»I can't vote for one of the choices for voting pls help :(

Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by cednfjeyhfuerfw, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. cednfjeyhfuerfw

    cednfjeyhfuerfw Grasshopper Member

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    Guys for some reason i can vote for minecraftserverlist pls help me :(
  2. Xeph

    Xeph BedWars | Head Administrator Staff Member HeadAdmin

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    Hey @cednfjeyhfuerfw,
    At the moment all of the voting websites should work and give you the rewards except for TopG, as you are unable to enter your IGN to receive a reward.
    Can you send a screenshot / snippet / alt + prnt scrn of what voting looks like for you on MinecraftServerList. This can be useful as we may be able to assist you further, and potentially provide a solution.

    ~ xeph xo

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