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do you want eggwars 2

  1. Heck yeah

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  2. no eggwars sucks

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  1. ScottAS

    ScottAS Mod Mod

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    i know so many people did this before but we need eggwars back i see so many people quiting these days because eggwars isnt there atleast let us know when eggwars 2 is coming out and GC is dieing it only got 22 players sometimes we need to bring eggwars back alive #saveGC #SaveEggwars
  2. Sir_Lolzalot_X_1

    Sir_Lolzalot_X_1 Journeyman Member

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  3. Dablion

    Dablion Faithful Poster Member

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    ew 2.0 is in development as elise told me there is no set date for ew 2.0 for now and for all ew players i think its best to wait for best gameplay we dont want them to rush it and fail like other gamemodes and giving a set date now and not releasing it. It will become a meme just like other gamemodes so i request you to wait:confused:FeelsGoodMan
  4. Jonodonozym

    Jonodonozym Plugin Developer Staff Member Developer

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    EW 2 development has been on pause for a while now, and I recently just picked it up. I'm in my final year of university, so progress will be slow. Also, since it's being built from scratch, there is a lot of work to be done. As Dablion said, we won't be setting a release date until it's ready. Expect to wait at least a few months.

    In the meantime, feel free to try out other similar game modes with active development such as Annihilation, Kitpvp and PracticePvP.
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