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By Nija12 on Mar 12, 2019 at 8:38 PM
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    I am happy to officially announce the new KitPvP update!
    It has been long in the making, but it is finally here, with a bunch of new features.

    What's the plan?

    On the 16th of March at 15:00 CET we will release the new KitPvP Remastered BETA and it will be online during the follow 2 weeks, in which time we will work with you, the community, on finding any game breaking bugs and sorting them out so they wouldn't pose a problem during the actual reset.

    On the 30th of March at 15:00 CET the brand new KitPvP Remastered will be online and ready for play, and that is when our 6 month long season will start.

    We have created a new system which will last for 6 months, starting with the 29th of March and during this period players will be able to win many prizes. Every month the Top 5 players will be rewarded with shop coupons, which would be given out in this order:

    1st place - 20 euro coupon
    2nd place - 15 euro coupon
    3rd place - 10 euro coupon
    4th place - 5 euro coupon
    5th place - 2.5 euro coupon

    After the 6 month long season comes to a close, the Top 5 players will receive even better rewards, and the player with the highest score will receive a grand prize fitting for the achievement:

    1st place - 50 euro PayPal and 50 euro shop coupon
    2nd place - 50 euro coupon
    3rd place - 40 euro coupon
    4th place - 25 euro coupon
    5th place - 10 euro coupon

    KitPvP BETA information:

    During the BETA period all the kit will be unlocked which means you will have time to test each of the kits. We will also be using an older KitPvP map during these 2 weeks.

    New features:

    - New look
    - New kits
    - New spawn
    - New map
    - New achievements
    - Normal kits reworked
    - Supply drops
    - Crates
    - Coin boosters (Personal & Global)
    - New ranking system
    And more...

    None of this would be possible if it weren't for the wonderful people who helped make this update happen in the 1st place @rewardedcarton @Adro @NinetyNine
    Credits for the new maps go to our build team and the head-builder @Verang
    And a thank you to @Xeph for providing the graphics for this thread.

    P.S. KitPvP is looking for new staff members, feel free to apply.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nija12, Mar 12, 2019.

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