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    What is KitPvP?
    Kitpvp is a competitive game mode in which you can choose a kit from a bunch of various kits that are displayed. Although you don't have all of the kits unlocked when you make a fresh start, you can unlock them by progressing in the game.

    The game consists of a bunch of fun goals to achieve such as achievements. By finishing the achievements you will be rewarded as you had deserved it. There will be seasons that last a month and by the end of every month, the Top 5 players are going to be rewarded.

    How to get Kits?
    Obtaining kits in KitPvP is merely easy. You choose one of the default kits, by using the Kit Selector (An emerald), which are free to everyone, kit Peasant and Kit Warrior, and you start your journey. At your journey, you will encounter enemy players, which you have to kill in order to gain coins and score. The coins you obtain by killing your enemies can be used to purchase brand new kits at the Kit Shop.

    At the Kit Shop (An Diamond), you will find a bunch of kits some of them will not be purchasable by the coins you gather by striking down your enemies at the battlefield so you have to obtain them in another way. The Premium Kits will be able to be obtained by purchasing them at the GuildCraft Shop, achievement kits will be unlocked once you had finished the required achievement for it.

    Looking to make your kits better? Well, there's a solution for that as well! Once you had purchased a kit you had wanted, you simply go to the Kit Shop and find the kit you want to upgrade. In order to upgrade it, you will need to pay some coins this varies on the level of upgrade you want to obtain for your kit.

    Can't obtain the Kit you wanted?
    Well here's the solution to that problem. The Kit rotation, every five days one of the kits will be available to everyone to test it out. This way you can experience and decide what kit suits you the best and start gathering the coins to buy it!

    Wondering what's the free kit of the day? Just do /rotation in-game and find out!

    What is the score for?
    As it is mentioned before, by killing your enemy you are obtaining the score. The score is used to progress further in the game, more score you get the higher prestige rank you become. The score is the essential core to your progressing, by gathering the score you are going up towards the leaderboards among of the best KitPvP fighters.

    Now you are probably wondering, why would I try to get on the leaderboards? Am I getting anything with that? Well, here's the answer to your question. Making it higher on the leaderboards, among the Top 5 players, will not only make you one of the best KitPvP fighters it will also reward you with some rewards at the end of every season at KitPvP. Those rewards are GuildCraft Euro Coupons which you can use at the GuildCraft Shop to purchase fun things for yourself.

    After every season, your score is going to restart, meaning you'll have to start gathering score again in order to obtain your position in the leaderboards.

    Want to track your progress?
    In order to track your progress and the number of coins you had obtained, you simply use the command /stats. By executing this command, you will have all of your stats displayed. Starting from the overall playtime you have on the server, continuing to the number of kills, deaths you've got and a lot more.

    Is there more?
    As you had done the achievements you had obtained rewards such as Achievement crates & coin boosters.

    What are these for?

    The Achievement crate you have obtained can be opened, at the Crate Area, where you can win a bunch of random rewards from coins to temporary kits and even better crates!

    The crates are divided into three categories: Achievement, Uncommon & Rare crates. Each crate has its own rewards.

    What is a coin booster?

    By winning a coin booster in the crates or obtaining it by doing the Achievements you are making your enemies worth more on the battlefield. The coin boosters or multipliers can vary from x2 all the way up to x8. Meaning they are multiplying your coin gatherings, by the desired times.

    Need help with something that hasn't been explained here?
    If you need any help about something that hasn't been mentioned here you can always feel free to ask the Staff Members of the server. They are always very welcome to help everyone out!

    I hope that this post had helped you on your journey through KitPvP.

    Best of luck on your way of becoming one of the best fighters of KitPvP.


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    then get get banned by whoever gave u the tips


    nice tutorial, might help noobs but make it shorter since i dont think anyone is gonna read the entire thing, just summarize this into a small paragraph (u learn this in 5th grade)
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    you guys will never reach 100-150 players like old times with this staff team
    useless resets useless updates won't help anymore
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    great guide, should help out a lot of newer players - ill still be terrible tho x

    ~ xeph xo
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    nice guide!
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    You could always help out by telling how to fix the server and being positive.
    Here you are not helping the server and making your self look like a toxic PVPer

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