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    Introducing Faction Season 1

    POSTPONED, due to constant toxicity within the faction community I've decided to postpone the reset. I will first focus on closing down some empty servers and other resets. The constant bashing & toxicity made me hate this job and I'm tired of it. At this point, I rather lose the faction community and actually enjoy working on the server again than having to deal with it.

    Yes! here it is our totally not stolen idea from other servers! But in all seriousness, we needed a major change in order to compete with other competitive Faction servers. It would be cool to be the to-go cracked server that offers a similar experience as current premium ones.

    So here are the end rewards after Season 1
    • 150 paypal - 80 buycraft
    • 80 paypal - 50 buycraft
    • 40 paypal - 25 buycraft
    • 20 paypal - 15 buycraft
    • 10 paypal - 10 buycraft
    Total: 350 euro Paypal*

    * The will be payout rules to prevent factions from hiding their wealth and suddenly become first on the last day.

    How it works
    Each season will consist out of 5 days of a grace period and 3 weeks of playtime. So in total, the season will take 26 days. The factions at the top 5 at that time will be the winners of the Paypal rewards and buycraft rewards. The server will then reset within 2-10 days and the next season will start with the same or maybe even higher rewards depending on the success (So the more people buy the higher the reward.

    I don't expect Season 1 to be perfect but many changes have been made and many more will be made to fix possible issues that may come to light. One investment was already done by purchasing one of the best performing spigot versions for Faction servers. This spigot comes with the following optimizations compared to our old spigot. The current faction server also runs this version but has only ran it the last couple of weeks.

    • Completely recoded TNT mechanics
    • Cannons & walls don't need to be loaded by players to work (leave cannon and it wont blow up)
    • Heavily optimized getCubes
    • Triangles completely fixes and lagless
    • Option to disable left shooting
    • Option for efficient wall damage
    • Fix blocks which break falling sand
    • Ability to toggle grace period /graceperiod
    • New redstone algorithm (heavily optimized)
    • Obsidian Destroyer (includes bedrock and other unbreakable blocks)
    • Heavily optimized hoppers
    • Fixed spigot hopper freezing
    • Optimized spawners
    • Optimized tile entities
    • Optimized players (including sotw optimizations)
    • Sand optimization
    • Lighting optimization
    • Dispenser optimization
    • Piston optimization
    • Packet sending optimization
    • Thread affinity
    • Mob stacker
    • Built in live tps graph /tps
    • Set global spawner values including minimum spawn delay, max spawn delay, spawn count, max nearby entities, required player range, and spawn range
    • Chunk mob limiter
    • /tnttoggle and /sandtoggle for hiding sand and tnt entities
    • Toggle redstone and piston packets
    • Fast pots & async pots
    • Optimized hit detection
    • Infinite sand plate patch
    • Ability to pearl through fence gates, string, and cobweb
    • Toggle whether hitting players disables sprinting
    • Toggle weather/rain
    • Toggle leaf decay
    • Ability to disable cactus damage
    • Piston push limiter for auto cannons
    • Flawless printer
    • Toggle player footsteps
    • Toggle mob footsteps
    • Disable roof cannons
    • Toggle whether lava and water can form cobblestone, stone, or obsidian
    • Toggle whether explosions damage players
    • Toggle sand drops
    • Toggle whether iron golems drop poppies
    • Toggle iron golem fall damage
    • Limit webs per X,Z coordinate
    • Toggle spawner particles
    • Toggle spawner mob AI
    • 1.8.8 based with the ability to have 1.7-1.13 support using plugins
    • HashTreeSet crash fix
    • Mob tracking optimization
    • Faster spawner calculation math
    • Collision optimizations
    • Limit TNT and sand packets
    • Toggle TNT fuse sounds
    • Configurable /version command
    • Optimized math
    • Overall optimization for everything in the spigot to offer better performance in every aspect of your server

    Other changes
    • Return of chunkbusters /chunkbuster
    • Spawner mine radius protection
    • When an enemy player is within 200 blocks you will not be able to mine a spawner.
    • Introducing shockwave tools
      • Shockwave pickaxe
        • Difference between a shockwave tool and a trenchtool is that the shockwave tool can and will break. The shockwave tool also puts the mines blocks in your inventory while the trench tool doesn't.
      • Shockwave Shovel
      • Shockwave Hoe
      • Harvester Hoe
        • Harvests all your sugarcane in one click and sells it all
    • Cactus has been removed from the store, the eco will now be based on sugarcane. (As suggested by @SemBedrock)
    • Faction plugin has been replaced by an upgraded version with more features.
    • Introducing faction missions with /f points & /f shop
    • Factions will be able to complete missions and earn points with these missions. These points can be spent at the faction store which can be opened with /f shop.
    • Several missions examples
      • Catch 100 fish
      • Tame 100 animal
      • Kill 100 zombies
      • Enchant 100 items
      • This list can go on and on. You are only able to do X missions at a time and each mission can only be done once.
    • Added /f inspect
      • This allows you to see who of your faction placed or took any block in your claims. You can also see who and what was taken from chests.
    • Added /f invsee
      • This allows you to check your fellow faction members their inventory if they are online.
    • Added /f corner
      • This command will claim the entire corner
    • Added /f global
      • Turn off global chat for yourself and see only faction chat
    • Added /f weewoo
      • Warn your entire faction that your faction is being raided
    • Added /f PayPal
      • The PayPal address used to pay out the /f top reward at the end of the season
    • Added /f check
    • Added /f stealth
    • Obsidian durability is now 4 from 6.
    • Spawner drop rate with TNT & Creeper Eggs has been changed to 50% from 30%.
    • Changed the genbuckets. There are now genbuckets specifically for going upwards or downwards and for fixing walls (Aka patching, suggested by @SemBedrock).
    The reset is not ready yet for release and will be tested publicly before the actual reset. When the public test has finished the actual reset will be planned.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by aXed, Nov 9, 2019.

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