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    It’s time to say goodbye:
    Rest in peace, PracticePvP.

    Release Date:
    August 14th, 2019, 4:00 PM UTC​

    Its the third anniversary of PracticePvP. Today is a day to celebrate, for PracticePvP is finally receiving a proper reset!

    ArenaPvP is days away! Quite a bit of work needs to be done for the full vision of ArenaPvP to be realized, but it is fully functional as is. Most issues have been ironed out through testing. We hope you enjoy ArenaPvP, and as always, we would love to hear your feedback!

    Current Updates
    ArenaPvP is written from the ground up. Nothing remains from the original PracticePvP. Everything that PracticePvP did, ArenaPvP does better. Here is what to expect with the Open Beta:
    • Parties have been added! Queue together with your buddies and show everyone else that your clique is the superior one!
    • Solo play / bot practice, as showcased before. Numerous bug fixes have been issued for bots.
    • Better match history
    • Complete elo rollbacks for hackers. Simply message an admin with proof of either the player getting auto-banned or evidence of the player hacking. Everyone who faced the hacker will have their elo returned instead of each player individually requesting their elo back.
    • New matchmaking system
    • Overhauled elo system
    Future Updates
    Here is a list of features expected to be added in the near feature. They are listed in order, based on priority and likely-hood of being added.
    • Re-add combo mode (top priority)
    • Kit Viewer / Editor (this is almost finished, but not ready for release)
    • Inactivity system
    • YouTube ranks
    • New Ranks (in-game and donator ones)
    • Addition of new ladders
    • Additional of game modes (to be revealed at a later date)
    • Trust-based matchmaking (queue with players considered as trustworthy as you). This will be based on a variety of factors. Some examples of factors that will be taken into consideration are play time and matches played. (If this is implemented, this means you will be more likely to queue with someone who has played 100 hours if you have played 110 instead of queuing against new players).
    • Implementation of ladder system that will cycle out ladders (depends on community feedback, player count, and whether or not trust-based matchmaking is implemented).
    • Improved cosmetic system
      • The economy and experience will tie in with this
    • Experience system
    • Implementation of economy
      • Will tie in with cosmetic system
      • Examples of things you would be able to do with money is put down wagers on matches
    • Achievements
    Season Winners
    All players in the top 10 will receive a special rank exclusive to Season 2 winners. The top 5 will receive their euro coupons shortly. The top three will receive a special role in the Discord and additional rank exclusive to them. The perks for these special ranks may be a little light on perks initially, but over time, these ranks will gain early-access to certain features, as well as exclusive perks. Please contact me or @Jatinsingh on Discord to verify your identity.
    1. TheBlueGecko
    2. ThnxM8
    3. ImxWoods
    4. SmoothV2
    5. Noltie
    6. yReektayy_
    7. NightTroy0
    8. knuternn
    9. jolej100
    10. YashP
    WARNING: Anyone caught hacking either before or after receiving these roles will have all roles, ranks, and perks revoked!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by short1der, Aug 11, 2019.

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