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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by aXed, Dec 4, 2019.

By aXed on Dec 4, 2019 at 1:38 PM
  1. aXed

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    Originally I wanted to create a post where I would announce Elise as Co-Owner but something has been brought to my attention resulting in this post instead.

    As most of you know by now yesterday a large part of the staff team wanted to leave/ had left the server due to the lack of management from my side. I’ve been struggling with my mental health and was seeking escape in roleplay on GTA 5 (I will explain on this further later in the post). This was the final straw for them since my mental health and thus my work on the server has been going up and down for a long time now.

    I completely understand players and staff alike to get fed up with this since the only thing they see is me playing a game while the server needs work. Combine this with earlier situations where Elise/ staff was fed up and you get a mass leaving of staff. At this point, I was not yet aware of what was been happening behind my back.

    Apparently, they were planning on creating their own server. Which again I do not blame them for, Elise deserves her own server and if she had left yesterday with the people who wanted to join her there would be no hate. If I put myself in their shoes I also would want to start my own server.

    Anyway, I kinda shut down at first when this happened not knowing what to do and even went on a rampage saying that I don’t care about the staff leaving and that I don’t trust them. I had a feeling something was going on. (Funnily enough, my point got proven since they were already planning behind my back) I also knew something was wrong since there were constant leaks from head admin DMS and well I went full retard, never go full retard.

    At this point, I really wanted to keep Elise since she is the backbone of GuildCraft so I offered her Co-Ownership. To be precise I wanted her to take over Bedwars and let her be free to create her own new servers under GuildCraft. So she would host those servers and earn their income. Looking back at the offer not that great but it gave her the opportunity to actually do her own thing hoping that it would make her happy.

    She was kinda vague on if she wanted it but kind of agreed to it. Some of the people who had left also wanted to come back and I kind of hoped that this would be a new beginning.

    It wasn’t. Her plan for starting her own server which would have been fine if she left. Instead, she altered her plan for her own server. Now I’m gonna leave it up to you the reader to decide for yourself. It is at least pretty clear they were planning to fully take Annihilation and eventually split off to their own server. But it would most likely have been much worse.

    Decide for yourself, here is the proof of this all: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...f_-_general-chit-chat_647248977414062081.html

    No need to say that they all have been demoted and banned (With the exception for shortr1der who is the only fair person in this entire story) for the protection of the server.

    Now on how to move further? Well, I have to say I’m still not sure. I have however decided to demote most staff to mod since I have no idea who is involved at this point and who is not. The staff team will be rebuild.

    Now to the part of why all of this happened. Most of the people involved in this story kind of knew what was going on with me but especially Elise knew. This makes this entire thing so hearth breaking because I saw her as a friend. I’ve been having a hard time with my mental health.

    To give a short explanation standing up from bed is hard for me, feeding myself, cleaning myself, cleaning basically anything and of course the server. I’m lacking in every part of my life for a long time with better and worse periods. Lately, I’ve been seeking some escape in roleplay on GTA which improves my mood a bit actually and I will keep playing that. However, I’ve been doing it way too much lacking even harder with the server.

    This most likely was the last straw for them and if they did indeed just left and created their own server then I wouldn’t actually have been so heartbroken by all of this. But anyway I’ve been getting help for my issues and I hope it will help to get the server back on its track.

    I do not want GuildCraft to become big as before but rather a nice and friendly community with good and quality servers. This is why we have closed: SkyWars, SkyGrid, Eggwars and Op-Prison. This does make it easier to manage which is already a huge plus point and I promise you I will do my best. I hope my best is enough for the time to come, at least I’m currently fueled by anger instead of sadness.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by aXed, Dec 4, 2019.

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    1. tomatonator2000

      tomatonator2000 Admin Admin

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      take care of your mental health first and then the server. your own happines is more importand than a server
    2. SemBedrock

      SemBedrock Faithful Poster Member

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      Still angry about the fact that you blame everyone but yourself and that you are able to get rid of an entire community without hesitating because they are "too toxic" But I guess that's the end of factions then :shrug: Anyways I hope you feel better soon.
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    3. AndrewtherealGR

      AndrewtherealGR Ancient Poster Member

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      Tfw you demote and ban every person who's actually tried to help, only for the ones you left to betray you Kappa

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    4. GoDsDaD

      GoDsDaD Journeyman Member

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      Ite, you won the sympathy card on using your mental health to justify the lack of involvement. Thank you for being honest with us it's not an easy thing to admit to. I've been there done that got the t-shirt.

