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Discussion in 'Factions' started by SalmonTunaCaker, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Hello there, i heard that faction need more event to gather the players, so i would like suggest something..
    I know there are huge problems in faction, and the reset will be soon, but i will just suggest my idea..
    The event itself will be called office war..

    How to Play
    So yes the game itself there will be 4 different teams, and each team will be spawned in the middle floor of office building, and every players will get an archer kit with infinity bow (or will use sword and armor, it will need further discussion about the armor and kit)..
    And also players would be able go to the roof of building, other's building, and any place in the maps, to kill each other, and so the winner is the last team who will survive the game....
    The event itself won't need much plugin to be implemented, it will just as simply as deathmatch game..

    The maps itself, it would be like this :


    Each team will be spawned in the middle floor of building (red area), and there will be many windows in each building, the office building itself will consist roof, main door, some rooms to hide, and simply stairs (blue area).
    There will be garden outside of buildings, with simply just grasses and some trees (green area).
    And yes there will be also streets (gray area) and simply central park (dark green area).
    The office building itself roughly will be like this :


    or simple version :

    and yes, it will need further discussion for the maps and buildings, and also there will be border that can be placed by invisible block, or void.
    source : google image

    Working in a company is really getting stressful and messed up. With uncontrollable overwork time, dictator bosses, and alot of documents that need to be finished within a week. So some workers thinking to order some AK-47 via eBay, and started to kill each other to reduce stress. lol :D

    The winner team will get blaze/creeper spawners for every person in team, and extra spawner for the last man standing

    How to Improve
    - Map, buildings, and kit need further discussion, but moreless will be like that
    - Make the event reusable, like weekly or monthly
    And i would be pleased to help admin to arrange this event, if this suggestion accepted.

    Warm regards, and thanks, sorry for my bad english..
    I dont know who to tag but here @short1der @donald @aXed @EpicGodLight

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    To be honest, I really like that concept, tho its not up to me to decide for stuff like this on factions, anyway I ponged short on disc with it :3
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    Thank you :D
  4. R3D_G3KKO

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    +1 Great idea
  5. FarGamerPro

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    i really think this is a good idea they should also make a crate for this events and stuff to get better item

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