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    I think this settings actually makes the game easier when picking up items, cause you don't need to put the materials (Iron, Gold, Diamond) that could cause to buy that certain Item! just one click is enough to buy the Item you need. But the Materials needed to invest should be with you. the Idea behind this is shown below.

    2018-09-15_23.30.41.png 2018-09-15_23.30.38.png 2018-09-15_23.30.41.png 2018-09-15_23.30.52.png
    2018-09-15_23.30.38.png 2018-09-15_23.30.41.png 2018-09-15_23.30.38.png 2018-09-15_23.30.41.png View attachment 42293

    I don't know if that the Eggwars shop settings could be changed like this because it's a cracked Server, but if it's possible, I would like to see this process in the Future

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