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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Griffin3039, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Griffin3039

    Griffin3039 Megumi's Waifu Member

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    Hey, I'll be listing some ideas that are "realistic"

    1. The report system
    @WitheredToast has already made one for KitPvP but I'm hoping it can be more versatile, in a sense that reports can be stored with a report ID. Which means players can only report the same user once. It'll be in the "inventory" until a staff dealt with the report. On top of that, we can also send reports to a specific Discord text channel. Remember, the security of the Discord text channel is purely based on how the user sets up his/her Discord server, its roles and channel settings.

    2. The lobby
    Although yes, this suggestion may make the lobby even laggier for some players, but its to give the lobby some spotlights. Honestly the lobby looks great, but it'll be great if you could do something in the lobby. Player music via note block sounds, hide & seek, parkour, boat racing and etc.

    3. Prison Warp Free
    As of now, warp free is commonly used to get villagers from zombie spawners. and then used to get Apples. It'll be much better if warp Free has more purpose. For example, treasure hunting; CTF; selling mob loots.

    4. The vote system...
    Well, lets be honest here, not a lot of people vote. Some players were complaining why votes aren't global. Personally I understand that this tactic is used to gain more votes, but that isn't the case if I were to give a reality check. Might as well make it global as we are desperate for vote counts...
    For those who don't understand why vote counts are important, it plays a role in Minecraft server popularity.
    Even if this suggestion is rejected, please make rewards more feasible. An example:
    Annihilation: Instead of 50xp, it should be + x2 global booster for 15 minutes per vote (to make it fair for people with different ranks)

    5. The BanManager plugin
    As of now we are manually keying in /tempmute, /warn. Since theres a database for history counts, might as well use that for a more advanced, automated banmanager system. Warn, mute and ban and its duration are automated.
    Command syntax: /pu [name] [reason]
    In a case where theres an exception:
    Override command syntax: *Same as the OG banmanager system*

    Not only will this relief staff from remembering the punishment duration, it prevents staff from mistaking a old player from a new, thus, reducing human error.

    6. Auth
    Well as someone has suggested before, and I agree CAPTCHA is a good option to avoid DDOS. It does not have to be complicated, but maybe do a random Math, with different switches for different CAPTCHA scenarios in case somehow the DDOS expects the same CAPTCHA pattern.
    In English, for example, I choose a number from 1 - 5:
    If 1: Choose the color red
    If 2: Type the word 'HI'
    If 3: Solve 1 + 1
    If 4: Shift 5 times
    If 5: Jump 5 times

    Imagine a DDOS attack, someone using a KVM, it'll be easy to circumvent that 1 CAPTCHA pattern if its the same, then the CAPTCHA would be redundant.

    If you agree with my above suggestions, please rate agree, if not then don't rate it.
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  2. PikaCrafterFan

    PikaCrafterFan Consulting Detective Member

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    7. Shut it down, too late to do any of this.
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  3. tpg01

    tpg01 Survival Lord Staff Member Head Builder

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    8. I disagree with Pika.

    Some of these ideas are inspiring, for example 2, 4, and 6 are ones I'd like to see.
  4. Awab4444

    Awab4444 Enthusiast Member

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    Suggestion #4 used to be my idea.
  5. Aevox

    Aevox SkyBlock | Head Administrator Staff Member HeadAdmin

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    Partly agree with #1
    Dont agree with #2
    No opinipn on #3
    Kinda agree with #4
    Agree with #5
    Confused with #6

    Disagree with #7
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  6. Olof

    Olof Ancient Poster Member

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    Nah it's toooo late

    If you wanna make a dead server alive u gotta start from the root which is aXed

    If aXed won't do anything, nothing will happen. I fully gave up on trying to make this alive but nah everyone said it will die and it's proven now.

    no point of suggesting. Even tho those are horrible ones lol
  7. Verang

    Verang GOD Member

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    Should sell the server to me. We will work together to make GC a vital server again, by spending several millions of dollars in youtubers and managers. I'm also willing to invest money into buying the company so-called 'Google'. I have talked with the owner and they said they will not hesitate on working on a deal with me. I will use my secondary company google, to advertise GuildCraft in any way possible, whatever a person searches. If you were to look up '****' it would show up GuildCraft for example.

    Thank you for reading.
    Respect bro
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  8. abdullah234

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    Remove anni3
  9. KyocellHD

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    Well regarding the #6 one, thats just a bot attack and not an actual ddos. Captcha is actually an efficient way to stop bot attacks but ddos works differently and a captcha will not be effective against a ddos attack whatsoever.
    There might be cases where the bot attack might end up crashing the auth server itself which can cause more problems for players logging in.
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  10. Vurow

    Vurow Broken Admin

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    someone smart ^

    theres a difference between sending "players" (bots) to a server and sending packets and a captcha plugin wont stop packets lol
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  11. doudddd

    doudddd Enthusiast Member

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    in General good ideas but you need aXed to agree on some , but hopefully we get some changes like the ones you suggested. :D
  12. RaveZ_Official

    RaveZ_Official Newbie Member

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    Lol do u even know what DDoS means? U talking about joinbot attacks not about DDoS attacks.
  13. Griffin3039

    Griffin3039 Megumi's Waifu Member

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    Yes, I had a brain lag... I meant bot attacks or worse still IP hacked PCs with KVM switches to attack

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