      I think the lack of motivation is probably because you have been doing this for a long time and this server no longer excites and motivates you as it did in the early days.

      Now let's not dwell on the reasons why. Let's start taking action and planning on what to do next. Assuming this post is a burst of optimism and motivation let's expand on this and try help keep you from falling down the rabbit hole again (easier said than done i know).

      I would suggest switching everything up or take a long holiday from everything and let elise take the reigns for a while. (which i see you have started).

      I think a lot of players are feeling that all the servers are a bit stale. Resets haven't been different enough to keep people engaged. Staff teams haven't been keeping servers active via incentives and events. To the extent where players have spent months making their own events to help keep the community alive.

      All honesty the only reason people play servers like survival right now is because of the friendship between the players and not with the staff or the love of GC.

      But yeah. hope this feedback helps.
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    5. BearMeat

      BearMeat Member Member

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      Take care of yourself first, the server can come second to your issues.

      And you aren't alone in experiencing those stuff. The community is still here for ya!

      Hope you feel better soon!
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    6. Bad7Leroy4Brown

      Bad7Leroy4Brown Faithful Poster Member

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      Continuing to pursue GC as a top cracked MC server will not improve your health. Either sell this thing and walk away, or turn it into a legit premium server and start development on Bedrock. The future of MC is not in Java or cracked. Those are dead. Move forward, don't try to reclaim the glory days as so many people here talk about. Those are long gone, let them stay gone.

      Smaller tighter communities are found on premium servers. Cracked servers attract thousands of kids who come and go and betray and chargeback. If anyone already knows this, it's you. How many times have you been stabbed in the back in the past 8 years? How many who you considered your friend have started competing servers (all of which are failed now btw), stolen content, destroyed spawns?

      Run Guildcraft like a business, and make smart business decisions regarding its future development. As long as you still run it like a clubhouse for your friends, it will continue to be so.
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    7. nameless02

      nameless02 Enthusiast Member

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      Hang in there bro! , hope u get better soon ❤
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    8. petrole

      petrole Member Member

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      this sums it all up
    9. dario7

      dario7 Admin Admin

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      Take care of yourself !
    10. lavsss123

      lavsss123 Enthusiast Member

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      No problem mate. But please fix the server
    11. YashP

      YashP Forum Master Member

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      I have been a part of this server for over 4 years now and I associate this server to Minecraft. This is just really disappointing.
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    12. HonLour

      HonLour Honorary Poster Member

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      ok then , no need to rush the reset
    13. Bad7Leroy4Brown

      Bad7Leroy4Brown Faithful Poster Member

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      True. With TE shutting down a year ago and GC in such turmoil, and so many other cracked servers closing down since the blacklist, it's quite unsettling for many players.
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    14. lolsann1

      lolsann1 Nimble Knuckle Member

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      Give me head admin or sembedrock and we can Fix factions.

      Also add me on discord Akript#3481
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    15. Yeet098

      Yeet098 Mod Mod

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      I just really hope Survival Stays..
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    16. Kien190

      Kien190 Member Member

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      I would have depression if my owner has mental illness as well D: Get well soon uwu
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    17. zxc0805zxc

      zxc0805zxc Newbie Member

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      I knew something was up when admen started treading me like shit, btw i did not read the hole thing cus it was long, and most likly i won't, dude, my brother also has mental problems, and so do i, there is nothing wrong with you taking your time in solving what you have, go to a doctor and chill down for some time. thats the best i can tell you, and gg my man
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    18. Waspman

      Waspman Mod Mod

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      Really sorry to hear about your health issues aXed,hope you get better soon.
      About elise it was about time you demoted him for real.I get you wanted help with the server but not from a person like him,threatening you for more power till he gets where he wants.Not only that but he wanted to make a server and tried to steal members and staff from your server?Lame but expected,familiar story also with another guy doing that.
      Anyways i really think you did the right thing and kicked him out for good ,you can probably find a more trustworthy guy that can help you with that and not beg for power on top.
      Good luck again
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    19. Awab4444

      Awab4444 Addict Member

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      The Darkness is happening... SkyGrid, SkyWars, EggWars and OpPrison are eliminated from the GCN (in the context of "GuildCraft Network", not AMD "Graphics Core Next" or "GameCube, Nintendo") after many gamemodes. Hope aXed gets well.

      Also, almost all of your staff are like almost all of my classmates (former and current, possibly future), betraying you like how did they betray me at times.
      Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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    20. PizaCraft1

      PizaCraft1 Forum Master Member

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      its just a block game hahahaha
      Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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