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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by TheLivingArt, Aug 28, 2019.


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  1. TheLivingArt

    TheLivingArt Newbie Member

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    You are the Eye
    Reveal your enemies' location
    using your Eye of Ender who
    discourages sneaky attempts
    to sabotage your team.

    Golden sword, wooden pickaxe, wooden axe, Divination (Eye of Ender)

    Divination-Cooldown: 30s
    • Passive Effects: Receive an alert when someone enters your base. (Unless they enter while invisible).
    • When you right click on the Eye of Ender, it gives all enemies the Glowing effect for 10 seconds which reveals even invisible enemies. If someone is in your base when you activate Divination, you and your teammates will revive an alert. ​

      (Note: Only you can see the glowing auras)

      How it works
    • Lets say an enemy Spy decides to infiltrate and camp your base. If you happen to use Divination, you will be be able to see all enemies, including the invisible spy for 10 seconds. In addition to that, everyone on your team will be alerted of the enemy's presence but only you can see him.
    • But, if someone else snuck into your base without an invis pot or anything to turn them invisible, only you will be alerted.

      You know those invisible spies and assassins who get to roam around freely all the time? They seem to be very powerful as long as they're unseen which can lead to early destruction of your nexus.I feel like this might be a good concept for a counterplay. I just feel like this game needs an anti-camping kit. ​
    If you have any suggestions on how to improve this kit, let me know in the comments
    Reminder: This kit is my concept of how it might work in the game, changes will be finalized when it reaches the game.​
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  2. ngyuyang

    ngyuyang Nimble Knuckle Member

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    Imagine the alert spam during a tp rush
  3. ProWolf28

    ProWolf28 Journeyman Member

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    It seems useful for defending but i wonder what upgrades u can suggest.

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