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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Green_Creeper, Sep 16, 2018.


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  1. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    Global Leveled Ranks will be more likely to be more fun if we add this to the server (I'm kinda late so, I was hoping that this will be added before the grand release of Anni 3.0 but its already been release so a moment of silence for this suggestion). So this Global Leveled Ranks will have tag on the player's name on the chat like for example the newbie. Newbie rank will have a tag &7[N] (gray colored text) on the chat or in their player tag (it depends where you like it). This rank will also likely to unlock Miner kit on Annihilation in which if they reach 1k xp they will unlock the kit! So that's how the global leveled rank works in anni, so now the purpose of the xps in anni will be use to buy some stuff in ability shop like mercenary in which it will give you 2x boost on your xp if you kill a player. And it can also buy some stuff like the kill effects (in which I will also post a thread about it) can bought using the anni xp. Anni xp can also be use to upgrade the kits so it will be easy to upgrade kits(if you will agree to my suggest just higher the price of xp needed to upgrade the kit). So now if they have the max global leveled ranks in the server, they will unlock the ultimate kit called the Scout in which it is the higher global leveled rank on the server. But some of the kits will not be unlock and still it will be bought using the xp. So I will now list the global leveled ranks I will be suggesting:

    1. Newbie
    -Unlocks Miner kit
    -tags can be this &7[N] (Before the player's name on chat or player tag)
    2. Fighter
    -Unlocks Archer kit
    -tags can be this &8[F]
    3. Master
    -Unlocks Warrior kit
    -tags can be this &f[M]
    4. Grandmaster
    -Unlocks Lumberjack kit
    -tags can be this &9[GM]
    5. Arch Master
    -Unlocks Builder kit
    -tags can be this &e[AM]
    6. Supreme Master
    -Unlocks Ninja kit
    -tags can this &e[SM]
    7. Ultimate Master
    -Unlocks Spider kit
    -tags can be this &e[UM]
    8. Great Master
    -Unlocks Bard kit
    -tags can be this &e[GrM]
    9. Great Grandmaster
    -Unlocks Pyro kit
    -tags can be this &e[GrGM]
    10. Great Arch Master
    -Unlocks Dahser kit
    -tags can be this &6[GrAM]
    11. Great Supreme Master
    -Unlocks Handyman kit
    -tags can be &6[GrSM]
    12. Great Ultimate Master
    -Unlocks Scout kit
    -tags can be &6[GrUM]

    The developers or the admins can decide how much annihilation xp is needed to achieve these global leveled ranks.

    I hope you like my suggestion! :)

    Have a nice day to all <3

    I am ready for any feedbacks :)
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  2. ngyuyang

    ngyuyang Admin Admin

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    A global levelled rank but it's only for anni? You know global means the whole server right?

    Also isn't that too op? Miner kit for just 1k?
  3. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    Well, as what I have said at the end, admins or the developers can decide how much xp they will require to achieve the rank :) Its only an example to explain my whole suggestion ;)

    Also, what I mean for global is for all the lobbies in anni so yeah. :) <3
  4. TheMinecraftProLord

    TheMinecraftProLord Admin Admin

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    i was thinking of things people can do to achieve kits without the use of xp.. [secret ach (finish all ach) = secret kit]
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  5. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    Thanks xD
  6. HonLour

    HonLour Honorary Poster Member

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  7. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    Thanks <3
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  8. HonLour

    HonLour Honorary Poster Member

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    Having some kind of other kits as a newbie will help alot in making the game more entertaining and soon exciting as a player continues to gather enough xp for their desired kit. And Anni got some devs so ...
  9. 12334

    12334 Quick Digit Member

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    Sounds like shotbow
  10. rewardedcarton

    rewardedcarton Jr Developer Staff Member Admin

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    Seem like this is copied from sb forums considering you are using their kits.
  11. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    Its different, all of their leveled ranks can be achieve easily, if you guys don't want the same thing as shotbow. You can change it a little bit so it won't be as the same as what shotbow have because shotbow can get kits with all the ranks in their game while on my suggestion, only the basic once are achievable. :)

    Thanks for the feedback by the way <3 :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 16, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 16, 2018 ---
    Oh hell no xD I won't copy their forums because its dumb xD :) plus the difference is that they don't have tags on their ranks they have and also the names I used for the leveled ranks are different from them xD

    And also if you want to not as the same as what shotbow has, just change it a little so it will be unique.

    Thanks for the feedback <3 :)
  12. Raffyfied

    Raffyfied Member Member

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    the ranks are cringy but ok
  13. Olof

    Olof Ancient Poster Member

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    hmmm ranked needs rename and some nerfs and buffs.
    good idea.
  14. Vurow

    Vurow Broken Member

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    You're literally getting basically every good kit (some are from shotbow) and what's the point of xp then?
  15. JohnBean2014

    JohnBean2014 Forum Veteran Member

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    I don't think that this idea is totally necessary and might make Anni confusing.. but if it is added these things should be added/fixed.

    Firstly, every name should be able to be abbreviated in chat ex. Master = M.
    Now some of the names could use work and they should also be very simple.

    I think to unlock these kits you should have to do these three things:
    -Pay a certain amount of xp
    -Play a certain amount of games
    -Get a certain amount of kills

    Also, I think that these should tie into the abilities you can unlock in-game. Meaning that once you reach a certain level, you can unlock an ability in the shop ex. Enderchest level 1.

    For every other level upgrade there should be a kit that you unlock ex. Miner, warrior, Archer, handyman and the kits that aren't too good to be free.
    Along with being able to unlock these kits there should be a set number of things to do before you unlock the kit ex. Miner:
    -Mine 1000 ores while using miner
    -Mine 10 diamonds while using Miner
    -Mine 100 ores before phase II

    It would be cool if particles could be unlocked from each time you level up, kill particles and Nexus damage particles.

    Well this is sounding like my own idea so I'll leave it at that.
  16. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    I see, thanks for the feedback :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 17, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 17, 2018 ---
    Well as what I have said on the thread I created. The purpose of the xp will be used on upgrading the kit, buying abilities in the shop and some can be bought with kits that is not included with the rank.

    Thanks for the feedback btw :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 17, 2018 ---
    Good idea though, maybe I should edit the thread after reading the feedbacks.

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. :)<3
  17. TheCatsKing

    TheCatsKing ★★★★★ Member

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    I know you didn't copy this, basically because your mistyped Dasher

    But most of those kits are only on shotbow, so you basically wrote the whole thing again without even checking GC kits?

    Imo we shouldn't copy other systems like this, we may create our own, but that's all.

    Btw i'm supposed to be out of here
  18. Green_Creeper

    Green_Creeper Member Member

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    Oh, I see. Well we can change this one even more unique so it won't be like "copied" in shotbow.

    Thanks for the feedbacks! <3 :)
  19. BacoTaco85

    BacoTaco85 Grasshopper Member

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    I don’t think it’s good idea
    because it will make “xp” useless
    u can unlock so much kit without xp
    but it’s good to newbie anyway

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