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    The Constructor

    Your years of building have come in handy. Your skilled labor helps reinforce walls, protecting them from foes. Create walls for defense, or use it as protection while rushing.

    Cost: 25,000 XP

    Passive ability: you spawn with a half stack of wood. Every time you place a block, you get haste for 3 seconds.

    Main ability: Support block

    You get 6 support blocks (Prismarine block? With each block every team-placed block within a 5 block radius gets reinforced. (The same ability as wool). It will take 3 breaks to completely break the blocks.

    Upgrade 1: Reinforce (7,500 XP)

    It takes 7 breaks to break a block instead of 5. Along with the blocks, you also get Resistance 1 within a 5 block radius around the support block.

    Upgrade 2: Better, Stronger (10,000 XP)

    Instead of spawning with 32 wood, you spawn with 32 wool. However, if somebody tries to break the wool blocks or blocks near it, it will alert you that somebody is trying to break it. It will give them slowness 1 for 4 seconds

    Upgrade 3: A helping hand (15,000 XP)

    Team members around the support block get strength 1 and resistance 1 within a 5 block radius. It will cause enemy players to get mining fatigue 1 around the block.
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    they should add a builder kit or so
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    I like this +1
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    I like the kit seems interesting for like bridging or u can make it around a tp but it will definely change some stuff in rushing. The upgrades seem interesting.

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