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Why do you use Fortune III?

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  1. Minerals (Diamonds, redstone, etc.)

  2. Crops (Apples, nether wart, etc.)

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  3. I don't

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    Welcome to Westpoint Knowledge. In this series, I cover topics that have to do with Minecraft's mechanics, what I've been doing on the server, etc. Today's topic is How Good is Fortune III?​
    For those of you who do not know, Fortune III is a powerful enchantment that increases the yield of ores, crops, and gravel. When making Skyblock farms or mining up a stone generator, you should use this feature to create something out of nothing. For without out it, you will gain fewer minerals per ore.
    Back on track, How Good is Fortune III? According to my calculations, gold and iron drop one ore as always. Coal, diamonds, emerald, and quartz drop 2.2 minerals on average. Redstone drops 6 minerals on average. And finally, lapis drops 14.333 minerals on average, by far the most. I get these calculations by multiplying the mineral yields with their drop rate and adding all the products together. Look up "Lapis Lazuli Ore" in the Official Minecraft Wiki and you'll find that my calculation for 14.333 lapis minerals is correct.​
    Moving on from that, how cost effective is it on the Skyblock server to use ores over mined minerals or blocks. Coal ore cost 26$ each, coal mineral costs 12$, and coal block costs 330$ each. Per coal mineral, each respectively cost 11.82$, 12$, and 36.67$. So, the coal ore wins out and so, I suspect that the /shop is designed to promote ores albeit by a very small price margin. For diamond, the respective pricing per mineral is 36.36$, 90$, and 92.22$. For emerald, the respective pricing per mineral is 77.27$, 180$, and 200$. For gold, the respective pricing per mineral is 70$, 90$, and 73.89$. For iron, the respective pricing per mineral is 56$, 60$, and 61.67$. For lapis, the respective pricing per mineral is 7.68$, 2.31$, and 13.33$. For quartz, the respective pricing per mineral is 12.73$, 12$, and 8.50$ (though quartz blocks cannot be converted into minerals). For redstone, the respective pricing per mineral is 7$, 3.33$, and 16.67$.
    The only cases where on average, buying ores is worse is in buying lapis, quartz, and redstone. On the other hand, obtaining 100 emeralds by buying 46 ores, which costs 3,554.42$ is 14,445.58$ cheaper than buying 100 minerals, which costs 18,000$. This simple change could be a time-saver, considering that players AFK in farms to purchase blocks, crops, food, redstone, and mob eggs for daily use. The big takeaway is Fortune III is always better for obtaining more resources out of a single ore, but the /shop on this server is inconsistently cheaper or costlier with items that take a little more work to obtain. For example, a nether star is the same price as a beacon, but 8 obsidian, 1 ender pearl, and free blaze powder from a farm are cheaper than a single ender chest.​
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  3. Vurow

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    thats crazy but
  4. zap_slash896534

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    Fortune 3's good
  5. i_am_kingclutch3

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    i didnt know that u can use fortune for crops and i have been playing minecraft for 5 years lol
  6. abdullah234

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    I don remember asking
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  7. _Asuna_Weeb_

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    Well actually

    Fortune III gives a chance to multiply drops by 2, 3, or 4 (20% chance each, averaging 120% increase). 1 drop has a weight of 2, and each number of extra drops has a weight of 1.

    some information about Fortune III
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    Can u use fortune 3 for crops?. I never try it but i think it cant be
  9. pinguinlover

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    Wait can u use fortune 3 for crops? i didnt even know

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