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  1. Cpt_Thunderholo

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    most people these days get Disconnected from a game due to many reasons like, because of low internet connection or due to the high number number of people in that server. or maybe even because of their Minecraft version. This could also help the people that might have accidentally rage out of the game and eventually regretted that moment. What happens is that, let's say you rage out of the game or even loss Internet connection, and right after the Situation you faced, you could actually do /rejoin something like that to Reconnect to the game that you were in! The rejoin system actually could be seen in some servers like HyPixel. so this could be a way to promote the gameplay of Eggwars in GuildCraft!


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  2. Thekillermatic

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    Hello Cpt_Thunderholo,

    I already had this on my list for the future eggwars update, so thanks for reminding me!

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