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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by 210577, Jul 13, 2018.

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    When anni 2.0 was released, Jono decided to remove 3 kits from the old anni that were "too similar to Acrobat or Scout". I'm here to suggest a reworked version of all 3 kits that might be fit for Anni 2.0. I also regret to inform you that my ideas cannot be crammed into a double post (as far as I know), and therefore I have to use a Google Doc again.


    P.S. I've already posted a similar thread back in May but deleted it after realizing that Slime was too much like Mage. Please don't call me a post farmer :(

    Coming Next: Kits Herald, Saboteur, and Graviton
  2. DappyKape

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    When theres a slime kit theres a magma kit. I got another suggestion, for the slime kit, you can switch abilities between slime and magma. For instance, when using the swamp ability, it is switched to a "nether-like" swamp while in magma mode. These are just my opinions in making the kit more interesting

    And as for the fart, the "inflict poison I" ability upon landing might need a change. Viper already has a similar ability and it also makes zombie kit more op.

    Overall good suggestions.
  3. ngyuyang

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    Flying for 2 seconds is a bit useless but other than that the kits are unique and could be fun to play.
  4. TheCatsKing

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    Good job with Flyer! I really like it. Guardian might be too op though, but we could change it so the Flyer also affects nearby allies and enemies (Yea a drawback). We could also change the -2 arrow damage for less flying speed, but overall i think it's a pretty good idea. I don't know how hard is it to code though.

    About Slime, i think it's fine but i personally don't like abilities that change blocks, they seem unstable :S If we can avoid the bugs then it's pretty good.

    About Farter, we don't want to bring back a kit with that name, but you can just change it. I don't know how to change the ability though :/ But i like the idea of a kit that charges by eating.
    No but seriously, we won't bring back an anal-themed kit.
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    Burper, good replacement :tick:

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