»kevinslender uses wurst client to place a "crashchest"

Discussion in 'Report a player' started by Karthon, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. Karthon

    Karthon Grasshopper Member

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    offender: kevinslender
    type: glitch/bug with hacked client (after looking it up i found out it was wurst's CrashChest exploit"
    server: creative
    when: today, 20 minutes ago


    Also! I can't log on to creative without crashing so could @Sanjeet @KinqCake tp me to spawn, thanks.
    If this isnt enough evidence, I can show you the actual chest on his plot when I'm tped out, and I was curious so I middle clicked it and it was a chest that was titled "copy me". Then i broke the chest and like a billion other chests popped out of it and then i crashed because of the number of packets sent/received exceeded the server limit or something like that.
  2. Zelotez

    Zelotez Quick Digit Member

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    I don't think this is enough evidence. He might've used a modification (That isn't a hacked client!) to do that. I know of one that could preform such a thing easily. Still, it might get him banned for illegal modifications. We'll see what staff say, though.
  3. KinqCake

    KinqCake Watermelon Builder

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    Fixed! Player is banned.

    @Zelotez Don't comment on reports you aren't involved in. You've been warned.
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