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By aXed on Jun 7, 2019 at 7:02 PM
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    Date & Time: June 9th 17:00 CEST

    The following changes have been made
    • Removed mobstacks from being one hit, Increased mobstack amount to stacks of 1000.
    • Hopper transfer speed has been tweaked to 64 items per 32 ticks
    • *NEW* Custom mob drops added, the following drops are custom:
      • Endermite = Emerald 125$
      • Villager = Diamond 100$
      • Silverfish = Ghast Tears 50$
    • *NEW* Spawners
      • Endermite = 6.5m
      • Villager = 4.5m
      • Silverfish = 2.5m
    • Removed exp requirements when buying mob spawners
    • Shop modified, two new sections added
      • Colored Blocks
      • Grinding Drops
      • Mob spawners
    • Stacked mob tag colors modified with new colors.
    • Shop Colors have been revamped.
    • BanManager now shows time left when muted upon a message
    • Faction TNT storage has been enabled with unlimited storage space. /f tntfill has also been re-enabled.
    • Trench Pickaxes are now unbreakable.
    • *NEW* currency called ‘’mobcoins’’ has been added, you can receive these coins by killing mobs. There are mobs that have a higher percentage to drop coins. Down here is a list of the drop percentages per mob, You can check your mobcoin balance by typing /mobcoins balance <player>’’.

      when you redeem your coins there also is a way to return them to physical form, do this by using the command “/mobcoins withdraw <amount>”

      Drop chances:
      • Witch: 25%
      • Blaze: 20%
      • Zombie & Skeleton: 15%
    • *NEW* Money Pouches have been added, these will be able to be obtained through crate keys. Right-clicking this money pouch will give you a random amount of money. There are different tiers of pouches variating from 1-5. The higher the tier, the higher amount of money you will receive.

      Price Ranges:
      • Tier I = 1K - 10K
      • Tier II = 10K - 50K
      • Tier III = 50K - 200K
      • Tier IV = 200K - 500K
      • Tier V = 500K - 2M

    • *NEW* PlayTimeRewards:
      Redeem your rewards with the command /preward.
      • Hourly Reward = 15K Ingame Money
      • Daily Reward = 25K Ingame Money
      • 24 Hour Reward = 30K Ingame Money, 1X Cow Spawner
      • 7 Day Reward = 50K Ingame Money, 2X Skeleton Spawner, 2X Zombie Spawner
    • *NEW* Horizontal Netherrack gen buckets have been added, $ 150 Per use
    • *NEW* Horizontal Dirt gen buckets have been added, $ 150 Per use
    • *NEW* You can now use “/clearlag” to check how long is left for the next clear to occur
    • *NEW* TNT wands have been added to the shop! Right click a chest to transfer all of the TNT inside of that chest into your factions TNT bank without having to type any command at all.
    • Envoy has been revamped, rewards are 10 times better now and there’s a higher chance of better tier crate drops.
    • Ignited TNT and falling sand will no longer be removed during entity clear
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by aXed, Jun 7, 2019.

    1. PizzafirePvP

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      Its like tryna bring back the dead. F
    2. Gunnu

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      Finally hearing players for the first time eh axed . Well too bad no info on payout nor a good damn trailer . Made that gc yt channel for banters gl surviving .
    3. finaldestiny

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      Gc revival bois! Let's do this
      I just want a few of the OGs to come back so they can rek me in factions lol
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      Are you a mod on factions?
    4. bobcat172nd

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      Don't have idea how to play factions but im gonna try it :)
    5. Peta

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      Was until I quit gc recently

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