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Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by nikoslygnos12, Oct 22, 2018.

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    Lets take the things from the first (sorry if my English is bad)
    Today I will talk for the skyblock not the whole gc server.
    Some suggestios I have :
    1:Server Need A Reset to add A new Map and few things back
    2:We need Redstone Back to sugar canes farms works again.
    3:It would be nice if the last reset map come back or even the 2-3 resets back the pvpbox.
    4:pvPMine need to have rare materials.
    5:Make the shop prices a bit higher (for the farming things so players can make some $
    6:After Reset but an once kit reset that will be able for the first month only of the reset.
    These are some ideas that I have it would work or not none know but it would help a lot everyone.
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  2. kachun

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    These are my opinions on your suggestions:
    1: The server is indeed having a reset, as you probably read in the monthly news. There will be a new map and new features, but those are yet to be released.

    2: The redstone was causing a lot of lag and issues in the server, hence why it has been nerfed to a limitted amount. The sugar cane farms were breaking the economy, people got 100M from just selling sugarcanes, and this is not fair/good for the newer players.

    3: As i said, there will be a new map, whether there will be a functional pvp-box is something you will see when it gets released.

    4: This is indeed a good thing so that people are more encouraged to go there, instead of what it is now (barelly anyone in it). With rare materials people are more interested and makes it more active. Let me/us know what kind of materials you were thinking of!

    5: I know what you mean, but higher sell prices will mean that the buy prices will get higher as well. In the result this will mean that basically nothing really happened, and there will be an inflation.

    6: I dont understand the suggestion, could you explain it a little bit more?

    Thanks for suggesting things, feel free to suggest more of your ideas and maybe they will get inserted next reset!
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    I do, he is basically saying to create a kit that would be available for anyone to use only in the first month after the reset. Bad idea IMO, doesn't add anything to the reset actually. The only thing you are asking for is "Please I want more stuff at the start of the reset to make my life easier." If that's what you want, buy a rank.

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