kit but only if you are the one using it. Fighting vs a Dragon Slayer must be hell.

    Thief -
    I like this one, the second upgrade might not attract people's attention though.
    Also the idea of stealing enemy objects is kind of controversial, but may work.

    Spartan -
    Overall a good idea, but as i said a few times, ideas like this one take a lot of coding, and might end up really buggy. One way would be throwing a 2D sword item, but that's just horrible aesthetically.
    The upgrades seems fine, but i don't think Impale can be coded, correct me @minion

    Btw, i smell League of Legends here heh.
    Garen/Vayne - Akali - Patheon/Vayne
  8. Bonsuno

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    I'll rework Dragonslayer and probably change the second upgrade for thief, as for spartan i'll ask minion if it's doable

    I just tried to make kits based on names that people gave me :(

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    oof so many classes
  10. Pyro Knight

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    Oh... You actually did it... Congratulations.
  11. hakerthunder

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    hmmm i dont know what to think
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    So beautiful !
  14. Chexii

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    i prefer dragon slayer is the name from an anime i may know by fairy tail xd
  15. KryptoRC

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    I really like theif and spartan, but idk about dragon slayer
  16. Masoto123

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    Good kit suggestions!
  17. uryfgoifh

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    dragon slayer agile footwork needs to br like a 20% chance of it per kill. imagine someone farming and u keep getting throw away from them every second and they basically get perm speed II.
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    well i didn't understand anything but i give you +1 for your hard work :)

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